[Applause] my friends for real I would walk away from the spotlight a dream I work away from the spot although hi guys so let me help you understand further on how to watch the readings so remember this is going to be based on Vedic side aerial astrology not Western so if you're watching this from your Sun Sign then the resonance of the energy will be happening on a soul level now if you are watching this from your ascendant then from ascendant it's happening towards the physical manifestation of the reading and then if you are watching this on your moon sign then this is gonna be resonating from your feelings your mind and your thoughts now for the people who are looking for that masculine energy then you would have to look for Jupiter in your chart so that you will know how the energy works and then if for the people who are attracted to the feminine energy then you would have to look for Venus now do remember that Venus also rules the energy of the relationship so that would be also helpful for you now that you guys are all set thank you very much and let's begin with your reading I tore this welcome to my channel we're doing your reading how are you what are we doing let's start by just doing one not one card one tyre deck I'm using a Centennial version of the right-of-way I just want to go ham on just going traditional maybe it's a chakra where Venus is right now for nervous – it's not tradition but it is a sorting out it's more of finally realizing how you can work a relationship in a just manner no sign of reverse it's stepping into Pusha sorry on the 25th I'm talking about the trying to field not a penny to right now is i think is feeling sitting for nervous ooh what's gonna go to push up not so trying to fit will be a very you know very different kind of Venus that we're gonna have okay I'm doing in Twitter first okay so you can skip to the Tarot right away but I'm doing into it so there was a lover scarred with a justice okay when I was in the brief purple a nine of Pentacles and a ten of cups I feel like more and more you know the two of you finds each other karma connection how everything has happened between the two of you everything is starting to make sense on both ends both of you finally understanding what's the purpose of this person in your life and how they fit in your life also it's more of learning that you know it's like we can all be you know happy and single but there's also being happy with the person that we love other your dispersion is realizing this and they want to work it yes temperance they want to have this soul connection that they've never felt with anyone this is about you know the Sun symbolizing here in the temperance that's the Sun okay this is a Sun in Sagittarius understanding that you know say you feel their cup and they feel your cup okay so love between the two of you has been reciprocated here can be essential for a person far from you at the same time vulnerability you know and groundedness is required you know for things to work out between the two of you which was you know patience because one foot in the water one foot in the ground you know shows the energy of us for sage grounded basically and having you know grounded energy will be able to make a just decision on how you guys can work the relationship it's easy for us when we're not grounded to just do anything what do you want okay so this is where it is right now temperance this is restoring the balance also in the relationship this is restoring the connection of course you know Mercury retrograde will say well just it's just time that's why this person is coming back in my life and how to say this trying to work things out yes mercury has that but mercury is not everything in them and you know everything in the in the universe right there's more to it mercury would just be the initial step right now whether something grand besides this there's something that the Angels has written here I see a triangle which means an air energy I'm not mistaken that's air okay so you could be connecting with a gemini libra or Aquarius or that's their placement a toe once up in the air you're flying towards you there's messages across seas long-distance relationship met online the growth spiritual growth this is a search for it also yeah you'd be connecting with a double sash so this person appears to be very flighty yes they're always out and about and when they talk to you they talk to you a lot non-stop messages after messages Cupid's arrow mmm you felt this you felt balance with them you felt in love with them you felt that they were the shizzles the realist yeah eight of one shows you know through time the more that you guys communicate your spiritual growth with this person keeps no it's like it keeps huh yeah I don't want to sound redundant but it keeps growing and growing and growing so expect this person right now either there's a visit there is a move in the energy and it's all about moving forward the connection towards reconciling their differences Bajor Cups both here understand that there is something cute you know between the two of you the pager caps is a desire when you are talking to this person or they are it's very enthusiastic the excitement is for real they're so happy to hear from you you're so happy to hear from them it it applies to both here considering the first card is a temperance so this is where it's like I'm so happy to hear from you I can't wait for the next time we see each other I can't wait you know for us to be able to talk again remember having a temperance there was a falling apart it is your conciliation queena coins can be a Capricorn energy here for guard Taurus someone here who is the queen of Pentacles that's you as an earth sign of course right you want this person to be the end-all be-all okay like if you're connecting with someone younger or you're the younger I want to be you know I think that's out I want to be the very best then it's a cartoon right and then and then I forgot what it's called okay Oh Pokemon I think gotta catch em yeah I wanna be see because the Queen America's if this is you you want to be the best person for this person that you are connecting with okay you want to be able to take care of them I want to come home sound and I wanna cook for this person I'm not saying that give us like you have to be domesticated but the queen of panic + hazard energy okay that's why there is an excitement for this person you know to visit you 9 points there are times here where you know it's like you would have to go down to their level because you will feel your queen in a knight of Pentacles to appear vulnerable there are times that you have to appear for their bow to this person because if you are getting vice-versa because I have sense here someone here is already self-made like I'm ready for a person that I can marry I'm ready for a person that I can live with together in the same home okay and I want to talk to them about it pick your cups and we've been talking about it data points and we're trying to work this okay see I like the flow of this energy whoever the person is connecting with because the connection is open the line of communication is open here let's see as you know so I guess this nine of Pentacles is headstrong looking for the ten of Pentacles settling down the – I wanna be married I want to be in a union where you know cuz this is known as a traditional this is reflective of the church okay I want to be in a traditional relationship it's me and you exclusive I wanna settle I want to be the very best Pokemon here okay the – shows institution the – shows that um when the person you know the priest over here the – when they speak everybody listens because it's the truth and we don't bend the truth we don't sway from the truth we believe in it and we learn from it because this is a student teacher either your student or their student or someone is a teacher okay but more than most importantly is that when you guys reconcile and when you guys communicate again oh hi it's about being ready to cetera it's about being ready in this relationship you guys are coming together strong having the Hierophant that's your card yeah so you're very sure that this is the person wherever that you are dealing with exchanging conversations messages that this is the person I'm gonna marry okay so I'm gonna continue this reading tourists the link is down there in the description box for the extended well dive deeper as the two of you are ready these are these are people who are in the same wavelength of energy and the communications are open yes there was a falling apart but it's being fixed thank you very much guys for watching bye what I just told you so the wait so this is that person and you get the six eight cups the moment you guys came back to each other's life we're not ready then it wouldn't be fruitful it would be not in this level of Atena cups okay because


  1. Crosswatcher: LMAO "I wanna be the best Pokemon ever" My Taurus and his lame Taurus sister, call me the yellow Pokemon all the time.. hmm lol

  2. This is so TRUE. My BF is Capricorn and he's from UK 🇬🇧 I am from PH 🇵🇭. Everyday we do chat and talk, and changing email and call everyday. His always visiting me here in PH 🇵🇭 every 3 months. So your so accurate. Then we are planning to get married 🥰

  3. He was on way to be with me but he passed out twice on plane and is now in hospital in London and I don't know how long. They found he has diabetes and his BP went sky high so airline won't let him complete trip until he is better

  4. Wow this is my younger sag at a distance and this is a great reading !! Your always simply awesome thank u ❤❤

  5. woow so resonates 🤣🤣scorpio here my chatmate is taurus ,we meet through online 🤣🤣 , i remember he sing pokemon for me lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 HAHAHHAHA

  6. Cross watching Leo here. But we are not communicating at all 😂, drowned in the ocean , suffocated in shallow water, only the song left to sing “ Every night in my dreams I see you , I feel you… ( my heat will go on ) 😜 thank you very much Sal 😉❤️

  7. I feel like all these readings are for relationships that will work. But in real life relationships end as well.

  8. yes yes sal. accept again my vow to u. its a double sag.all this time im doubting who’s sag.for me !! now.,,, i know…. u so very accurate sal

  9. This is so accurate.currently in a long distance relationship with this guy whom i was able to meet in person last june.yes,i told myself that this will either be a deal breaker or i wont be in any in the future.he's older than me by 6 years and yes weve been talking about future plans too.i think what makes us click is we both have the same goals…of finally settling down with the right person.there are times that u would wish that it would be different like both of us in the same area,but then again i think thats what makes the relationship more exciting.u learn to grow while being apart.thanks, Sal

  10. Sal a small question…what do you mean by vedic sidereal astrology? I'm a Taurus sun as in birth date is 8th MAY.. i don't know my placement for vedic side…

  11. I'm mirroring him. If he being an asshole, I'll be a cold-hearted bitch. If he treat me right, I'll be kind and soft hearted. I refuse to give more than I receive. No more.

  12. Sal ' i need him to text' He will be apologizing'' I wish he would stop slacking..and come forward😵.SO ACCURATE" SAL

  13. if we are not communicating right now, does this mean he's not that person and it's all in my mind? i just want to love my younger libra

  14. That’s what we call an organic relationship. I am taking my time to clear my path. I will be here until it is OK for both of us to shorten the distance 🙏💕✈️

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