Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day   Module 01 – easy for beginners

Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day Module 01 – easy for beginners

To achieve optimal health it is important
that we move a little bit everyday. In this program Tai Chi 5 minutes a day you
will learn basic tai chi movements that are based on traditional tai chi but the movements
are not important, it is not important that you move correctly according to traditional taichi what is important is that you make the time to practice daily. The daoist philosophy says that it takes 100 days to create a foundation, you plant the seed, you cultivate it for 100 days, and then at the end you harvest. Well it takes the same amount of time to create
a habit. Habits can be good and bring us success and
habits can be bad, those are the easier ones and they bring us failure…. because you will have created a habit of doing TaiChi everyday you will have created a habit
of moving in the ways of Tai Chi. Stand with your feet together, bring your
arms, up float up, breathe in and float down, imagine just like a bird, you just come up and down, your arms float down, float up, breathe in, and down, open the door, breathe
in, hands come up, breathe out, melt down, imagine in the water, the water comes up,
you float up, and then you float back down. Water rises breathe in, floating on the water,
and then it goes out again, just like the tides, rise up, and down. Now we are going to hug the tree, breathe in and open your arms, open your heart, breathe out, hug the tree, breathe in open your heart breathe out hug that beautiful tree, Breathe in and out and now, step on an angle and push, imagine
a wave rolling in and now it goes out, push, breathe in the wave comes in, breathe out, the wave goes out, moving with the water. Breathe in, and breathe out stand back, hug
the tree, other side, step on an angle push the water out, the wave comes in, breathe in, and out, breathe in, follow the movement of the wave goes in, and out, step back, hold the tree, this hand goes under, to embrace the moon breathe in open your heart, caress
the moon, and change sides, breathe in and move the moon around your hands caressing
the moon from side to side breathe in and breathe out breathe in hold the tree lower your hands and close the door.


  1. Thank you. I love Tai chi and went to a course for a year+. I want to start again and love how easy and slow you teach it❤

  2. Thank you, this is wonderful. I did Tai Chi some years ago, and I loved it, but when I was hit with chronic pain I stopped. Big mistake! This series is just what is needed to get me back in the flow.

  3. Incredibly sensation I just sitting and try to repeat your mouvement before the first day and I feel great energy in my fingers and hands !! I will cry for no reason too😁 my heart recognize this mouvements 💜

  4. I was a newly certified yoga teacher when blindsided by a 6-month ailment preventing yoga practice. These Tai Chi movements + walking are the perfect first steps (mentally and physically) for FINALLY getting back to my mat post-surgery!. Namaste

  5. Doing this on nigth shift while on my own. far better that watching dashcam accidents in Russia. thanks for uploading

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  9. Worst video ever…stand with your feet together??? Tia chi is about balance. Your feet should be shoulder width. This lady is halfassin everything that should be done structurally for a reason. Following this woman…you will not have any internal benefits. In the beginning she says her version is based on traditional tai chi but the movements are not important. ??? Just make time to do it wrong?

  10. In spite of my best efforts, I have high cholesterol and hypertension. This was suggested as a last ditch effort to avoid statins and hopefully ditch the beta blockers. It looks simple enough!

  11. This is great! I just joined a Tai Chi class that meets only once a week🌞. Looked for and found YOU! Great, uncomplicated way to instruct! I'm going to definitely try the "every day for 100 days" idea. This is wonderful.

  12. I want to "thank you" for sharing these beginners videos> I started Tai Chi at the "YMCA" last week. and I am way behind in the class I thought I could help myself with some homework!! Hahaha !! I loveit!!! I like the way you present the moves, and I am looking forward to growing along with your advancing videos. Blessings

  13. 23 yo trying to acquire a good routine with this video. I sometimes think I have the mind of someone older in some parts of my life.

  14. She doesn't mention the leg movements except for the first one, but I see her bending her legs for the Tree and others. This incomplete direction isn't good Tai Chi. I'll get my instruction from someone who takes the time to go through the motions one at a time, with a full explanation.

  15. I have been told to try guided meditation, but with anxiety and ADHD I can't sit still. I need to move around. This is exactly the kind of thing I need. Thank you!

  16. Thank you so much for posting this, I’m doing it almost every morning. I’ve never been able to get into tai chi… And I love your approach… You are making it accessible to me 🙏💙

  17. Excellent beginners video. Love the sequence, so easy to pick up and so relaxing. I'm feeling calmer already! Just a shame about the google advert interrupting the flow half way.

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  20. Please add advertisements, silent ones that run quickly before this begins, to your channel so that you may be abundantly supported in this material world for this beautiful creation.

  21. Hi Leia,

    Thank you for your great videos. I am just starting. Should I go through all five modules, then repeat the cycle until I achieve 100 total days?

  22. . This is my favorite all-time video that you’ve made. Gosh, it would be wonderful if you could make a series that stuck to this uniform formula with you walking more slowly into it as you do in this one, and then you speaking very slowly and having the music throughout. It is very calming and to have a series of these with this formula would be very soothing and trancelike and consistent. Thank you for considering this and for all the great work you’re doing in the world.🙏💙

  23. Thank you for that lesson 🙂 I will be practicing it with slne of the yoga I have been learning lately to help reduce stress and anxiety

  24. ממש נפלא אהבתי במיוחד את ההסבר

  25. I started going through your teaching lessons. I found them to be easy to follow yet intructive thourough. Thank you for you time.

  26. I have watched Tai Chi videos for many years. This is the first time I have ever understood what was going on. Thank you so much 🙂

  27. This is my first time trying tai chi and I'm diving in to help my fibromyalgia pain. Like a lot of people, I see.
    This was so enjoyable! It was energizing and the movements felt …beautiful to do. Didnt make ME feel beautiful, but that there was a natural intrinsic beauty to this physical art form.
    After i was done with the video, i was ready for more! I might be going for a deep swim here!
    I need to find a way to bring volunteers to pooer neighborhoods for a friendly donation based session on the weekends!
    Thank you for this!

  28. Ok but when do you teach the move you can use to make someone shit their pants? I need to use it on my stepdad to get him to respect me.

  29. This was an extremely, super beneficial video!!! Since I’ve been doing various martial arts over the years, I can probably theorize how some martial artists (and practically people in general) are able to hone in on their skills: focusing themselves in the moment. It essentially aids to rid themselves of anxiety, and increases the self control and mind to improve on their skills. This was probably alongside with the many East Asian philosophies and belief systems, like Taoism or Confucianism. This is definitely gonna help me in real life, especially going back into exercising (and maybe martial arts) to decrease the anxieties and improve my life. Shalom to you 🤗

  30. Written word..off to the side…..then I would stay !!!..your voice is annoying..& the background music , about as far from Tai Chi as peace is to human life ..

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