Sub 수영) 접영 중심이동은 팔 동작이 중요하다. ■ 전 수영 국가대표 이혜화 -수영의 달인을 찾아서 26화-

Sub 수영) 접영 중심이동은 팔 동작이 중요하다. ■ 전 수영 국가대표 이혜화 -수영의 달인을 찾아서 26화-

So I pulled the water, and my body was propelled forwards, right. My body was propelled forwards, right? After it was propelled, here, I said not to use the circle to the back, didn’t I? Looking for the swimming master, the otter. (pro swimmer) ‘Thanks for the great tips on the butterfly stroke.’ ‘I was told that my butt doesn’t emerge to the surface of the water when I do the butterfly stroke, what would be my problem?’ they said. Those of you whose butts don’t come out of the water when you do the butterfly stroke, now, I think it should help to listen in on this. I, earlier, said this just before starting from over there, I said that the time comes when you wait. If your limbs rotate too hastily, when you do the butterfly stroke, now, the arm– I didn’t get to explain much about the arms yet. When you do the butterfly stroke, if my body is here at the center, if you think of my body as being at the center of the earth, I’m leaving my arm out here, and rotating around once like this. But for freestyle swimming, also with the freestyle swimming– and this goes the same for me, I have to go in that direction. That direction– Why I’m explaining this is, I have to go in that direction, but… The breaststroke also only uses exactly half of my body. Because, if you look from the side, you’re only using this half, because you’re not using the circle, the radius at the back. Because when my elbows move backwards, then move forwards again, I’m only using this half, to make my body fall over forwards, so Yes A person who uses only this half of the circle, and the person who moves even slightly further back from that, would end up moving backwards, then forwards. The butterfly stroke, it uses this significantly. Now, which part gets used significantly is, in this state, where my body is right here, leaning over like this. Leaning over, from this position where the body is leaning forwards, the belly button is the center. The belly button is at the middle of the body, in this half of my circle. So I pulled the water, and my body was propelled forwards. My body was propelled forwards, right? After it was propelled, here, I said not to use the circle at the back, didn’t I? What you have to do, then, when you do the butterfly stroke is, if you’ve come about here, if you’ve come around the belly button area, you need to let your hands fly away at the pelvis, and they must come over forwards at the radius. Yes. They must come over forwards. But a lot of people then ask what that has to do with the butt. Mostly, the people who throw their arms here at the back, as the power of the throw becomes weaker, the butt cannot follow. The issue with the butt can emerge due to the movement of the arms, I– Because I couldn’t watch the video, because I didn’t get to watch the video, now. So whether it’s the arm movements, or the waist movement, but usually, over 70 to 80%, over 70 to 80% of what causes the butt to fail to emerge is the arm movement. This is something I’d like you to note. When I lie on my stomach, with my body as the center, if the arms have come up to here, I get stuck in that position where I’m unable to come or go. The remaining movement is that movement of scooping the water out towards the back, like this, as I said. Then, when you’re stuck here, being unable to come or go anywhere, the same goes for the head. When doing the butterfly stroke, rather than necessarily having to say you should bow your head, when the arms have come to the line around the belly button and the pelvis, when they stick to the side like that. As you fall over– You fall over, you see. As the body falls over forwards, yes. The head also falls over along with it. – When you’ve pulled the water towards the center, up to the belly button.
– Yes, when you’ve come all the way up to this part. – As the body just falls over forwards.
– As you fall over, you have to raise the arms up, yes, you need to get it out with the pinky fingers. – Oh, so turn the arms to the side and then rotate them…
– Yes, that’s how you rotate them. – Rather than necessarily trying to do it with a force all the way at the back.
– Yes, yes, yes. – When you’ve reached the belly button line, your weight leans forward.
– Yes, you fall over forward. As it falls, as the body falls over, and the heaviest part of our body is the head, when the head goes in, the butt would come out. – Right?
– Yes, but, but on the contrary, if you end up scooping the water here, it becomes a little too stable, the body. In swimming– Track and field, where the body is leaning forwards, is the fastest, right. Among the sports where the center lies in front. The next in line, out of the sports where the center is completely leaning forwards, swimming is the fastest. When I fully balance the center of my body You have to put some weight on swimming and I don’t mean the body itself. If you put the weight in swimming and the center goes on the back of the pelvis, you wouldn’t be able to move forward in short distance as much as you wanted to. But when my center is here, it has done its work. When the arms are here, remember I’ve told you that the rest of the movements have to be scooping up the water at the back of the body. You have to be scooping the water and you have to turn your body forward when it’s unstable then it will move forward. That’s how you can swim forward constantly. It goes same for the butterfly stroke. When you swim by scooping the water out and with weight, the bottom will sink. The arm has to come forward when my center is unstable. That’s how the arms wait for you in the front. Think about it and now let’s see the freestyle. It’s not that I don’t push the water to the end. I don’t scoop the water out but try to focus on how I turn over my arms when the center is unstable. -She’s saying that the weight of your body has to be focused on the front with the movement.
-Yes. It’s same for the freestyle and the butterfly. Yes, and for the freestyle, I don’t know if ‘unstably moving forward’ is the right phrase. But what I mean is that rather being too stable while swimming, when the back is unstable and the front isn’t, the body would lean forward much more. But I don’t mean that you should push the water less. Let’s see. While trying to show you guys how to swim with the center on the front, my upper body was a little shaky. But it’s about balancing the center to the front so please don’t mind the posture but look how the body tilts forward. Like the question that you’ve asked for the butterfly. -When I told you my butt wasn’t emerging.
-Yes. The butt isn’t emerging. It’s not about the arms pushing away the water till the end at the waist. But the strength comes out when you stroke at the time you’re going to move forward. I hope it goes well. Yes so now, I think it would have been okay to show you because I didn’t swim long. Many of you tend to try this and that when the butt doesn’t emerge. In my intuition, it’s probably because you push the water too far when the center was at the back and stroked the arm. If that was the question. There could be many reasons why the butt doesn’t emerge. Many people emphasizes on putting the weight to the front a little late or focusing too much on pushing the water away. If my arms are moving forward without the body following, the butt isn’t going to emerge. However, when the arms are till here around the navel and I shift weight to the front with my head, the upper body will tilt naturally and the butt will emerge. I’m sure there are people who can swim better by stroking the arm or scooping the water out on the back. But when the weight goes and lean forward, then the arms will stroke on the sides naturally. For the entries, do the hands have to enter from thumb index finger with the palm facing outside or the palms facing the water? There were some controversies regarding that. Which method worked out the best for you?


  1. 제가 궁금햇던걸 답변해주셧네요 감사합니다
    엉덩이가 안올라온다고하더라고요 팁알려주신거 해봐야겠어요

  2. 끝까지 미는것도 중요하지만, 다만 더 중요한게 무게중심을 앞으로 유지하는 것이고, 보통 끝까지 미는 동작에서 (무게중심이 뒤로 가서) 자세가 흐트러진다는 말씀같아요. 그래서 접영 자세가 흐트러진다면, 끝까지 미는것보단 무게중심에 우선 초점을 두는게 효율적인 접영이다는 말씀같습니다.

  3. 반원 안에서 수영하기 진짜 꿀팁인거같아요 앞으로 몸을 보내라는 말은 많이 들어봤는데 구체적인 방법은 잘 몰랐거든요 감사합니다~^^

  4. 접영 입수할때는 다리를 붙이고 있다가 떠오르를 때 다리에 힘을 약간 풀면서 다리 사이가 떨어지고 킥이 빵 들어가는 것 같아요 오호~~ 오늘 가르쳐주신 팁들 집중해서 자유수영 때 연습 해봐야겠어요

  5. 이제보니 머리보다 팔이 항상 반템포 늦는 느낌이었는데 … 중심이동에 대해 다시 한번 생각하게 되네요~ 꿀팁 감사합니다~

  6. 설명 너무 좋습니다. 자세보니 무슨 느낌인지 감이 오네요. 좋은 영상 감사 합니다.

  7. 수영계 레젼드, 예비역 … 현역시절 경험에서 나오는 know-how 재능기부 도제식 전수 …, 훈훈하네요. 고맙습니다 !!

  8. 편집자님에게서 동년배의 향기가 나요..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 슛돌이 마지막으로 본게 언제였더라ㅋㅋ
    영상 집중해서 봤는데 슛돌이 독수리 슛밖에 기억이 안나자나여😱
    그치만 오늘 수영 가서는 중심을 옮기는 거에 집중해서 해보겠슴다..ㅋㅋㅋ

  9. 접영 팔이 항상 나오지를 못했는데 이 영상을 보니 뒤로 밀려고해서 나올 타이밍을 자꾸 놓쳤던것 같아요. 음… 역시 연습을!! 잘 웃고 잘 배웠습니다! 감사합니다!

  10. 끝까지 밀되 무게중심은 앞으로 유지하고 물을 뒤로 버리지 말라는 뜻같네요~ 어차피 수영의 주목적은 몸을 앞으로 보내는거니까요

  11. 어머 제 얘기에요. 접영할 때 늘 엉덩이 안나온다고 지적받거든요ㅜㅜ 전 웨이브에만 집중 했었는데.. 저럴수도 있구나! 무릎을 딱 쳤네요!! 안그래도 접영하면서 앞으로 나가는 느낌보다 뒤로나 제자리에서 허우적 되는거 같은 느낌이었거든요. 무게중심. 반원. 잘 기억할께요. 감사합니다^^*

  12. 물을 끝까지 미는거는 옛날 방식

    골반선에서 피니쉬 리커버리 이어지는 동작 현재 접영모습이네요

    팔과 팔꿈치를 뒤가 아닌 옆으로 빼기

    때문에 부상위험도 적어집니다

  13. 몸중심이 안정된게 아니라 불안한 상태에서 계속 앞으로 가야한다는 말이 진짜 짱이네요 👍👍👍👍👍

  14. 이번화도 예슬쌤의 정리맨트가 마무리를 깔끔하게 지어주시네여~ 수달님과 예슬쌤덕에 하나더 배워갑니다~

  15. 우와 안그래도 팔동작이 이상한거같고 엉덩이가 물위로 왜 안나올까가 고민이었어요 설명해주신 것이 일단 이해가 너무 잘 되었어요 진짜 대단하세요 수영입문자 입장에서 가르치시려고 애많이 쓰신거같아요

  16. Hi, very good job. Keep up with this swimmer, she explains things very well above all for those who aren´t swimmers since childhood, and after you do a perfect summary of what she wants to say. In addition the videos now (since this swimmer) youtube makes a pretty good translation, something that didn´t happen before.
    Many thanks for your work.

    안녕, 잘 했어 이 수영 선수를 따라 잡으면 서 어린 시절부터 수영을하지 않는 사람들을 위해 무엇보다도 설명하고 싶은 말을 완벽하게 요약 한 후에 설명합니다. 또한,이 비디오 (지금 수영 선수 이후)의 YouTube는 이전에는 일어나지 않았던 꽤 훌륭한 번역을합니다.
    작업 해 주셔서 감사합니다.

  17. 무게중심의 적절한 이동을 위해 동그라미의 반튼(반)만 써라! 과학적인 설명에 펠프스 코치 밥보웬을 연상케 합니다! 수영의 달인의 결정판 이네요~

  18. 중간에 삽입된 만화와 너무 잘 어울리면서 웃겨요^^ 아이디어 짱!!!
    이해하기 쉬워서 좋았습니다~

  19. 진짜 쇼크네요 지금까지 끝까지 물을 퍼내야 하는줄 알았는데 이 방법이면 부상위험도 줄고 더 편하게 할 수 있을거같네요

  20. Please continue editing the videos with English subtitles. I´m learning a lot, above all in a small details, but at the end very important details. thank you

    영어 자막이있는 비디오를 계속 편집하십시오. 나는 무엇보다도 작은 세부 사항에서 많은 것을 배우고 있지만 결국에는 매우 중요한 세부 사항입니다. 감사합니다

  21. 제가 끝까지 손을 뿌리면서 돌렸거든요. 너무 힘들었어요.
    허벅지정도까지 밀고 반원그리기 해보겠습니다. 고마워요 수달님~

  22. 스키나 보드 탈때 중심을 앞쪽으로 둬야 불안하지만 쏠리는 느낌이 나면서 빨라지는데 수영할때도 그 감각이 필요한가 보네요 안정적으로 해야 좋다고 생각했는데 처음 깨닫게 되네요ㅎ

  23. 평영 팔도 기존방식과 다르게 쉽게 설명하는 분 모셔주세요 ㅠㅠ 평영 인스윕, 아웃스윕 너무 미지의 영역이에요… 모든 영법 팔동작 중 미지의 끝판왕…

  24. 와… 이거 딱 제 문제인 것 같네요 입문한지 만 1년차인데 접영을 못해서 허우적거리고 있었습니다. 내일 당장 자세 체크 해봐야겠어요, 감사합니다!

  25. 무!게!중!심!
    오늘 강습시간에 생각하면서 수업했어요~^^
    접영도 자유형도 확실히 잘 나가네요~
    수달쌤 수영복 넘 이뻐요~
    수영복정보도 알려주세요~ㅋ

  26. 혜화샘 .. 정말 대박이세요 !!
    이번 몇 주동안 영상의 설명 때문에 …
    하고자 했던 .. 하고 싶었던 . 수영의 느낌이 바로바로.즉각즉각 몸에 와 닿아요 ..
    갈비뼈 모으니 .. 다리가 쭉 펴지고 ..
    그 동안 최대한 쭉 밀어준 줄 알았던 .. 글라이딩이 .. 더 좁게 멀리 뻗어질 게 남아 있었더라고요 !! 그러면서 호흡때 저항이 훨씬 줄어 들어서 .. 모든 면이 동시에 발전하게 되네요 !! 정말 두 분 쌤 ~~ 감사합니다 !!

  27. 수달펀 보면 일반인들은 생각하지 못했던 기빌한 관점으로 수영을 바라보고 알려주시는거 같아요~ 정말 오래 수영하고 많이 해본 사람만이 몸으로 익힐 수 있는 노하우인거같아요. 너무 유익해용 최고!👍🏼👍🏼

  28. 앞에 나사를 빼라(?) ㅋㅋ의 포인트점과 같이 해보았습니다~~중심을 이동해서 앞으로 쏠리듯이 하니 훨씬 효율적으로 넘어가지네요~자유형까지 적용하니 발차기 거의 안하고도 편하게 떠있고 스트록수 많이 줄고 잘나가고 그러네요~좋은포인트 감사합니다~ㅎㅎ

  29. 아니 편집력이 날이갈수록 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ쌤두분 너무귀여워여

  30. 근력이 부족한 저희같은 동호인에게 괜찮은 접영방법인 것 같습니다. 선수들 영상만보고 따라할려다가 원인을 못찾는 경우가 많은데 좋은 키포인트네요. 감사합니다.~~~^^

  31. 2년전 예슬샘 원주 수영장에서 방송시작때부터 구독하고 봐왔는데 이제서야 실버버튼 코앞까지 왔네요
    이번수달편 너무 재미있어서 곧 좋은일 있겠네요

  32. 추진력이 왜 떨어지나 했더니 무게중심을
    앞에두지 않았고 그이유가 팔을 물밖으로
    돌리는데 취중한듯 하네요 이해가되네요 꿀팁 감사합니다~ 구독 ~좋아요👍

  33. 이혜화쌤 ♥♥♥♥
    광팬 됐습니다♥
    앞전 영상 무릎나사빼기 너무쉽게 설명해주셔서 금방 했구요
    이번 상체 반원은 영상 상으로는 힘들었는데 오늘 해보니 역시나 해탈하였습니다.
    지금까지 자유형 처럼 물을 끝까지 밀었는데 이러보니 체력이 금방소진되고 웨이브가 커져서 속도가 안나가더군요
    결국 반원 스트록으로 앞쪽 무게중심주니 속도도 잘나가고 체력도 덜 소진 되네요
    영상 재복습 하면서 더 연습하겠습니다.

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