Stuttering is a neurological condition, such as Tourette’s syndrome

Stuttering is a neurological condition, such as Tourette’s syndrome

what do Moses Winston Churchill and James Earl Jones all have in common well they’ll stuttered until recently stuttering was widely thought to be a nervous or even emotional condition but there’s growing evidence to suggest that stuttering is neurological there could soon be a pill on the market to treat it take a look okay for Kent Steinhardt making a simple phone call can be nerve-racking though would you tell her that Kent’s Kin Kin Kin akin a Stein heart called Ken has stuttered since he was a little boy for years he tried to hide it I wouldn’t talk unless I absolutely had to some three million American stutter most people start stuttering when they first learned to speak and boys tend to stutter more than girls for years the conventional treatment has been speech therapy often children come up with creative ways to cope I remember in kindergarten first second grade I would imitate cartoon voices in class when I would be called upon deck or whatever and I haven’t done him Jerry Maguire grew up to be dr. McGuire I like least uttered the rest of my life a psychiatrist and researcher at UC Irvine dr. McGuire is one of the world’s leading experts on stuttering he is one of a growing number who believes stuttering is not caused by a psychological weakness but by an anatomical problem in the brain shouldered we’re learning that stuttering is actually a miscommunication of the brain speech centers with the mouth throat and tongue in getting the words out to better understand let’s take a tour through the brain first off this is the basal ganglia which controls speech the Warnecke area over here tells us what word we want to say here the Broca’s area forms the word and finally the striatum times and initiate speech in people who stutter it is believed the striatum is bombarded with too much dopamine McGuire and other researchers believe this anti-anxiety medication called pag a clone in control stuttering by controlling dopamine with no side effects we found that the medication was effective in reducing stuttering in over half and over and over half the patients paga clone doesn’t cure stuttering but it does curb it I believe that the future of stuttering treatment will combine therapy and medications both Ken Steinhardt has been participating in the clinical trial for over a year and while can still stutters paga clone has helped dramatically well now I have a free flow of thought that I’ve never experienced before it’s it’s kind of weird it’s like a kind of a revelation a revelation that doctors hope other people who stutter will soon experience you


  1. @TheStarHuntress the same thing happens to me but you dont have to let stuttering to control you life, there are more important things, and yeah its true when you sing or whisper you dont stutter because you use other part of the brain, the same thing happens when you try a new language, you dont stutter

  2. @inkey2 Yes it can. The variation in intensity of symptoms isn't unique to stuttering. It also occur in Parkinson's disease, Tourette's syndrome and spasmodic dysphonia, just to name a few examples.

  3. @desio40 – there are a lot of exceptions like that. Stutterers can also speak fluently when they whisper, or when they're singing (usually), and when they're talking to themselves (oh come on, we all do it!).

    From a scientific point of view, I wonder why more research hasn't been done since it's such a fascinating disorder, in my opinion.

  4. Yeah, I get made fun of all the time, and I'm a sensitive person, and when I get picked on at school or something, I begin to cry. It sucks, I know it, but we can do this. Its okay to stutter, if people are making fun of you, they are just jealous.

  5. Don't lie to yourself with that last sentence, dude. There is no reason to be jealous of a person for their stutter. OK, so they have a hard time speaking … why would anyone be jealous of that?

    And I'm a stutterer, too.

  6. are there certain food substances that increase the release of the dopamine neurotransmitters? … like exercise helps release seratonin … perhaps avoiding certain food substances may also help decrease stuttering if they are contributing to the release of dopamine

  7. Can you blame them? I can't. It sucks, especially for us, but its life. It just weeds out those types of girls, making it easier for us. It doesn't seem easier, because there are a lot of weeds! The field is overgrown with dandelions and shit.

  8. Not much. A cure would be a 1 time thing. Spend 50-10,000 dollars one time, youre cured. No, these companies want you to keep coming back for another temporary fix. They want you to keep spending your money on their product. They don't want to cure you, don't buy that for a second.

  9. Yeah, and won't be FDA approved. I'm thinking of asking my doc about asenapine though. its meant as an anti-psychotic but some stutterers have had luck with it.

  10. Who cares about women, this shit it's affecting me getting a fucking job, If only I could speak properly, do you know any jobs where you are not required to have "communication skills"?

    I wonder what kind of jobs stutterers have, I really need to work but all fucking jobs require "communication skills needed". I'm so tired of this shit.

  11. HA, tell me about it, one can't even make a phone call and order some pizza, cause then the idiots hang out or ask you if you're ok, I can't even answer phone calls, cause If I stutter then the caller gets all nervous and rushes me to speak fast, fuck.

    This shit is like a cancer.

  12. What the fuck are you talking about, "you dont have to let stuttering control your life"?

    It does control my life even if I don't want it to, how the hell am I supposed to get a god damn job, if almost all jobs today require "excellent communication skills".

    And the ones which don't, pay a miserable salary, I wish there were jobs where you simply go do your business, your job, no talking to anyone, and then good bye. I'd get so rich.

  13. You are the most honorable, intelligent, self-respecting, non-selfish, man I've ever seen in my life.

    I will also get a vasectomy, well, basically, I will never have any children or any relation with any woman, so I won't expand the bad genes that make me stutter. And this is my friend why I truly support Eugenics, if selfish parents who know they have fucked up genes would stop having children, our world would be full of great people with great genetics.

    Kind regards to you.

  14. Agreed. A condition in whose severity of symptoms varies by situation does not mean that the condition is therefore not neurological. Stuttering is always neurological and always present — whether or not it manifests more or less in certain situations.

  15. I'm worried about my future too.. i've been stuttering since I was 6 years old i think, now Im 17 and this shit won't go..

  16. You've given me a good idea, I don't think there is much talking there, thanks man, but I don't know how hard it would be to become one. But good idea. 🙂

  17. That comment is pretty old, over came stuttering, just talk to yourself out loud, read out loud and talk slowly. Hey it actually works. Time consuming, but it works.

  18. well, actually I do have techniques to avoid stuttering, If I never tell you I'm a stutter you would never know, but that isn't my point my friend, I just would like to be like a normal person, normal people don't have to think about synonyms if they know they are going to get blocked, they simply say whatever they want naturally, without techniques.

  19. I'm serious it works. Pick up reading, go get a new novel and just read it out loud and slowly. I recommend Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell, if you don't know which novel to read. This will take time but I am not stuttering anymore.

  20. bullshit
    stuttering is a medical mysterious condition and has no cure. I stutter and i spent my life visiting the therapy clinics and nothing changed

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  22. I used to stutter too back in Elementary until Jr. High. My mom put me in speech therapy. People keep telling me "Take a deep breath when you talking" I talking normal now and nobody will notice but I still stutter from time to time. Last sentence Nobody jealous They just don't understand us. What if they have one of relative is stutter and they will know its hard and feel sorry for us.Keep your head up! My Family, my friends, and I believe in myself. I stop stutter for very long time.

  23. And i get made fun too and plus I'm Asian. I always get teased when i was younger but I got some of my friends step up and told bullies stop messing with me.

  24. MAYBE THAT'S WHY I am a Sad Person & Stuttered / Stammered ! ! ! BECAUSE of The Dopamine AND PROBABLY Other Neurotransmitters ARE Not Well Enough Balanced ON THAT PART OF THE BRAIN which Occupies with Talking !!! !!! !!!

    Very Good Informations, and VERY POSSIBLE 😉

  25. This still surprise me, just how some people have no idea about Stutterolax Secrets (google it), despite the fact that a lot of people completely end their speech stuttering with this system. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Stutterolax Secrets, I finally eliminated my stuttering problem for good by using natural and fast ways.

  26. The psychiatrist would have better said stuttering from a neurological perspective than a neurological condition. Defining a perspective as a condition is limits treatment to certain providers. Fine if you have a cure. The drug is Pagoclone "did not meet research expectations". Imagine a magic pill that stops stuttering ( but only while you are on it, lol) very profitable. In the US we are over treated, under cured, and at such great expense. We have the most expensive Health Care system not the best. Skills beat pills every time.

  27. PagocloneJÓ days, 
    Ilona or Hungary, I was a stutterer, I AM WOMAN, WOULD LIKE TO HELP ask for you, here in Hungary PAGOCLONE-T .. The drug is not I get it, can you help me, BE IN U.S. MEGRENDELNI.ÜDV.ILONA

  28. yaa.. that is very true that stammering is a psychological problem. i have this problem since my childhood & i had tried almost all types of medicines, but nothing give relief to me ,then i visited to the STAMMERING CURE CENTRE, BANGALORE, INDIA. now i m overcome from most of this problem. they using the psychological techniques to cure stammering.

  29. my dear brother, you don't have to take pills or to undergone a brain surgery… these all are useless. just take full breath , increase your inner confident & speak in a slow manner you will see that you are speaking without any stucking….

  30. Stuttering is basically the lack of air in the brain that doesnt let you articulate the words ,it affects your muscles in your face, arms , legs and in all your body , you don't have a lot of strength. if you wanna stop stuttering you gotta do excercises like "pushing your face muscles as hard as you can . it's all about your brain if you do it everyone , you'll be healed by 4 or 5 months 

  31. ATTENTION, I stutter, Used to stutter A LOT. My work around was to expand my vocabulary on multiple languages. I can anticipate when I will stumble, I then replace the word or phrase a different word with the same meaning and I don't restrict my words to merely English. Try it out.

  32. I dont get the opening statement… everything is neurological… even if stress somehow affect your physiological condition, end of the day, its neurological.

  33. I stutter and when I try to block it I do things like roll my eyes back, look up, roll my knuckles on my leg, punch my leg, move my arms or say things like "um" "like" or I start to curse a lot lol I do these things to help me not stutter like I said . When I'm around my bestfriend or my family I don't try to block it because theyre use to  it , but my now boyfriend I can tell when I'm telling him stories he starts to get lost or stop listening because my stuttering distracts him or throws him off so I use those blocking tactics around him and some of my friends. I can also feel when I'm about to stutter and sometimes when I feel like its going to be a hard stutter I just don't speak , it gets worse when I get nervous or excited so I start to do those things a lot especially when I read I get nervous and I have to wear glasses so my eyes can focus (unrelated to my stuttering) and I feel like if I stutter people are going to judge me which makes me even more nervous. But if I'm in the middle of a story and I feel like I'm about to stutter real bad I hold my breath and talk at the same time which makes me lose my breath. When I was little I used to pinch my arm but not that often. Ik this was everywhere but yeaa lol

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  35. Iam 17 and I stutter. When I was asked by my English teacher to read a chapter, I got nervous and I started stutter a lot and then I started seeing words differently like for example this I saw it as that, I seriously have no idea how and later one of my classmates started making fun, as a result I stuttered more and more. Then I cracked and started crying. Please Doctor Jerry McGuire tell me where I can find those pills and get better.

  36. I shutter from childhood now I'm 25 and master degree holder. It was a difficult time but I somehow made it. I have taken homeopathic medicine which helped me to stop shutter upto an extent and not completely.
    nowadays it's all started again. I started shutter a lot, at age 25 it's really difficult but can't help it ….
    a lot of research is going on shuttering and dozens of drugs are introduced but some are effective and some have side effects …
    if those pills helps me to get better thats going to be a miracle wow …. anyone got that drug name ..

  37. It may be neurological but I know its contagious. I never use to stutter and then when i was about 24 I started hanging out with a buddy who stuttered when he got excited about something. I spent a lot of time with him over the years but now having been apart from him for years I find myself stuttering when I get excited.


  39. Don't say there no cure for stutter, if you can reduce stuttering over time eventually will be cure. So there is a cure, keep working on it. I do have it, fix it on my own will because I cannot afford treatment and it is a physiological thing I don't care what the leading expert researcher say.


  41. This is nonsense. These are the symptoms, not the cause! The cause is purely mentally, and yes this affects your physical body.

    People who stutter don't stutter always. They can speak perfectly fine when they talk to themselves or to animals.
    According to this research that would not be possible, so this study is false!

  42. I'm stammering since childhood. Please help me by titman, like medicine name or any practice..

  43. If i speak a different language i do not stutter one bit only english is the language i stutter in!…English seems to be an toxic language!

  44. J ai begei depuis 13 ans. Malheureusement le medicament pageclone se trouve pas au maroc.aidez moi plyz je veux le medicament pagoclone

  45. I'm 21 Years Old I Still Stutter I've Gotten Better But When I'm About Go Start Stuttering i Either Stop My Feet, or Tap Lightly On The Tabel So People Won't Know, Or i Either Pat My Leg. It Helps Me But First I Take a Deep Breath.

  46. When I was a kid I stuttered all the time and grow up and teens always thought I was just nervous or anxious lol I wasn’t anxious or nervous for long periods of time lol

  47. Winner of a video, I've been looking for "common myths about stuttering" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

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