Storming Loch Ness.The raid to find the Loch Ness monster!

Storming Loch Ness.The raid to find the Loch Ness monster!

So we have just hit August, we are inching
ever closer to the raid on area 51. The story keeps growing and growing and now
its morphing. New groups are forming and are trying to organize
new raids. One raid that is gaining in popularity but
as of yet has not reached the same levels of the area 51 campaign is the raid on Loch
ness. People want to invade the Scottish loch and
once and for all prove the existence of one of the world’s most popular cryptids. And maybe coincidence the monster has recently
decided has to put in an appearance being captures on sonar. Let’s take look
Welcome to if……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Just 24 hours after the plan to invade the
Nevada’s secret air force base area 51 was going viral another was gaining support. First published on Facebook “Storm Loch Ness,
Nessie can’t hide from us all.” Was being published and shared across pages
which cover cryptozoology and the paranormal. Over 40k people have posted that they would
be highly interested in taking part in the event which would happen the day after the
planned area 51 raid. Half of this number are seriously committed
to participating in the plan and it would seem like some real planning is now going
into the event. The description of the event reads. “The time is now for us to find dat big boi,”
Most know the history of the Loch and its famous monster, for over 1500 years reports
of a mysterious creature have come from witnesses on the shores of the Scottish loch. Scottish history has reports dating back to
500 A.D., has a good record of the creatures history one story tells of when
locals created a statue of a “strange aquatic creature” out of standing stones near Loch
Ness. The loch ness monster has been popular with
those with an interest in cryptozoology and regular folk alike. People jump on a good Nessie story and this
means that the “Nessie raid” may have more supports, or more people will be aware
of it because of Nessie is more well known to the public when compared with the secret
base at area 51 and its aliens. Also we have to take into account that the
loch is open to the public, unlike the restricted Area 51. Gemma McDonald of the Royal National Lifeboat
Institution told CNN. “There’s really no need to ‘storm’ Loch Ness,
given that it is open to the public 24/7, 365 days a year,” There maybe some hidden dangers. Area 51 has its “camo guys” armed security
who it is said will shoot intruders who venture onto the bases secret and protected land. Loch ness has the weather and the loch itself. A mission to find Nessie could be somewhat
dangerous for unprepared parties. Loch Ness is about 23 miles long and 788 feet
deep, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The lake has an average temperature of 42
degrees, and conditions can worsen quickly, which would make rescuing anyone who got into
difficulties on or it the cold water difficult. So with all this online buzz it would seem
to be fortuitous that ‘Nessie ‘has chosen now to reappear. The images that have once again ignited the
debate on the existence of the lake cryptid were captured by Boat skipper Mike Bell. He managed to snap a picture of a mysterious
sonar return that he caught whilst out on the loch on June 27th. Mike uses his vessel to carry tourist around
the famous Scottish landmark and has made countless trips, the voyage on this day was
different. It all started when one of the tourists drew
Bell’s attention to the object just after he’d finished telling them the story of
Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle. The ship captain said that he then circled
back to the location as to take another reading, but the object had disappeared, he concluded
that this movement proved that it was not stationary inanimate object. We can see the images of a large sonar reflection
at a depth of about 115 feet….wait what!!!! 115feet like element 115 in the Bob Lazar
Area51 story …..Maybe there is a link between these two raids!! Mike gave an estimate that the length of the
object he captured was about 10-25 feet. Mike spoke in interview saying
“I would like to think this is our creature, Nessie,It’s my first year being the skipper
in the boat [and] in five months I’ve never seen it or had something that big on the sonar. My dad is the more experienced skipper who
has been doing this for a few years and has said he’s never seen it that big before
on the sonar. It’s my first sighting of Nessie and I think
my dad is a wee bit jealous as he has never seen it.” “The standard size on the sonar is usually
a sharp prick suggesting a small fish. The large line about 35 meters in the water
was about 10-25 feet,” he continued. “An object of that size I would think is
way too big for the normal species in the loch. It must have been about five or six minutes
we spent trying to pick up this creature again.” But not everyone is convinced that the ‘object’
represents a single organism. “The fragmented nature of the sonar return
would appear to indicate many smaller objects, rather than one big one,” investigator Tobias
Wayland said. “I can’t help but wonder if what he really
caught was just a school of fish swimming in tight formation.” Bell’s sighting came less than three weeks
after a video was released of an object protruding from the water in Urquhart Bay. This marks the eighth such report of ‘Nessie’
so far in 2019. The event is one of many that have followed
the buzz about the Area 51 raid and the planned run on the loch. These two events maybe the first that were
planned but now many more are popping up. Another event was created by Facebook user
Henry L. Herz, a children’s book author according to his profile, for Sept. 22, titled “Storm
Sasquatch, Big Foot Can’t Evade Us All.” Will you be attending any of these, what do
you think will happen in September. Will these raiders uncover the secrets behind
Nessie area51 aliens and the other mysteries of the world? Let me know your thoughts below.


  1. Leave it alone, what is hidden in loch ness. How would you people feel when hordes of people come to run over your private home.

  2. A raid on Loch Ness would be fruitless. If Nessie still lives (and believe me, as a researcher, I hope she does.) No one raiding the Loch will locate a beast that's eluded us for centuries. Besides, those who reside around Loch Ness will have no part of it. They protect the Loch and Nessie as if she is kin. These morons behind the raids should sit back, strap themselves in and stick their noses back into their smartphones. Hate to sound harsh dear friends but these raids need to stop somewhere. Naruto run does not make anyone too fast for danger..or fate to catch up to. Just wait until these idiots cross a Sasquatch or Dogman the wrong way. I can only say one thing:


  3. These raids are kinda off dumb and most likely won't happen. Nessie seems to be nocturnal also we there are undersea caves. Bigfoots have been reported to have almost a supernatural abilities, the Native Americans were well aware of this. Also even if some people are foolish enough to try to storm Area 51 it won't work because it's a freaking military installation.

  4. Certainly not the way to find Nessy, all these people would scare her (or him) away. I think if you really want to find a cryptid, you have to have a carefully coordinated scientific investigation.
    But we don't know if Nessy is flesh and blood or a ghost, or like Bigfoot. (according to Emery Smith) flesh and blood with access ot interdimensional portals. But whatever form she takes, I don't think she stay around, when all those people come, and Bigfoot will jump down the nearest portal.

  5. I love to hear stories about Nessie and yes I hope it is a real animal either a new unknown species or a creature from prehistoric times that has somehow survived when thought extinct. I think it's a bad idea for these people to "storm" Loch Ness. If truly a lot of people did that it would be dangerous and actually just needless. Love your videos as always! ☺️❤️

  6. I've never been suicidal, and I'm not interested in being shot at for any reason. Plus, I believe it's all a waste. Sht sounds good on pape.

  7. Once tried to skip the Lochness Monster. It's a new form of Highland Fling 😆 As to the Area 51 raid? There is a much more important event happening. That's the Rugby World Cup! Go the All Blacks! 🏆

  8. Fantastic video..
    If Nessie is still out there, at least let it be to live his or her life free and in peace like all of these years that the creature has been doing..
    It's not fair that people wanted to find it to kill it and then study it.. Smh..

    Also, a lot people mentioned about Area 51.. But they mentioned too much about Dulce Base..
    Great content.. Thanks for sharing as always..💖

  9. 👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀 Raiding Mothman, raiding Jersey Devil, raiding El Chupacabra, raiding Sasquatch, raiding Yeti, raiding Dogman, raiding Skinwalker Ranch, raiding ghost….etc!

  10. Raiding Loch Ness? Well that was obviously dreamed up by a cockwomble who has never been there, has no clue what the road network in the area is like, and assumes the country is big open space like the Nevada desert.
    None of that is true. The roads are crap, there is negligible public transport or accommodation, the nearest airport at Inverness is tiny, and the weather as volatile as Trump on wacky pills.
    To "invade" the Loch is sacrilege, insanity and probably terrorism. The only thing being terrorised would be the Nessie family who would no doubt flee to the relative tranquility of the North Sea in a Force 9…
    I rest my case.

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