Stop Procrastinating Guided Meditation (Be Proactive, Be Productive, Get Your Work Done)

Stop Procrastinating Guided Meditation (Be Proactive, Be Productive, Get Your Work Done)

This guided meditation allows you to push past procrastination and motivates you to complete your work tasks and obligations that need to be done right away Procrastination puts the simplest task out of reach even though you know you have to get your work done you put it off to the future and it stays in the future until the last minute but no but now it’s time to take action be proactive and get it done after this guided meditation create a shift in your mind and shift in time and bring into the present what you keep putting off for later so that you can finally get all of your tasks done once and for all and now sit back or lay back close your eyes and allow your mind, body, and soul to relax and let go feel how your eyelids are resting comfortably on your eyes feel your hands resting calmly by your side pay close attention to your toes and how they are resting and relaxing on your feet and now completely focus on your breathing breathe in and out as you breathe in slow down and as you breathe out release stress, tension, and let go as you breathe in and out you may notice your breathing slowing down and as you notice your breathing slowing down feel the gentle rhythm of your heart and your heart beat your heartbeat is like that drum as it beats, it sends waves of relaxing energy throughout your whole body like ripples in a pond as your heart beats feel vibrations pulsing out as your heartbeats feel waves of relaxation travel down to your hips and out to your feet and toes as your heartbeats feel waves of relaxing energy down your back as your heart beats feel waves of relaxation sound to your torso your organs stomach lungs and heart as your heart beats feel waves relaxation radiate out to your shoulders and arms as your heart beats feel the waves of relaxation massaging the muscles of your neck your face and your head as your heartbeats feel waves of relaxation by vibrating your mind opening up your mind for new ideas and new ways of thinking procrastination puts your tasks and your work in the future but now you know it’s time to bring your work into the present into the now as you are resting comfortably imagine for a moment you are watching that’s television screen of the future and everything you see on this screen is what you will do in the future turn the television on and see yourself on the screen working on the job or task that you need to get done right now the picture maybe fuzzy or it may be hard to see and that’s alright just observe yourself completing your work and getting it done now in your hand you have a special remote i remote with a special dial that shows you how far into the future this channel is it could be hours days weeks or even years into the future but you can dial the channel back back to right now bringing what will be done in the future to what is done and completed right now go ahead in dial channel back back to the present time and see the time counting down and as the time counts down to the present the picture gets clearer and clearer see yourself completing you work and getting it done the channel is now fixed fixed in the present time in the present moment instead of observing yourself doing your work from a distance you were now proactive taking charge and completing you work right now now the work is done you can turn off the television knowing that you have completed your work and now have plenty of time for all your other activities I take action and get things done right away I complete my projects tasks and obligations right away it’s time to take action be proactive and get it done Now, as you awaken and come back from this meditation feeling refreshed we energize your mind clear and you’re ready to finish your work everything is set and ready for you to be proactive to take charge and get your work done open your eyes and become aware of colleges around you think about the job or task you need to do right now you are ready to take action and all the necessary steps to get the work done right now


  1. This was fantastic – up until the point when it was interrupted by an advert which dragged me out of my mediative state. By all means have adverts at the start or end if you have to, but please not during a meditation.

  2. Thank you very much for this Meditation! For me, the voice and the music were perfect! I could really feel the mindshift through the TV-idea. That vizualisation really worked on me. So: Thank you very much!

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