Stop Procrastinating: 10-Minute Guided Meditation To Get Motivated (Day 3)

Stop Procrastinating: 10-Minute Guided Meditation To Get Motivated (Day 3)

Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary
I am Michelle and you are listening to a guided ten-minute daily meditation for
overcoming procrastination. And while you are listening, you may think of my voice
as that of a dear friend here to help you on your most authentic path. This
meditation specifically deals with procrastinating those things that you
long to do and that resonate deeply within. This recording may be listened to
on its own or as part of a seven day meditation series during any time of the
day the you are able to set aside just for yourself .Find a quiet place where
you won’t be disturbed and may get comfortable. You may close your eyes and
turn your attention to your breath, acknowledging all that you are feeling
right here right now as you let out a great big sigh
and take a deep inhale for 1…2…3… and exhale for six five four three two
one. Inhale for one two three, maybe holding at the top before exhaling for
six five four three two one. You can just continue this rhythmic breathing however
it feels right to you. Letting go of tension which may also exist as an
emotional block or resistance to the process. And you may return your breath
to normal. The ego often uses procrastination as a
crutch. Procrastination serves as the handmaiden to fear. By just acknowledging
this… recognizing this fear… this
procrastination as a small block in the road, you may more easily and consciously
step around it. Inhale deeply as you visualize a country dirt road ahead of
you ,stretching beyond the eye can see and surrounded by lush green grass. Feeling
the freedom and the limitless potential that is just ahead of you. And this
feeling of being boundless is something you may recall. Standing on this open
road whenever you are setting out on a feat that feels daunting or that you
have been putting off. Recognizing that right now you may forgive yourself.
Letting go of any guilt or self-criticism for waiting to do what
you have been meaning to do. Yesterday is gone. Right now is your time. It is not
too late. You are ready. If we were to only forge ahead when we
feel our best or when we think everything is perfect then we would
absolutely spend all our time waiting. You may not feel as ready to do what you
must do as you would like and it is okay to
embrace that because the greatest artists, the greatest leaders, and the
greatest of minds that have come before you have also had this feeling at some
point in their own journey. The only difference between where you are right now and where they were is that they forged
ahead and so too may you take actions that you have been avoiding. Beginning is
half of the doing. So by taking this step you are already almost there. And there
is a wisdom to beginning even when the mind chatters away with excuses or
distractions, you may begin. The extensive open road ahead of you
offering you a guide in the sense of bliss and fulfillment you deserve. And
every step you take no matter how little each step may be, you will feel great
approaching each minor achievement with gratitude. With celebration and with
self-love. Beginning means you’re halfway done. As you inhale and exhale. Feeling at
ease, you may pledge to the doing. Knowing that the energy you spend in
avoiding and guilt or in self-criticism is draining and more taxing than the
actual doing. So be kind to yourself as you begin. You are on your way. Procrastination has served as a form of
self-sabotage and you need not sabotage yourself or your desires anymore because
you deserve what you seek. You are worthy and deep down this resonates as the
solid truth you carry with you. Your most authentic self knows you are worthy of
success and that it is possible to achieve because where else with the
desire to make things happen and come from but your most authentic self. And you may gradually come back to the room
wiggling your fingers and toes stretching your arms overhead like the
first stretch of a new morning and a new day. Knowing that you can always think of
the open road ahead when you find it hard to persevere. When procrastination
rears its ugly head, feeling empowered knowing that you can do this.
You can take another inhale and exhale as you flutter open your eyes, ready to
continue with your day. Focusing on all that you can make happen today.
The open road lies ahead.


  1. While writing my 7-day series of meditations, I wrote the script for this last, which is apropos since it's about overcoming procrastinating. I can attest to it working for me because halfway through writing, I felt motivated to keep on going and writing more and complete all the artwork for this series immediately. I recently heard an "expert" (at what, I don't know because I tuned in too late) say that if a task takes under two minutes to do then you should complete it right away. That for me comes easier than those big looming tasks that are connected to my dearest of dreams and life goals. Because for those big missions, it seems that procrastination serves as the handmaiden to fear. I know, this meditation is only ten minutes, but it doesn't take much to get the brain back on track and get yourself thinking about possibilities instead of excuses why not to try something. If there's anything you have been delaying in life and want to make happen, give this a go. Or maybe a give it a few tries and see what happens.

  2. Can you do a hypnotic story with the dreamy kind of music ? I know u have a couple stories that is 30 minutes or so but can you do one that is hour or more? And like fantasy and enchanted forest based ? Those are my favorite

  3. I'll definitely keep coming back to this playlist for a long time. Awesome meditations, feel totally refreshed.

  4. I didn’t make it into meditative state but I did breakdown in tears. I really needed to hear this. Thank you

  5. Hi Michelle, can you please include the link to other videos in this series? especially day 4, 5, and 7 because I can't find them. Thanks!

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