Spiritually Deformed  [March 16, 2019]

Spiritually Deformed [March 16, 2019]

Sister Vicki jumps right through the
refrigerator door I think I’ll get chilled. Yeah it’ll make a good noise for you. I was in prayer last night about this
message and I really didn’t know how to deliver it that people would not become
offended. So I’m going to take it as a fact that you’re going to be offended so
go ahead give me all the thumbs down, sad faces, and all the derogatory things, you
can say beforehand so you won’t distract me because I never see them anyway. But as I
was praying the Lord said to me it is my desire to bless my people, to heal them,
and to restore them, but they don’t see what’s blocking the way. When I think
about that I got to wondering how would I tie in this particular historic event
with what we’re going through today and the title became called Spiritually
Deformed. I’m spiritually deformed but is it because of things that I have done, is
it from past events, or is there something else in the air. If you ever
think about it negative thoughts are the most prominent things in your mind. If I
ask you right now how many remember all the negative or a lot of the negative
that’s happened in your word world trauma, experiences that were very
difficult generally that’s the most imprinted on your brain, not necessarily
the happy thoughts,the good times, those are few and far between. Maybe it has to do with the adrenaline that is turned on whenever anger and issues deal with that
make that a permanent marker. Now I know I’ve used different types of markers
before on different types of surfaces I like the one you can write on and erase.
But boy when I write something on a permanent surface and you can’t erase it
it just has to go with wear and tear. I was born in 1955, and in my high school
years there was something that was called the Vietnam Conflict. Now we never
classified it as a war it was known as a conflict and then my research this week
and I’m not going to go into great depth about the history behind it but I will
tell you this that we were over there for all the wrong reasons just as we are
in many other wars that we end up in. We give all these young men and women
pat’s on the back for being military I think they need to be realizing what
their joining up for. In the time of Vietnam it was a draft time everybody
was drafted if you were a certain age bracket. Very few got eliminated from
that but there were times that some did get eliminated and they didn’t have to
go to war but it was not an option it was you got your draft notice and off to
the war you went. Have you ever wondered why dignitaries, presidents, elected
officials, senators, congressmen, don’t send their children out to war? They’ll
send ours out to war and they will go in there with all the right intentions only
to be found out they were abused and manipulated. Now many of you who are not over the age of 40, if you’re under the age of 40 you don’t even know much about
Vietnam you’ve heard of it but that’s about the extent of it. But I was in the
age bracket that some of our friends were being drafted into the military and
they were headed off to the Vietnam skirmish but let me tell you a tiny bit
of information behind the Vietnam War. It had to do with the Catholic Church you
see the Catholic Church wanted Vietnam to be totally controlled by Catholicism.
So there was a lot of political ploy going on there but they realized that
when they got to Vietnam they wanted to be independent they wanted to run their
country as they wanted to and shouldn’t it have
been that way seriously .Who comes over to our country tells us to be a
democracy or or what our independence is about our Congress takes our liberties
away but as far as the other no one comes into our country and tells us how
to do things. But we’re forever invading other countries and it forever coming in
and trying to tell them how to live their life. Now during this time of
Vietnam there was something called Agent Orange pay very close attention to this.
Agent Orange was a chemical that was deadly it had dioxin in it dioxin I
think is how you say it. And in this chemical it was so deadly that it was
said that when it fell from the sky and it hit the leaves of the plants that
within 24 hours they would be come off the limb so that they could see where
the enemy was hiding was their purpose. But I want you to pay close attention to
this. This Agent Orange was the most diabolical chemical ever known to
mankind and our guys in the military were being exposed to this Agent Orange
if they were being exposed to all types horrendous extent experiences. But let’s
not forget them and let’s look a little bit deeper into the Vietnam, Vietnam
country. Their country became overwhelmed with major illnesses, deformities, massive
deformities,, that covered children even up to right now it got into the parents
DNA and then children being born over a million 1.5 million people are still
affected by the deformities of Agent Orange. You know I want to give you some
facts so I’ve asked my guys to be prepared and I’m going to tell you that
I received and got some of this off of the vet US Department of Veterans
Affairs so I’m not talking out of the top of my head this came from my site. So the first one I want you guys to pull the fatcs about herbicides. Now
they’re going to try to help you see what’s going on because as I begin to
tie this together I want you to understand there is even more prevalent
situations happening right here and right now. So what we find out is that
the military used this between 1962 and 1971, under something called Operation
Ranch Hand and they sprayed these areas of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. And as I
said, they did this supposedly to get the advantage of the enemy but let me go
back. Where did this chemical come from? Where did this show up at? The first
knowledge of it is in Germany however that’s not where the non-factor them
giving them to the military came from it came from a place called Monsanto. Who is Monsanto the herbicide company with Roundup that’s killing you and I with
various diseases. That same chemical company is putting it in our food
causing massive illnesses and you don’t have to take my word I’m gonna have the
guys start flopping some stuff up and you can go back and watch and read it
for yourself. But these chemicals were put in with the company by the way
Monsanto recently got bought out by Bayer Aspirin. Bayer Aspirin was a big player in the Nazi regime to destroy people so you
better find out what you’re taking because what you’re taking is not good
for you. We scream and crying God’s not hearing my prayer I need the deliverance,
I need help, I need help, but you don’t understand you keep
ingesting stuff that does not come out of your system easily. So as you look at
that story about the facts about herbicides and Agent Orange I’m going to
go on over to another one. 10 things every, every veteran should know about
Agent Orange. Now I’m talking about our men and our women who served
military forces who at this point would be 60s and 70s and older. So many of the
generations that are younger than the 60s have no idea what really happened in
these wars because they’re not taught. But it says the ten things every veteran
should know about Agent Orange. They were exposed and from this I believe there’s
20-plus diseases that have been knocked off on this maybe not let me see I don’t if I can say them all. AL chronic b-cell leukemia, cromolyn, diabetes,
Hodgkin’s disease, Iischemic heart disease, multiple myeloma, non-hodgkins lymphoma, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathy onset early, prostate cancer,
respiratory cancers, soft tissue sarcomas. This is a small list of what is going on
with our people when they are poisoned. Now you say I’m not being poisoned oh
yes you are. Every bit of processed food is it was
because I’m scratching my shoulder Stacey You’re saying I’m ringing. Our processed food, food, that is prepared before it gets to the market has all
types of preservatives in them and these preservatives are causing us to become
obese. You can diet and diet and diet and diet
and you will not lose weight. You can do everything under yours under the sun and
you’re not going to lose weight. Now let me show you something I’ve said this
before if I eat a pound of food I’m not going to gain five pounds, if I eat two pounds of food I’m not going to gain five pounds. So the same
stuff comes in ways the same inside the body. So what happens is we have all
these diet situations going on this keno keto, k e t o and all this stuff
of people being concerned about their weight loss. The one thing that you need
to do if you want to do some about your weight is get away from
processed foods. On a daily basis almost I’m given a report of what foods are
poisoned and what it’s doing to our bodies now you say this doesn’t seem
very interesting would it be interesting enough to tell you that we are stepping
on grounds we shouldn’t be on. So as we come and look at the ten things on Agent
Orange and you don’t believe me there’s one that we put out by History Channel pull that one. The History Channel did a very good article about this topic and
what these dioxins are doing to people. Now we find out this information as a
church and we get up and go do our own thing and then we’ll become sick we want
to know why. Some of you know that I had cataract surgery several years ago. When I was in Mexico with my cataract surgery the doctor called Stanford
University the doctor that’s over the particular optical section. He said
it will surprise you the number of American citizens who are developing a
auto immune or should I say a strong immune system against medicines, strong
against medicines. So they’re developing this resistance in your body and he said
I’m one of those and I laughed and I said well look at the bright side it’ll
kill everything he said and it’ll create some new ones too. You are in a situation
in your home today that you’re asking yourself why do I feel so bad what’s
wrong with me why did I seem to get ahead on this situation? It’s because
every day you’re being poisoned go through any drive-through place you’re
being poisoned you know this but yet you still do this.
I preach it around here all the time stop doing fast-food drive-throughs stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop, and invariably I see somebody walk in with one. They don’t
care except when they become in pain, they started having physical problems,
and they say oh God heal me, heal me, heal me God somebody pray for me. Change your
diet, change your diet, you can’t be eating this stuff and not have an effect
on you. Spiritual deformity is caused when
people don’t listen people are terrible about not listening. I’m telling you about dioxins, I’m telling you about the US military being
poisoning their own and the overseas people, and yet we continue to go on with
our lives as if nothing’s ever happened. As always thinking about spiritual
deformity I went to Corinthins first Corinthians chapter 2 and I don’t know
how far down I’m gonna go but I’ll just start. And I, brethern, when I came to you,
came not with excellency of speech excellency of speech or of wisdom,
declaring unto you the testimony of God. So many of you feel like you cannot
develop spiritually because you don’t have the personality or maybe you don’t
have the eloquence of words to speak. Maybe you feel that you can never
measure up but to whose measurement are you asking yourself to measure up to.
Verse number two; For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus
Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in
trembling. Look at yourself you say why don’t I seem to be able to get past this?
We have been so indoctrinated with all kinds of social media and media that we
don’t know who we are anymore. The Christian has become crippled, has become deformed, their spiritual eyes can’t open up because of what they’ve heard and
their ears are closed because of what they’ve heard. So they’re walking around
and blindness asking themselves how do I break free, how do I break free and
nobody seems to show them the way. You see we’ve got to have direction for our
spiritual growth you are not a failure in God, you are a failure in yourself, God does not take failure he’s only no success. When I look back in
my life and I think about the path I’ve walked I find it quite amazing because
believe it or not I was so shy and so timid I couldn’t speak above a whisper, I
didn’t want to be in front of a crowd, much less speaking to over a thousand
people weekly, I didn’t want to do that I just want to be in the background I just
could do things better not having any attention drawn to myself. But God saw
something in me that I didn’t see he saw just this little nugget of hope and
every one of you have a nugget of hope do you know that? I want you to point at
your finger your finger at yourself right now I’m possibility yeah that
one too it was a song since I am a pop possibility, I am a possum in a tree, I am
a possibility and it wasn’t really possum in the tree but that’s how a
little kids sang it. Sometimes I think we aren’t possums in the tree we would
much rather be asleep in God than to be be strong in him. So when we look at this
and it says and I was in weakness, and in fear. How many of you ever experienced
weakness in God, your faith this didn’t seem, I’m so glad although you never have
done that just me your faith soars and you always believe God for every single
thing and you don’t worry about nothing. Now I’m glad you’ve lied to yourself
because I’ve had plenty of fear especially in the last few months, I’ve had plenty of things that shook my ground especially in the last few months,
I’ve had things that tripped me up especially in the last 24 hours. My grandson was here at the house and he
was picking something off the floor that he dropped and I didn’t pay attention to
that boys feet had gotten big. So I come out of my room and it is right outside the door I saw him go to step over him and his feet I misjudged the size of his feet and I tripped and fell on the ground. I’m
getting myself up and he’s helping me and Stacey is helping me I thought wow
that was a tumble I didn’t expect to have. Kristopher said, grandma how big did you think my feet were as I said not that size, I miscalculated. So many times things trip us up that could have been avoided if we had seen what was
coming, or we’ve seen our surroundings. What we have got to do and I’m going to give you some point-by-point advice. I’ve been contacted all over the nation this past
week and for those of you who have asked these questions let me give you the
response. Some of you are in very difficult financial situations and some
have told me about the circumstances that you’re in. You have kids in your
life that’s 18 years and older stop being in what do you call it enabler.
By 18 they should be working and contributing to the household they
should be taught to sit and help pay the bills and divide it among the household. So many of you are in such dire distraught over the situation because
you don’t take the backbone to tell those grown kids to grow up. Stop making
excuses, do you hear me stop making excuses for stupidity. All you’ve done is
enabled that child or that young adult to be dependent upon you forever
sweetheart you’re not gonna live forever. You better teach them how to pay the
bills you need to teach them how to be responsibility and you better teach them
to have a goal and a drive and to accomplish something. My grandmother bless her heart she never learned how to drive she refused to. Back in the time my was coming up it wasn’t customary for women to drive so many did not. But we encouraged her to come on you
need to drive, you need to drive and she flat refused. All through her life she
would not give in to that fear. I’m scared of driving I live in the Dallas
Metroplex and so do all of you well all of you that’s here. Is there a sane driver out there, can you point out a same driver to me. We see them drunk all
over the road weezing and going in and out and and you’re going to put your
brake on stop, push it up, in I mean it is a race car finale in the Dallas-Fort
Worth Metroplex. If you think you’re gonna find a place where you can drive
without fear may I suggest you live out in Kansas in a country place with
nothing around for 50 miles because you’re gonna put your hands behind that
wheel and you’ve got to make progress. When you’re in spiritual situation you’ve got to take action to develop. So my grandma never learned to drive and it hindered her for many things and it inconvenience many people because of it
she wouldn’t do it. Okay if you let fear Drive you instead of you driving fear
you’ll never get out of it. Remember Sister Johnson one of my staff members
she’s a sweetheart she was terrified of elevators. I mean don’t step inside an elevator this woman wasn’t literally panic out oh
my goodness. So there’s a hospital over in Fort Worth I thought I’m gonna break
her of that fear I took her fears one by one I’m gonna break them one by one. So
in this hospital you didn’t know you were in an elevator. So I walked her in
talking to her she said pastor where we heading I told you we going to the hosiptal okay we coming up several floors and she said, why don’t we just walk out and hosiptal because we’re in the elevator. I said we’ve been in the elevator a little while you can put your panic attack. You want to walk 10 flight of stairs be my guess. Well she got over that fear of elevators but oh she would beg me oh pastor please, please pastor, oh please pastor, you would have thought that I was treating a dear sister wrong and especially with her being black you thought I was like some kind of mad slave-driver. Oh pastor, pastor please don’t. I’m thinking
these people are watching you what you doing. They look at me and think what
is that white woman doing with that poor black soul. I mean that’s exactly what she did say and these people in the elevator are looking I said it’s okay she’s scared of elevators. There was a few other things she was scared of and I said you’re gonna do it. Well you know it’s time progressing her kids go having kids she realized she had to get in those elevators to go in babies
in it where those babies at where those babies were at and a lot of other reasons she had to go in
those elevators. But you see our elevators are new and they’re pretty
much unique but Mexico elevators are not necessarily so. I go to my doctor’s
office and you stand in this little square that maybe two people can stand
in and I hit the button there is none or you can put your hand out and go up all
the way until you hit the floor and they’d have to pull your hand up there
is no door. When you step out the elevator you get this really weird
sensation I’ve been watching the wall as I’ve been going up here there’s nothing
but a concrete wall in some part of this. But you walk out and you go to the
doctor and of course he’s a really good doctor just cuz he has a sorry elevator
doesn’t mean he’s not a good doctor. You’ve gotten spoiled too the conveniences. Oh my got a headache, I got a caffeine headache let me take a pill,
oh man I got a sinus headache pill we are so dependent upon pills. We need to
really watch that now we’re talking about spiritual deformity and what
hinders us he says I was fearful. If many things in this life I’m scared of
it would be snakes. I don’t like snakes I don’t care what size they are if they’re
friendly or non friendly we’re not shaking excuse me, I’m not shaking hands
with them hello snake not going to happen. I run from them but I’ll tell you a funnier story. There was a time a mouse got loose in my office a tiny little bitty
mouse was loose in my office. Now it doesn’t scare me but me being the woman
that I am getting ready to go to church I thought the men should take care of
the mouse. My goodness sakes alive oh my goodness I said it’s all in your hands. I
heard this (sound effects) I thought who’s beating up who. The mouse looks like it’s winning, sounds
like it’s winning. These guys were jumping on furnitures that would run
across and it was like these guys are like totally like the men folk this is
scary. So eventually that mouse was caught it was not an easy task.Not
an easy task and after the mouse have to do with revival of the guys that went in
there the fear and anxiety that when might crawl up his pants leg you know
all of this. We all have fears but don’t let the devil take your fear and control
you. So when I look at the puffs on writing this he says I was a weakness
and fear and I wasn’t trembling oh I can think of many times I’ve been in that.
But verse 4; And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of
man’s wisdom, but a demonstration the spirit of power. How many times do I come into these Bible studies and I say oh I don’t know what people need it’d help me
if I seen a really live group other than our group here so I’d know if I’m touching you or reaching you but I don’t. The point is I’ve tried to
teach you how to walk with God how to serve God you have a right to know how
to be a good Christian. Many people call themselves Christians
and don’t even know what the Bible says. I’ll go another step further Bro. Martinez many people call themselves Christians and refuse to read the Bible.
I’m going to be releasing hopefully this week on how to study the Bible and I
think you’re going to be amazed it’s not difficult. But what year was it that you
told me the Catholic Church out banded reading the Bible? 1229 Catholic people Pope’s, priests it you can’t reach we can’t read the Bible
lantee could not read it only the preacher and people didn’t do it So let me go back here. That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect; yet
not the wisdom of the world, nor the princess of this world, that come to
nought; But we speak wisdom of God and mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the glory; into the world to the glory. Okay how many say I’m going to be a Christian I want to be a really I want to be a really good Christian? That requires you applying the Bible to your life. Now I
know you guys aren’t prepared for this but do it for me anyway. I want you to
type in there and take them to the webpage www.blueletterbible.com. The guys is going to show where you can go to research terms and words and I’m going to walk you through it this week. People become very ignorant when they start trying to quote the Bible and because they don’t
read it they don’t apply it, they don’t know it, but yet they’re going to be judged by it. You guys get it let me know when you got it up there Josh. blue letter Bible.com. Now I want you if you’ve got your phone or your computer you’ve typed in www.blueletterbible.com and that screen has come up. The guys are
showing you if you were watching you know when you got it up. And I’m going to take you to just a couple of words because we need to stop shutting our eyes to reality. Ya’ll not finding it. I look at their faces I have no idea
where they are. It’s both. com or. org did you type it in the search bar did it come up? Okay you have to go through your OBS okay I got you. As they pull this up I want you who are
Christians I want to know how to serve God to pay very close attention to the
screen when the guys get it up. You will be able to run terms are words that will search from Genesis to the book of Revelation. Please bear with us as they’re figuring out how to get to OBS. that’s a broadcast okay Mike’s got it on
Facebook Josh has got on YouTube. Now as you look at that screen there will be two places that you can type in a term one says verse or one says a word. Now I want you to type in the word Sabbath, Sabbath into the search. And explain to me how people will put only quote scripture out
of the over 100 scriptures that there are and reference to this. Oh what happened last week you lost the audio Josh, Facebook Mike Let me know when you have it back up. For those of you who are ahead of the game while the guys are trying to
catch up to show you like I said I’ll be posting a video on how to do that this
week. But once you get to that search engine you’ll see a place where you can
type in verse a term or scriptures. So when you type in the word Sabbath there will come up over a hundred scriptures that you will see listed on that page how many are with me to see that anybody see that. Okay we just don’t have audio. If your on you can’t tell on Facebook
go to YouTube then see the example because they can’t here it. Come out of that screen Mike if it’s not gonna come up. Josh you have it on YouTube though. Okay we’ve got an audio again so let me continue walking you through this. You need to know what Scripture state and not what somebody told you. So when you are going to blueletterbible.com or .org you can use either one. You’ll pull up the screen and in that screen you can type in the word as I use an example Sabbath. When the Sabbath comes up tell me how many times the word Sabbath is mentioned in that one that 137 times, 137
times. Now you know every scripture has to do with it being the day of holy it tells you what you need to do on those days. So let’s just take one at random I
don’t have that in front of me guys so let’s pull the one keep the Sabbath holy
okay there you go Josh that will work. I want you to pull for me Exodus chapter 16, 16:
23 just click on that scripture, the scripture. The reference number okay there it is. Now when you click on that you’ll notice it pulled up all the
sequential scriptures didn’t it. Okay so you can read the scriptures
above it and below it to see does that particular scripture tie in to what
you’re researching. So when you look at it and someone argues with us that you
don’t put one day above another you’re going to have to figure out what you do
with 136 other scriptures because I’m just showing you right now how to run
the word. Now if you have a word processor like Word or some other type of one. You can actually go in that program and you see where it says copy options Josh
don’t go into that honey copy options on the top bar there. Okay
now under the copy options it tells you how you want to put that together but
now I want you to see the when it says select all versus it’s just done that’s
the first column keep on going down look Josh keep on going down Josh it’s down
on the blue there. Okay now you’re gonna hit the word copy
up at the top by the copy options and when you do that it’s going to copy the
Scriptures for you to put it into a word processor. So you don’t have to have a special book or guideline for that and again I’ll teach you that this week. Now
let’s type in the word Commandments and let’s see how many times Commandments
comes up in the scriptures. Taking that same process typing in Commandments and tell me how many times it’s mentioned Josh? a hundred and seventy-one times the representatives are the scriptures that represents Commandments are listed.
We don’t have a reason not to be obedient to the Word of God when we
realize that our strength. We can become spiritually deformed by not taking
action to follow through and to see what does the scripture state. Don’t go by what somebody told you or what you heard preached go by what the scripture states.
Now let’s go in and let’s do another one let’s type in the word judgment. Again
you’re going to come in and you’re going to click open these and see what they
have to pertain to or judge if not judgment, judge. The scripture in Matthew
tells us not to judge but in first Corinthians it tells us to judge. So would we say that it’s contradictory the answer is no. A hundred and ninety-one times their scriptures and reference to judging. Now we cannot continue to be blind to what the Bible says if we’re Christian we
should live by that book. Now if I went and I said what is something else that
we could look up just about any topic or any thought that you could come to your
mind. How about parents just word to type in
parents. How many times? 21 times scriptures in reference to parents. You see we have a responsibility to learn the word of God and we don’t. Now I want to show you something I made mention about how as adults and this is for
someone who contacted me this week. We should be having accountability for
those that are 18 and above that live in our household. If you don’t you are
making them naturally deformed, you are making them cripples unable to
accomplish things. My little grandsons 13 years old he’ll
be 14 in July. And he said to me one day grandma don’t treat me like a little boy
or baby I said believe me I’m not you’re almost 14 years old and you will learn
how to do these things. And he has he’s put his hands to the wheel he’s learning
how to do them and I’ll say no you’re old enough you do it. He works he does a
very good job anything and would give him as an assignment he does. Now I want
to tell you we are living in a generation that doesn’t care about you. I
think Michael Jackson’s song they don’t really care about you means nobody
really cares about you. If they did Amanda why would we have to tell our
grown kids to go out and get a job and that they need to be supportive as if
they were paying for their own household, that they need to pay a percentage of the bills. Why would we not expect that of them. If we don’t we have made them a cripple, if we don’t we have not prepared them
for life, if we don’t work coward to make them grow up. You’ve got people in your
house that should be contributing even if you’re on Social Security you should
contribute to the household you live in it. Not getting a whole lot of amens okay
thank you. Why should it be one person’s so
responsibility to carry the load set them down. Okay kiddoes here’s the bills
bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. Now your fourth of it is this amount needs to be paid by
this date. Your fourth of it, fifth of it, six of it, whatever it is the number of adults
in your house your portion is this and needs to be paid by this day I expect it to
be here before the due date. But I have a cell phone bill, I need to drive the car, I shut up and grow up and walk. You can pay a cell phone bill but you can’t help your parent. Your
parents always paying for the food when it’s time you to pay for the food.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen different people that I know and
love dearly go through this. You need to just walk in and sit down I’m telling you how to handle it so I’ll need more text I got this okay I’m just going to tell you how it is. You called a family meeting, we’re having a family meeting
this evening at 6 o’clock everyone is required to be there. Well I can’t and
why not you’re not working you will be there. As you said them you go we’re
going to have an adult class right now. Oh I want to an adult. Do you really? Everybody wants to be an
adult till it comes to paying bills then nobody wants to be an adult. So you sit down and you say this is how it’s going to be from this day forward,
don’t even say in two weeks starting from this day forward. We will divide the
household expenses I’m not talking about your credit cards or that type of stuff
I’m talking about your rent or mortgage whichever one you have and your
utilities and your groceries and your gas. I have never seen more dumber group
of young people in my life than this generation and I’m going to get into why in just a minute. Set them down and say this is how you become an adult
don’t ask for special privileges if you can’t take care of the first part of
adulthood. Well I want to be out after midnight are you paying your part of the
bills, are you saving to get you a car, do you have your driver’s license? Hello and
your parents better realize you need to let their wings be clipped a little. There’s sometimes you kind of push him out the nest to get them to realize when
you die there’s nobody to pay the bills. Loosing my voice is that good. this week I
heard from another state and they were in reference to this they are in panic
for their financial situation asking God to perform a miracle. I said how many
people working in your house? oh it’s just me. Okay, how many grown adults you
got new household? Oh there’s four of us. And how much are they contributing to the
household oh they have other things. No they don’t they have to pay the overhead. This generation doesn’t want
responsibilities and we parents and grandparents have caused that. We have not made accountable we have looked at their poor circumstance and situation. I don’t know if I should say this because I’m not sure how it’s gonna come out closed caption but poppycock. That is insane, that’s absurd, why should you go through the stress of financial hardships when
you got lazy people sitting in your house the scripture said a man don’t work
don’t eat he didn’t say men don’t work don’t have cell phone, a man who don’t
work don’t have entertainment. You better tell your young adult you’re gonna pay
me before you pay that cell phone. Because if you can afford that
cell phone guess what else you can afford you could afford the portion of
the bills that come to this household. What’s wrong why aren’t we looking at
these young adults and saying give account if you don’t teach them how to
do it at home when they get married they’re going to be still living in your
home because they can’t manage and you’re going to have all these extra
mouths to feed as your bills go down. I don’t know hmm. I’m on Social Security
I’m a fixed income person I don’t got it. I’m over 60 years old I should be
receiving senior citizen discounts not these young people. These young people
live in your homes expecting to receive senior citizen discounts. You hear what I’m
telling you? These young people need to face responsibility now at the ages of
four, five, six, seven, and on up teach them to pick up their room and I know many of
you don’t because you’re just as nasty as they are. My guys who work with a
moving truck they say it is appalling, it’s unreal, how nasty and filthy people are. Clutter and trash and debris and food and
defecation of animals all through the house they’re nasty, they’re filthy, but you don’t want those children to be falling in your footsteps if
you’re going to do that to better learn to clean up. Wash your hands, wash your
dishes, vacuum your floor, make it appropriately comfortable to live in but
don’t let these children live like slobs because you’re putting in them the way
it will be. Off and on through my grandson’s life I’ve had him mostly present for the
last three years and I was shocked at what his mother never taught him. At 10
years old he didn’t know how to ride a bicycle nobody took the time to teach
him, he didn’t know what Tyrannosaurus Rex was, he didn’t know what these things
were. So we started teaching it I have a picture I found on my computer the other
day of him riding his first bike with training wheels and he’s ten years old.
A mother didn’t take the time Sis. Vicky to teach him anything, didn’t teach
him how to do certain things. So grandma’s been teaching okay sweetheart
come on in here I’m gonna teach you how to do your laundry. Okay no problem grandma I can do this, I can do this okay. I want you to handle it. If your child loves you they will want to do things for you. They will and you shouldn’t have to force
them but bad habits have to take force to break. I was sitting in Jason’s Deli the other day me and my grandson we went to get something to eat. And there was a couple they weren’t married this guy was telling this co-worker about his
relationship with this young girl. Well we’ve been together for three years and I’m feeling like I developed more spirit of more naturally than she did more
maturely than she did and it’s time for me to maybe move on to a different
relationship. Now he’s shacked her up for three years,
had sex with her freely for three years, and now he’s telling his coworker which
is a young woman that he thinks it’s time for him to move out and go on to
greener pastures and to broaden his horizon. Now he was sitting this close to
me and do you know how hard it was for me to stop, I want to stop and look at him go. So you messed her over and now you want to walk out, don’t you know what
commitment is? Well she doesn’t have the drive, if she doesn’t want to go hang out
and party like I do. You probably knew that when you went shacked up with her.
And then in the course of conversation he says a-plus her parents admire
putting the pressure on for us to marry and have a family and I’m just not ready
for that. No you want all the frills and thrills
but you don’t want responsibility. I looked at that and I told Christopher
that’s a crying shame they don’t even know what love and commitments about. If
you’ve been married and you realize that right after that I do comes reality. When reality sets in you got to know what you got and it’s not always a box
of chocolates it could be a commode of chocolate but not a box chocolate it’s not
always what it’s made out to be. In relation to one who contacted me let me
say this to you. Are you giving your best your hundred-percent to your husband or
do you have animosity anger and hostility built up by the way he’s done
you because you never have a right to treat somebody dirty as a Christian. You
can walk out you don’t have to live in that situation but you can’t remarry
someone I wouldn’t remarry anyhow. No way on this earth I remarry when I
get out of this when I’m praying it’ll be quicker than a disease hit them. I knew of a situation that the men had got in stage renal disease and his wife left him. And you know what she said I didn’t sign up for this and divorced him. What if it had been on the other shoe? If you’re not teaching your child commitment to family now, relationship with God, then you’re not
gonna have anything in the future to hang on to. So as you’re listening to me and this has not been one of those messages I’m pretty sure you could shout
over. You are being blinded by fear of standing up. Why allow somebody to talk to you as if you are stupid that you are not worthy of proper conversation. There’s a way to stop them. You wives
you have a husband who talks to you condescending. You walk over and look to
them and say you know honey I don’t talk to you that way and I’d appreciate it if
you don’t talk to me that way. Don’t have to say voice, voice, voice, voice, tone, tone, there are some people whose natural tone and voice is absurd
that’s just the way they talk that’s just the way they are that doesn’t mean
they don’t love you. But you’re looking for that romantic voice you didn’t marry
Casanova aren’t you glad. You know you’re looking for that perfect there is no
perfect man that’s how come you married them so you could perfect them. There is
no perfect wait a minute I’m going to let that one there is no perfect man, there is no
perfect woman, that’s why you married her so you could complement her grace
right did I get out of that one ? Our men are going I don’t know if I like that term or not but the point is we got what we got okay
no one’s perfect, and no one has a great day every day, and nobody’s always on the mountaintop singing and happy. This one meant
young men at that table said well she’s kind of boring at time she doesn’t have
personality. It took you three years to figure that out when you’d get to know
that before you climb in bed with them. He says I think I could afford to live on my own. So too indicated to me that she works. And when a woman works and has to come home and work again she’s pretty exhausted and doesn’t feel like being
chipper and let me rub your feet dear especially when he goes and flops himself and from the TV and she continues to work. Marriages team work but as I said clear your slate now. Those of you who contacted me with a
dress for the other issues I’ll try to adjust the ones on you go do I get to
contact and my question you answered online to probably. You contacted me and asked me what do I do in the case that my company keeps these
pagan holidays how do I handle it. There are ways to handle it professionally and legally. In our church we have our staff member who writes the letter that states
that it is against our religious conviction. Now understand conviction
that means we won’t do it under any circumstances to participate in this
particular activity. In some cases since we keep the Sabbath we’ve had to write
laws I mean write letters to big corporations that had to grant
that sabbath-keeping day and has complied without any recourse. So there
are ways first of all live a good Christian example, be the person that you
ought to be, in your attitude and in kindness and then word and deed need
what you need to be for God. Then when you have to go before somebody about the fact that you’ve come to the revelation that you need to keep the Sabbath or
certain days not to participate in, are the holy days. Then it will come more as
a compliment their response. You do not have to say don’t you know that’s pagan? No they don’t. But educate yourself that you can share it with them. We’ve had St.
Patrick’s Day as it come and gone yet I don’t know? Okay then obviously it’s not a holiday we keep, we don’t keep Easter because it’s against the
scriptures it honors Tamus. We keep Passover, Passover will be coming this next month in April and will keep Passover as a church we come together
for our Passover. Understand that you’ve gonna be a Christian live by the book.
Now it’s a one last example I’ll just throw that in slap and Passover. If you guys can switch over very easy I don’t know. Remember you’re only limited by yourself.
I have seen and heard of stories where individuals who had no limbs could get
up and get dressed, I have heard and seen stories of those who work a regular job
that are incapacitated in one way or another. But I think it’s a crying shame when we as a church are spiritually incapacitated for the lack of knowledge. Type in Passover. Jesus kept the Passover before his crucifixion. So it has a hundred and what seventy one verses. Seventy one verses with the
word Passover are in there and the Christian as a whole do not keep Passover. Think about that Jesus kept Passover and the Christian keeps the
Catholic sanctity of communion. How many of you sound like a Catholic today I don’t want to be a Catholic today, only a Catholic tomorrow, next week or any time.
Then stop keeping communion and your preachers that get up there and give you
that little wafer which is supposed to be a representation of Jesus Christ’s
body and that little juice is not giving you what the scripture talks about. Keep
Passover, keep Passover and the day after Passover is the feast of unleavened bread. You must keep this day’s for eight days and I’ll expand on them again later.
But you must keep the holy days of God and there are seven I believe it is seven holy days of God that are required to be kept. As Christians are as Catholics which do you live. I’m gonna follow the ways of Jesus he
kept the Passover I’ll keep the Passover. The question about how to handle that was one and then I got one more question I forgot about alcohol. Should I drink alcohol I can’t Christian’s drink a little wine for the stomach sakes. When we left service the other day my son made the statement to me. He said of course not every time someone gets involved with drinking they get involved with other sin. It doesn’t matter what you start with is what you end with. There are two different types of alcohol that’s mentioned in the Bible. For example one was that that was fermented. The scripture tells you not to drink in intoxication. The other was more like it Welchs 100% grape juice that was not fermented. When I did my studies on this topic it was amazing what I found out in
the processing of today’s alcohol and beer. It was nothing in comparison to the days of the Bible. I challenge you I went did that study at the University of Texas at Arlington and that’s amazing of the different types of chemicals that they put in there and what it does to
your body. What it does to your body is chemically break down your organs and of
course your system in the general. But we say oh but the Bible says we can have
alcohol. No the Bible does not say we can have alcohol. There again you’re talking
about spirits of alcohol which are made from various products, you’re talking
about beer that’s made from a different type of products. But the question I have
for you those who know people who drink why you let them drink in your house? My first husband I found out after we’ve been married a little while he drank and he smoked weed. But as I told someone before I never saw him do either one. He respected me in our house never to drink in the house and never to
smoke marijuana in the house that’s a lot of respect. He’ll takeoff I didn’t know
what he was doing but the effects when he came home I did. The point is you need
to set your boundaries. Well he just drinks out on the patio. But does this
attitude reflect on the inside. You some saying too many times a person who drinks their attitude is reflected not as nice but his down might mean, vicious,
and vindictive. Young man got in a car he’d gone to a bar had a few drinks
thinking he was capable. He got in that vehicle drove home and on his way he
killed somebody driving under the the influence or driving while intoxicated.
Spent 10 years in prison that’s a pretty expensive bottle of booze isn’t it 10 years. We better ask ourselves what are we
doing are we going to be spiritually deformed the rest of our life what you
need to be more concerned about is being right with God. That you can walk with
him that he’ll bless you. You see God won’t bless a mess. So I don’t know if
I’ve answered some of the questions that’s come across this past week but
those are some that came up. Don’t be spiritually deformed take
charge of your life. Somebody start attacking you turn and walk away. Don’t
take and react in a way that’s going to even make it in a more explosive
situation. Agent Orange was scattered over the nation many people have the
effect of it today. Sin is scattered all over our nation having its effect on the Christians today we are spiritually deformed. Now I believe that God has an army that he wants to raise up a people that will
stand for him. And I think it’s time we do that. I made the statement and I’ll say it again you’re where your heart is. If I want to be in church I was glad
when they said unto me, I came running when they said unto me, I came shining
when they said unto me, let us go into the houseof the Lord. I came rejoicing when they said unto me. This generation says gotta go church today
I’d rather lay in bed. So when you call upon the name of the Lord he sends you
down a little memo from your text message. You saying God I need you and he says I don’t slumber or sleep with the Angels I’m on don’t break. I used to say I
have a group called SMAT on my car. My small angel management team and they’re capped all around about me and keep me out of trouble. So I looked up to see if SMAT there. Can I ask who’s camp round about you because the scripture
says he encamps himself the angels around those who love and fear him. If I
fear him I don’t want to offend him if I love him I will love him with my whole heart. So who did you invite to be in your camp today. Agent Orange that will destroy you, take all your life from you, are the servant of God. Well it might not learned a thing but I’m glad you tuned in. Are you guys ready to learn something
about God I’m gonna keep teaching you. Because of my illness I’ve been delayed
on getting these Bible studies out and my voice is coming back but as you can
tell in service not completely. But it will be and you’ll start getting a lot
of topics that will be delivered to you and I know that when you start receiving
these I really trust that you’re going to believe the Word of God stronger than
the word of man. So let’s serve the Lord and not man can we do that. Now how am I glad that this is the Sabbath and this is the day that God
proclaimed to be his day of worship. So God bless you thank you for tuning in. Should I do something exciting you’re
looking at me crazy.


  1. There is so much Truth to what you are saying!!!! People need to hear the Truth!!! Thank you for sharing the Truth of what is happening!!!! God Bless you, and yours Richly, and keep you all Safe!!!!!!

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