Spiritual Warrior – Carlos Castaneda Quotes – A Separate Reality

Spiritual Warrior – Carlos Castaneda Quotes – A Separate Reality

the spiritual warrior a separate reality when a person embarks on the path of
sorcery they become aware in a gradual manner
that ordinary life has been forever left behind that knowledge is indeed a
frightening affair that the means of the ordinary world are no longer a buffer
for them and that they must adopt a new way of life if they are going to survive the first
thing they ought to do at that point is to want to become a warrior a very
important step and decision the frightening nature of knowledge
leave one no alternative but to become a warrior perhaps the first thing one should do is
to know that one can develop the will a warrior knows that and proceeds to
wait for it the warrior knows that they are
waiting and knows what they are waiting for a warrior has no problems they know
that they are waiting for their will will is something very special it happens mysteriously there is no real way of telling how one
uses it except that the results of using the will Are astounding a warrior has only their will
and their patience and with them they build anything they want to be a warrior
a person has to be first of all and rightfully so keenly aware of their own
death but to be concerned with death would force any one of us to focus on
the self and that would be debilitating so the next thing one needs to be a
warrior is detachment the idea of imminent death instead of becoming an
obsession becomes an indifference it is up to us as individuals to oppose
the forces of our lives only a warrior can survive a warrior knows that they
are waiting what they are waiting for and while they
wait they want nothing and thus whatever little thing they get
is more than they can take if they need to eat they find a way because they are not
hungry if something hurts their body they find a way to stop it because they
are not in pain to be hungry to be hungry or to be in pain means that the
person has abandoned themselves and is no longer a warrior and the forces of
their hunger and pain will destroy them with an awareness of their death with
their detachment and with the power of their decisions a warrior sets their life in a
strategical manner the knowledge of their death guides them and makes them
detached and silently lusty the power of their final decisions makes them able to
choose without regrets and what they choose is always strategically the best
and so they perform everything they have to with gusto and lusty efficiency when
a person behaves in such a manner one may rightfully say that they are a
warrior and have acquired patience a warrior is never idle and never in a
hurry a warrior lives strategically a warrior
never carries loads they cannot handle the spirit of a warrior is not geared to
indulging and complaining nor is it geared to winning or losing
the spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle and every struggle is a
Warrior’s last battle on earth thus the outcome matters very little to
them in their last battle on earth a warrior
let’s their spirit flow free and clear and as they wage their battle knowing
that their will is impeccable a warrior laughs and laughs
warriors select the items that make their world
they select deliberately for every item they choose is a shield that protects
them from the onslaught of the forces they are striving to use a warrior
encounters inexplicable and unbending forces because they are deliberately
seeking them thus they are always prepared for the encounter the first
thing a warrior must do then is to be prepared a warrior takes the
responsibility of protecting their life for that purpose a warrior must have a selected number of
things that give them great peace and pleasure things which they can
deliberately use to take their thoughts from their right and make them solid a
warrior chooses to follow the path with heart it is the consistent choice of a
path with heart which makes a warrior different from the average person they
know that a path has heart when they are one with it when they experience a great
piece and pleasure traversing its length the things a warrior
selects to make their shields are the items of a path with heart a warrior
must surround themselves with the items of a path with heart and must refuse the
rest whenever we finish talking to ourselves the world is always as it should be we
renew it we kindle it with life we uphold it with
our internal talk not only that but we also choose our
paths as we talk to ourselves thus we repeat the same choices over and
over until the day we die because we keep on repeating the same internal talk
over and over until the day we die a warrior is aware of this and strives
to stop this talking this is the last point to know if you
want to live like a warrior how can you stop talking to yourself first of all you must use your ears to
take some of the burden from your eyes we have been using our eyes to judge the
world since the time we were born we talk to others and to ourselves mainly about what we see a warrior is
aware of that and listens to the world they listen to the sounds of the world warriors are aware that the world will
change as soon as they stopped talking to themselves and they must be prepared
for that monumental jolt the world is such and such or so and so only because
we tell ourselves that that is the way it is if we stop telling ourselves that the
world is so and so the world will stop being so and so this has been the
spiritual warrior is separate reality thanks for listening until next time yeah


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    I've been staring at the edge of the water! For as long as I can remember, never really knowing why….

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  6. What is the annoying music there for??? It is a senseless addition and only DISTRACTS from the Teachings.You miss the whole point of these works if you feel the need to add rubbish.

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  8. "A warrior has only their will and their patience, and with them they build anything they want". I've tried implementing it in my meditation practice. Impressive. This concept appears to have a lot of complexity, yet remaining deceptively simple as a tool.
    There are so many concepts in CC books that I feel overwhelmed by it all, effectively giving up in pursuing esoteric aspect of it and concentrating being a warrior in material world. Taking care of my material / physical well-being was a priority, and I feel good about my success in this realm, but spiritual side had some resistance.. And I believe I've found the key.

    Thanks, this video has been very useful to me, watched it many times over the years.

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