Spiritual Transmission–attuning to the teaching beneath the words | Jon Bernie | nonduality satsang

Spiritual Transmission–attuning to the teaching beneath the words | Jon Bernie | nonduality satsang

[simple Zen bells music] The essential communication that is expressed here is actually non-verbal. But, because we podcast these… [laughter] people expect to hear something. Especially since they drove a long way
to get here, we’re forced to talk about something… verbally. But there’s a kind of communication that
is referred to often in this kind of teaching environment — the direct path of teaching — which is called “transmission”. And you’ve probably heard that word, or you have a pretty strong sense of what it is, or you don’t know what the heck it
is and you’re wondering, “What is he talking about?” So I thought I’d say a little bit about that. Maybe um … give some hints about it. So, the first thing is that the transmission is … not verbal even though it can include verbal. And, when you hear the word “transmission” you
think well transmitter which is sending some kind of signal out, and implying there’s a receiver. If there is a transmission
there’s some kind of reception. I mean that’s our linear, simplistic way of thinking about it. So
there’s usually a sense of– you know–there’s a transmission from
point A and it goes over to point B. Okay. And that’s not exactly what– that’s not really what transmission is.
Even though what’s referred to as transmission could
be experienced kind of like that. Like you kind of get–what do they say– “zapped” by the Guru. You know, all of a sudden there’s some kind of energy hit that you can feel, some power, shakti. And that is often referred to as a kind of transmission in this sense here. But what happens is that as an individual becomes more familiar with their deep openness, their spacious presence of being, awakened consciousness, then this … um … how can I … oh this is tricky … I don’t know how to follow that sentence. [laughs] Sorry, I lost that one. I’ll try it a different way. I’ve often used the example of a tuning fork. You know, that there is a certain resonance– a resonant field that your deep
awareness has. And when you come into an
environment like this, the tuning fork may be resonating, but it may be at a frequency that you
actually normally wouldn’t hear or feel. And so there is something about attunement that happens when one slows
down the body, starts to notice sensations rather than
being focused on thought, sensing the breath and so forth, becoming more aware on an energetic level, a qi level, a prana level, um, that that sort of tuning of one’s own inner tuning fork becomes vibrated. So, even though it seems like that resonance is coming from outside of you, and you feel it, it’s actually That which you are being awakened by That which everything is. It’s kind of hard to talk about this. So… I often say that when you really
are tuned in to the transmission, when your personal self is dissolved and
there’s just this field of energy, it isn’t even going one way to the other
or back. It’s actually going in every direction, simultaneously. Even though in our linear mind, even on another linear level, it can only go one way if it’s going the
other way. So when the so-called student wakes up, he or she feels the connection with the teacher, and that’s called transmission. But as soon as he or she wakes up, they
mutually recognize each other as That. And so that’s what the teaching really
is. That’s all the stories where a student is acknowledged: “That’s it, you
have it.” You know, that’s what that is all about. And and you know that; it’s not an
intellectual thing. There’s a deep, profound, felt sense. It’s almost… another way to put it would be
as if you were falling in love on the high-level–on a level where
there’s no attachment, and no need. Not a personal level.
There’s no person in it. But it’s like a unified … oneness. So…I think that’s a pretty good [description]. And often it
feels like you’re in love. I mean, I felt that with my teachers certainly– just this profound [gratitude], this incredible love was there. And I think that that’s often, not always, but it’s often a quality
of that recognition of our unified field. So… I like the word. I mean, I think it’s a beautiful kind of description. But I also like to point out that it’s always mutual. It doesn’t go one way. It can’t. There is no such thing as it going one way. So, it’s when your … what did someone say?
“When your nose is clean, you can smell the flower.” So, when you are open openness is there for you. When you recognize that which you are, it
recognizes you too. So when you love your truth, when you love the truth, if you
will, the truth loves you. It is a mutual love affair. And I think
that’s why people devote their whole lives to it actually–
particularly after they’ve had a powerful glimpse, awakening, where they it’s just like, there’s obviously nothing
more important than that. It’s just, you know… everything else is transient, impermanent, empty…ultimately. As that quote that I
read recently from Meher Baba… I think…did I read it last week? Yeah…so. If you understand…when you’re there…when
you’re in…when you deeply get that, then when you come here and we’re hanging out, so to speak, in satsang, then it’s really… if there is any work to be done, it’s completely
dropping any remnants of the personal self. And letting them all be consumed in the fire of the transmission, and turned into the light. That’s why I call it alchemy and transmutation. So, whatever you bring here, whatever is coming up in this “cooking”
environment– the cooking of the transmission– you naturally offer it. Whether it’s emotion,
whether it’s physical stuff, whether it’s you know, beliefs about how things are or, you know, conclusions that you realize
were limited beliefs that weren’t really true. Whatever. Ideas about yourself that you thought you were a certain way, and you
realize, “Well that’s not really true.” Because you begin to move more and more into this, and you say…and you naturally
would say, “I am this Presence.” We are this. Everything is this. There is no “we” on that level. That’s what nondual means. That there is no…there aren’t two. I mean, on a practical, you know, ordinary reality level, obviously there’s two. There is dualism. There is relative reality. So, transmission is in the realm of the absolute reality that we can’t really understand, we can’t really conceptualize. I mean…we do a very limited, piecemeal, poetic job of it at best. Right? But you don’t have to worry whether you actually understand the concepts at all, because if you’re…if
you have the courage and you’re ready–which means you don’t
have a choice anymore– [laughter] then you find out how to dive in and face what you haven’t been able to face before– unwilling or unconscious of being able to face before. So… [long pause] so coming here is an opportunity to completely surrender. Not to some teacher or belief, but surrender to relief, surrender to freedom, surrender to the space that is not the realm of struggling, the realm of the pile of, you know, conditioned unsatisfactory conditioned, unsatisfactory circumstances. It literally does transcend it all. Even if you’re dying, even if you’re penniless, whatever the condition is. When you tune in, when you deeply unify consciousness with this field of Presence, then you are at least for a while free of the
conditional. I’m sure many of us, and I know many of
us would admit that if they hadn’t– if we hadn’t found this, we wouldn’t have
made it this far. Because it was too f___ing hard. Or, too disappointing or unfulfilling or whatever. So…it truly is–and it’s a beautiful
description– the saving grace. And so, I remember asking when it was very clear
to me what this was– when this became incredibly clear to me with my first main teacher, Jean Klein. We had many talks together and we spent all
kinds of time together. And I asked him once because, people had all kinds of ideas about
transmission, you know, which is really… a lot of ideas about it. And the question was something like, “If the student was open and available, could it…” and I don’t remember how I phrased it, it was
something like, “could it not be given?” And the answer is…well… it can’t not be given. It’s always here. It actually isn’t transmitted. So, transmission is actually not
really accurate. It’s always here. And when you’re open you are filled up with it. And at that moment
it can feel like you’re receiving something but actually, you’ve always been that. So that’s the real, full, kind of, truth of it. And that’s why they say that you are already what you are looking for. And even though on an intellectual level that’s not too satisfying, if you are suffering… Right? Like, “Well gee, what do you mean? [laughs] “This isn’t what I want” “I wanna be happy; I wanna be free of this.” So… but when you more and more… and I know all of you have at least tasted this, maybe just a little bit, or glimpsed it…because you wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t operating, because it brings you into this kind of environment. Because this kind of environment can be really agitating actually. Even though it’s pretty low key and neutral. You know, we’re not doing prostrations on the floor, or hours and hours of chanting and austerities. It’s on the surface pretty, like, you know, you just show up on 9th Street, and sit
around for a couple hours… seems pretty low key. But it’s like a microwave that you didn’t know was on and you’re in it. [laughter] And people…and you wouldn’t believe what I hear and see over the years. It’s incredible. And it can be really provoking of …a healing process. And so someone can come here and they just really felt good: “Oh, I felt great when I got here, but now I just want to run out the door!” Why? Because something is working, there is some energy working. And our condition is to be comfortable and feel good and resist discomfort, so we don’t know how to trust the transmission sometimes…until we do. Or, often when people work with me privately, and they leave and say, “Wow, I just cooked for days and then a major shift happened.” And I hear that all the time. Or, on retreats, same thing, that someone on a retreat doesn’t necessarily feel great at the end. They might. They might feel fabulous, they might have a
major transformation that happens too. But, they can also be in a process that could
activate that here, so it’s almost like a booster shot. So there is a kind of reality to the transmission, in that sense as
well, that it’s almost as if you’re getting amplified And when I was
with my various teachers that’s how I used being with them: was to completely
surrender into that Presence. I didn’t, I mean,
sometimes I could hear what they were saying somewhere, but that wasn’t where
my attention was. It was a hundred percent aligned in that
energetic field. I’m not saying that that’s where you’re at
or should be, I’m just saying that that’s another way to be here So it could be
at any particular stage along the way, but it’s helpful to know that–I think it is
helpful to point that out… …kind of, fill it in a little bit. I remember something that was funny, I remember when a number of us, kind of, older students would be at Jean’s–he didn’t call them “satsangs” he called them “dialogues”– and afterwards we would do sort of an assessment, you know, like, on a scale of 1 to 10, what was
the transmission that night? [laughter] “I think it was a 3.” “No, it was definitely an 8.” [laughter] And then I began… and then I remember being with Robert in Sedona–Robert
Adams– and just different people…and I began to
realize, “Wait a minute, this whole measurement thing is completely a
misunderstanding of what’s happening.” And that the variables are so infinite… that when somebody…when you have… I mean, I think because so many of us wanted to have a certain experience, a certain high, a certain intensity, whatever, that we
related to that–that meant something. And so we often measured the experience
based on that. But I began to realize that that’s actually a completely not accurate measure,
because as one goes through openings and expansions, um, how can I say, you integrate that and
so going back into that same field won’t have the same impact anymore. I don’t know if that makes sense, what I’m saying. You don’t even realize that, in a sense, you
are living in a bigger space, as a bigger space. So, people often try to go
back and repeat an experience and wonder why they are not having the same, sort of, blowout again, some big shakti blowout. And they’re looking for that and they’re
missing the point entirely, interesting enough, and don’t even realize
they’ve already…that’s already happened! There really is no teaching… it is a…I don’t know what to call it really…
it’s a… I like the word “intimacy” because it’s a
profound intimacy of …what? …giving of ourselves 100% and
receiving 100%, simultaneously. So I think I often describe it that
way as a giving and receiving a hundred percent in both directions. And then you truly understand what this teaching means and why we come together like this and why we get the support that we have here. So. [pause] I hope that was helpful. Ok. Sometimes people ask me questions, “Would you please explain… what are you talking about?” And so, if you have questions like that and you may not feel like you want to ask them here, that’s
fine but you could send us an email or write a note down and we could collect them. It helps. So, if you have anything like that, “Would you explain what you mean by this…?” You know, feel free to give those to us and I’ll…we’ll have a little pile over here. Well, it was good for me, was it good for you? [laughter] I remember when I was sitting with Robert Adams in his living room and we
were sitting together for, I don’t know, an hour or something. I didn’t have any questions, we were just groovin’ in this lovely Presence. And I remember I
just said, “Oh I’m so, so grateful to be in your presence.” And he put his hands up and he goes, “It’s my pleasure.” And I realized, “Wow, it’s mutual.” It’s a mutual connection here and so thank you for being here. Thank you for being. And thank you for your openness and your spaciousness and your, you know, beautiful sensitivity. It’s really
amazing to share the space with so many of you who are really deeply tuning in. And I feel deeply
enriched by our being together. So I’m really glad
to see you and be with you and I hope to see you soon and in the
meantime… Have fun! [laughter] And keep discovering, okay? I’ll see you next time. [simple Zen bells music] [music continues to end]


  1. Thank you Jon while listening to you there was a "separation "for want of a better word."Stephen" wandered off on some thought adventure but something saw what was happening and although "Stephen "kept trying to butt in,he couldn't.Thank you Jon
    All my Love from ?

  2. I for one wholeheartedly agree with that if this transformation hasn't happened to me, i definitely would not have made it this far, no way.. john u r a balm ❤

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