Spiritual Pro Planner – Quick Intro

Spiritual Pro Planner – Quick Intro

hi everybody i’m michelle Clinard, an
intuitive coach. I help people transform their old patterns into their successes –
into feeling good, instead of feeling stuck… and one of the
tools that I created for myself actually is the spiritual professional planner,
which is a planner, a goal-setting planner that’s not *just* for spiritual
professionals [like healers, shaman, psychics, coaches, etc] but for anyone who is interested in setting goals, getting
clarity, and aligning with the [desired] outcome… so that you can take action aligned with
the outcome and make it happen. I always felt like I was spinning my wheels until
I created this planner. I knew I needed something that could help me stay
organized and take simple, regular action aligned with what I wanted
instead of getting distracted by all the things that I don’t want – so I created
this planner and now it’s available to you! This is the second year it’s been
available and you can go buy your copy by clicking the link in the description
of this video that will take you to purchase yours. It will be custom printed
and direct shipped to you from lulu.com – you can always get a coupon code, they
always have them so go buy it – you know you want it and you absolutely deserve
something that can help you make your dreams happen and get you in your
outcomes instead of dreaming about it. Also, there are some videos if you want
to see inside first… you can check out some of the spiritual tools and actions
that are outlined and defined in this planner as well as see the calendar and
planner pages. So click the links, check it out. I’ll see you later – bye!

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