Spiritual Bypassing – Teal Swan

Spiritual Bypassing – Teal Swan

Spiritual Bypassing is the
cancer of the spiritual world. It’s a disease that has
run rampant in both religious and
non-religious circles. Spiritual Bypassing is the act
of using spiritual beliefs to avoid your un-met needs,
deep pain and unresolved wounds. Spiritual Bypassing is
a form of avoidance. Because it’s a form of avoidance,
it’s a form of resistance. Spiritual Bypassing is in fact,
the shadow side of Spirituality. The spiritual beliefs of
any spiritual tradition, be it Christian, Hindu,
Buddhist, New Age, Islamic or even Self-Help, can provide ample justification for living in a state of Inauthenticity. They can all provide justification for avoiding the unwanted aspects of one’s own feelings
and state of being in favor of what one
considers to be, a more enlightened state. Even the non-affiliated
unanimously beloved saying “Keep Calm and Carry On” is a glorification of Spiritual Bypassing. Some examples of Spiritual
Bypassing include: Anger phobia, exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, blind or overly-tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, using cognitive reasoning to
escape emotional feelings, debilitating judgment about one’s
negativity or shadow-side, devaluation of the personal
relative to the spiritual, avoidance of physical day-to-day life, delusions of having arrived
at a higher level of being, and, my personal least-favorite: over-emphasis of, and
attachment to, the positive, to the degree there is a
high level of resistance to anything negative. Every Religious Practice
and spiritual tradition propagates its fair share
of spiritual bypassing. For example: Catholic confession, which is
expected to just wash away sin and effortlessly alter someone’s
negative behavior. Buddhist premature transcendence,
which is to act as if one is above and beyond
the messiness of life’s drama, when the truth is, one is not. Christian unconditional love,
which is to espouse love that is false. To say ‘I love them’ when, in truth, one harbors prejudice
and resistance to them and onlywishesthey
could learn to love them. Meditation is also frequently
used to avoid uncomfortable feelings and
unresolved life-situations. For those in denial about their
personal feelings or wounds, meditation practice
reinforces the tendency towards detachment, disengagement
and inter-personal distance. The use of spiritual drugs
can be a tool to avoid getting one’s hands dirty in the
work of resolving emotional issues. It is easier to spend time in an
altered state of consciousness than to spend time facing one’s pain. And in the Spiritual community, no form of spiritual
bypassing has become such a widespread disease
as: ‘Positive Focus’. Here’s a prime example
of spiritual bypassing: Person A feels an extreme
amount of guilt and grief because their romantic
relationship just ended. Person B feels uncomfortable
because of those intense emotions, and so, they want to help
Person A try to avoid those painful feelings. Person B tells Person A that
she creates her own reality and that she should therefore
just quit thinking about what they’re thinking about
and “Be positive instead”. Not only does this
condemn the thoughts which are being
thought by Person A and therefore ‘shame’ them, it also requires them to do something that they are not actually
capable of doing. Jumping from a purely
negative thought to a purely positive thought is not possible in the
universe that we live in, it’s too far of a vibrational gap. The positive thoughts are not a match to the negative thoughts
you’re currently thinking, they’re outside of your vibrational range. So, expecting someone to jump from a purely negative spot
to a purely positive spot, asks them to do something that they
are not actually capable of doing. The result is: Person A feels
shamed and powerless to their own thoughts. They feel as if where
they are is not OK. There’s a big difference between
being Authentically positive and forcing positivity, in order
to try to avoid negativity. In today’s world we have
very little tolerance for working through our own pain. We’d prefer to take a pill for it. Lo and behold, spirituality has
become its own avoidance strategy. When we turn away from our
pain or from wherever we are, we are ultimately avoiding ourselves
and resisting ourselves. That guarantees that we
and that particular issue, can only continue to
pop-up in our realities. It means that issue will
continue to mirror itself by becoming obvious,
and then more obvious, and then more obvious, until you have no option to avoid it. Authenticity is the highest state
for the spiritual practitioner. In fact, in the years to come, Authenticity will become the
replacement for Enlightenment as the true goal of spiritual practice. When we use Spirituality to
whitewash over our issues and try to avoid them, we use the goal of
spiritual transcendence to try to rise above
the raw and messy, andrealside of human life, before we have fully faced
and made peace with it. This can be seen as premature
and false spiritual transcendence. It is one of the major pitfalls
or occupational hazards of walking the path of Spirituality. Spiritual Bypassing isn’t just an
annoying facet of Spirituality, it’s extremely dangerous. Why is it so dangerous? First of all, it’s dangerous
because it sets up a split within a person. The path of Spirituality is meant
to be a path of reintegration. It’s meant to bring you into
an aspect of wholeness in and of yourself. But, when you use spiritual bypassing, it creates a division
between where you are and where you think youshouldbe. It enables us to lie to ourselves
and delude ourselves and live our lives through
a projection of a false self. We cannot heal unless we are willing
to admit to where we are. Spiritual Bypassing is
like breaking your leg, but being unwilling to admit
that that just happened. It’s like putting a band-aid
over a compound fracture and then trying to continue
walking all the same. You can imagine what kind of
harm would come to somebody who did that. Now I’m about to tell you
that spiritual bypassing does the same thing
on an emotional level, that a compound fracture gone
ignored, does on a physical level. We need to take time to
face, to move through, to heal and to transcend
our emotional pain and our unresolved wounds, in order
to move forward emotionally. In the same way
that we need to face the fact that our leg is broken, reset the bone, and
allow our leg to heal, in order to move
forward physically. Spiritual Bypassing also leads to a conceptual one-sided
form of Spirituality, where one aspect of life is elevated
at the expense of the other. For example: Objective truth is valued more, it is used to invalidate subjective truth. Non-physical is valued over form … 5D is valued over 3D … Transcendence is valued
over physical embodiment. And detachment is valued over feeling. This behavior of valuing one
side of polarity over the other, gives rise to extremely
damaging experiences. For example: One might try to practice
emotional detachment from others by suppressing the
one’s need for love, but this only drives the
need underground so that it becomes
unconsciously acted-out in covert and manipulative ways instead. Also, being a good spiritual person can be an identity which compensates for a deficient identity, that is, a sense of self
that is less-than, that is not-as-good-as … A lot of times, our spiritual identity will cover over the fact
that deep-down we have immense insecurities. And because we know
how we should feel, because we know how a
spiritual Beingshouldbe, we’re not taking the time
to heal and address the fact that we have such a
sense of identity. We feel bad about ourselves. Although we may be
practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used
in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used
to bypass our real life human issues, it becomes compartmentalized. Our spiritual life and practice
remains separate and unintegrated with our day-to-day life and
our overall functioning. We feel like we have
Split-Personality Disorder. We can never truly become the
embodiment of the higher self because we are still thinking
of our lower self as our ‘lower self’ ,
as the unwanted self. Our spiritual practice cannot ever fully penetrate our life
and make us feel good if we’re using spiritual principles to avoid ourselves or to avoid pain. Are you avoiding the fact that
you feel like you are deficient and not good enough or bad, by creating a persona of a
spiritually-transcendent person? Do you use spiritual beliefs to
avoid your pain or problems? Do you feel like the
spiritual you is different than the embodied you? Do you use spirituality to justify
an insecurity within yourself? Do you use spirituality to
avoid looking at things in your Reality that you would
rather think didn’t exist? You cannot avoid your pain
and your unresolved wounds. All that will happen is it will keep coming up again,
keep coming up again until it’s so big that youmustface it. Most of us turn to spirituality
because we want to feel better. But then, all too often,
spirituality becomes the very thing we
use to avoid ourselves and to avoid looking at our issues. We use spirituality to
avoid getting better. We use spiritual practice to avoid looking at our
psychological issues. That’s why so much about
our spiritual progression hasto dowith us facing
our psychological issues. We cannot move forward
on our path of spirituality any more than we can
move forward on a map when we are unwilling to
admit to where we are. Think about that for a minute. Imagine taking out
one of your maps, pretend you’re going
on a hike somewhere and you know what destination
you wanna get to but you’re unwilling to
admit to where you are. You’re never gonna be able
to chart that distance between where you are and
where you want to be, if you are unwilling to
admit to where you are, if you’re trying to
avoid where you are. Now, I’m about to make
a bold statement: Most of us alive today struggle
with spiritual bypassing. So how do you know if you
struggle with spiritual bypassing? If you espouse ‘I create my own reality’ and then, you worry … If you espouse ‘Unconditional Love’ and then feel emotional
resistance to someone. If you espouse the idea that the
Universe is ‘Benevolent & Good’ but then distrust others
at the world at large. If you espouse ‘Love & Kindness’ and then berate yourself. If there is any kind
of split within you between the spiritual
principle and the actuality of how you feel or act, then the order of the
day is authenticity. We are not physical beings simply waking up to a
spiritual experience. We are also spiritual beings waking up to our
physical experience. The physical experience
is no more ‘degraded’ than the spiritual experience. In fact, the spiritual experience
and the physical experience arebothspiritual experiences! Life is not clean,
life is messy. Life contains both what is wanted
and what is un-wanted. You came here to sort through
the contrast of your experience, and to go in the direction
of what is wanted. You came here to transform
your unresolved wounds. Spirituality is not an excuse
to run away from physical life. The soul is not a justification to deny the human
side of ourselves. Spiritual principles are
not an excuse to avoid the unhealed aspects of your
psyche and your pain. Spiritual principles are
not meant to serve as a justification to
support your defenses. In order to not spiritually bypass, we have to be brave. We have to be brave enough
to admit to how we feel. We need to be brave enough
to admit to what we want and don’t want, what
we like and don’t like. We have to be willing to admit to
who we really are and how we really feel, even if we feel like who
we are and how we feel is not OK. If we want to avoid the pitfall
of spiritual bypassing, here are some tips: We need to express and
allow our emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthfully and with love. Let go of the fear of judgment
and suppression of emotions. We often turn to bypassing to cope
with our internal pain and suffering. Examples include
addictions to food, drugs, drinking, shopping, sex, work, focusing on others, distracting ourselves, and diverting our attention
away from ourselves. Make peace with being uncomfortable. If you are numbing yourself inside out, this energy lingers and
creates a breeding ground for other issues to arise and manifest. So get down to the
root of your problems. The journey through life is
not always a journey of bliss. Sometimes, the journey through life leaves you curled-up
on the floor, in tears, having a breakdown … This is really the ‘meat’
of transformation. I want you to think of a butterfly because our spiritual transformation
is a lot like that. When a butterfly crawls itself
into a space where it can cocoon, what will happen is
that that butterfly will dissolve within that cocoon,
into a type of ‘soup’. That ‘soup’ is nothing but
pure genetic material. The butterfly had to
break down completely in order to become a butterfly
instead of the caterpillar. It’s not like the caterpillar
simply grew wings. In order to not spiritually bypass we need to apply what
we learn to our life. Going to yoga classes or going
to seminars or workshops is a really great tool but a tool is useless
unless it’s used. So we’re the ones
who really get to take responsibility in our lives and apply the tools that we
use, on a day-to-day basis. That’s the only point at which
the abstract spiritual principles become actual, tangible,
day-to-day practice. If we are to avoid the trap
of spiritual bypassing then we have to let go of the idea
that something is wrong about us, if we are thinking negative thoughts,
feeling negative emotions, or being negative. If we think that being negative, or negative in general,
is wrong, now we have a motive
for spiritual bypassing. And if you have a motive
for spiritual bypassing, you will fall in the pit of
spiritual bypassing quite quickly. We can never resolve our issues and we can never avoid the
trap of spiritual bypassing if we continue to avoid
the way we actually feel. Healing cannot come from
a space of Inauthenticity. Have a good week. ♪ Outtro Music ♪
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«laughter» Subtitles by: David Soh, Nicole Reiter
& Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the Amara.org community


  1. This is my favorite Teal video. I haven't seen them all (yet), but just saying…. this one is brilliant! The ideas, the metaphors, the image choices are all spot on (been there, done that). Thank you Teal!!

  2. Regardless of Teal’s background, whether she’s being authentic about her past or whether she’s being dishonest, discernment is what we should be using. And honestly with discernment to her teachings, they hold real benefit to healing. Regardless of who she is as a person, we as humans of a spiritual nature should be able to trust our own inner guidance of what to follow, what will work for us and what will not. We don’t need to know anything other than what’s being presented to us in the moment and how it feels. If it feels relevant and resonant to you, use it, trust it. If it doesn’t feel good to your heart, don’t. Regardless of her past and the information presented against her, whether she’s completely honest or not, I completely resonate with her teachings and information and I stand behind using it even if it turns out she was dishonest about her past or whatever people are accusing her of. And I will not feel out of truth within myself for using this information. Sometimes it’s about the message more than the messenger. All aspects of reality contain good and bad, dark/ light. It’s never black and white everything has grey areas and this information being offered is authentic and holds value for many. If it doesn’t for you, it’s not made for you, find what resonates! Trust yourself most importantly! If this feels beneficial, it probably is. If it doesn’t, maybe it just isn’t for you. 🙂

  3. It's true – but there are answers thru spirituality to problems. This is sounding so psychological non judgment is the key and this is why people turn to spiritual perspectives to gain freedom and get away from judgment. There are judgments in some spiritual belief systems and this is where discernment is important. The emotional connection is important. These are good points but it's also important not to judge yourself if you notice you may be in these spiritual bypassing behaviors as answers can come thru while moving thru this energy. Teals info is very good and helps with clarity. Thanks 🙏

  4. When are you gonna take your own advice and stop creating a persona of a spiritually transcendent person out of space come to save humanity? When are you honestly going to look at your issues? When are you gonna stop preaching spirituality so people won't bypass? Until you do the latter, there is no honesty and authenticy in this video. We are NOT spiritual beings waking up to a physical experience. That IS THE BYPASS. Stop the LIE. Obviously you don't practise what you preach. Oh yes, that's because you just read it out of a book.


    I think I fully understand her. I mean, from my own filters. To create a solid holistic view and call it “new”, we require to shuffle around like the pieces of a domino game and expect that the arrangement that we will create out of the pieces which we will select (and she arranges a lot of words for the sake of her own dogma) will not only decide the outcome of what will happen on that table, but the outcome beyond the rules in which the game is based on. It is like expecting to create a domino effect beyond that table even when she perfectly knows the boundaries of that table. She trust too much her logical assertions and their validity, or at least, she appear to be doing so. However, in her own parallel mental reality, she doesn’t ,and she can’t tell us that because otherwise her own rational edifice would collapse like a house of cards out of Alice in Wonderland worse nightmare. Bear this in mind, I am not criticising Teal. I am holding her words hostage, both like raw material and like a lotus blossom, to criticise myself and grow.
    And I say to her and myself, be a sharper critic of yourself than of others. You will either continuously tap yourself on your shoulders or challenge yourself to grow. Often we grow not inward, but concaved (hollowed inward). We become more toxic for the joy and also misery of others when we shield other’s criticism with solidly constructed “impossible rational rebuttal” and turn such rationality into a mission statement of our lives as if light or enlightenment were all that harmless. The sun is a t a distance from us for a “reason”, the moon too and the earth too.
    When Teal stated and I quote: 
    “When you are in an attitude of criticism there is not absolutely care or regard for the person who is on the receiving end of the information.” 
    Teal is assuming that criticism is just an “attitude” and not also a cognitive method or style of approach. In fact, critical theory and literary criticism have been part of the history of art without any of the “attitude” Teal referred to. When it comes to epistemology, for instance, criticism has nothing to do with disregarding or the caring of the person. The psychological aspect is simply not accounted for because it would be considered as an ad hominem allegation that focuses in the character of a person rather than on ideas.
    Teal has psychologised criticism in a very arbitrary way. The history of criticism is not only a psychological one, but also a cognitive one. Criticism has served the development of knowledge as a heuristic method regardless of whether it has been “constructive” criticism or “destructive” criticism. Hence, the cognitive aspect of Teal view on criticism is lacking. The same would apply to her understanding of judgement. Judgement is not only a psychological term, but also an epistemological one. When we judge we not only pass an opinion of value referring to a person, but we also pass a viewpoint of value referring to ideas.
    In another of her videos she stated and I quote:  
    “When we come into this world people don’t look at us as if we are a lotus blossom like it is their jobs to help us unfold so that they can see the mystery and the magic and the present in the gift of what we are. Instead they look at us like we are raw material that needs to be moulded. Almost like we do not have an inner essence and we know what is best for that person to become so let’s shape them into that.” 
    The lotus flower, like any flower, is exposed to the natural elements, in this case, sunlight, wind, insects and birds. To assume that the blossoming of the lotus flower is a completely unhindered process is to have a bucolic naive view on nature. Even many flowers phenotype change to blossom at different seasons to avoid birds predation of their seeds. Ants create partnership with plants and their flowers to use them as raw material to mould them in exchange of protection. In this process, the “inner essence” of the flowers or of the ants is not lost.
    But let’s ask first, how Teal Swan has shaped her ideas and viewpoints throughout her life? Second, how she has shaped the world around her with such ideas. Surely, Teal’s viewpoints have come to her as part of the process of being moulded as a raw material in her past and in her current life. However, we should ask, if Teal is promoting to let things and people blossom in their true essence, how come she has been moulding as raw material not only the ideas she has inherited from her past, but the ideas she continuously feeds on around her? Shouldn’t she let all ideas around her blossom, instead of taking them as raw material to mould them to her own beliefs? Shouldn’t she let ideas, which come to her head, blossom naturally without taking them as raw material to mould?
    Teal might fail to understand that she, the forerunner, trying to dodge the bullet of polarities, right when she is thinking she is doing so, she is accelerating her own homemade polarities by assuming that flowers blossoming and human socialization are distinct processes marked by the presence of the natural in the first one and the artificial in the second one. I don’t even dare to say that I have criticised her views, but rest assure, hers are full of inconsistencies about which she lacks complete self-awareness.

  6. I'm seeing that the main obstacle to me fully meeting my human needs for love, community, and fulfillment is negative thinking. In this way I'm become aware of negativity and limiting beliefs, and creating strategies for meeting my goals incrementally.

  7. Damn Woman! I had to stop the video to comment! I have been reading Krishnamurti, Dostoevsky, Et al since I was a teenager, I have been studying life in one way or another as far back as I can remember, so I know brilliance when I see it. Coming across ideas I have never heard before is like the holy grail for me! You have a brilliant mind, profound insight and integrity. I can't believe today is the first I have heard of you. You blew my mind, THANK YOU!!!

  8. Okay here's something pretty Authentic, 🙂 Honestly, every time I watch one of your Videos I can't help thinking about how much I want to have wild uncontrollable Sex with you!! 🙂 I have never Loved a Woman because of her MIND until I saw your Videos, now I am crazy about you!! I want to know everything about you. You are the essence of my Dream Girl!! I WANT YOU!! <3 <3 <3

  9. very interesting topic. i am a meditation teacher, what Teal explained here, really warn me of telling ppl overly meditate. I really agree that not avoid our pain. My understand, only when we fully feel the pain, then we can fully feel the happiness as well. After crying about 2 years, i start to have days that i woke with smile this year.

  10. If spiritual bypassing is the shadow side of spirituality, what is the light side of spirituality, going through hell to get to heaven?

  11. This was a very nice one. I have been trying very hard to allow myself to be sad and be angry. It’s refreshing after a while.

  12. You are very wise and enlightened. You're a blessing. I appreciate you. Thank you. 🕉️💕🕊️🌞

  13. I can’t stand Spiritual Bypassers I hate those who think it’s okay to be a narcissistic bitch then tell the person they hurt to stay positive.

  14. In Teal's video titled, "A tutorial for life", she mentions the law of mirroring. She explains, that you can manifest anything you like. As within so without.

    How do I reconcile that information with what I am hearing here? I don't want to mirror my problems by focusing within on terrible things so it also goes without. Whats the purpose of doing this? In the spiritual realm, doesn't focusing on something create more of it?

  15. I had some one who threatened me return to our community house….as I shared the leader of a group on graditude said that's not what i'm here for yet it's her habit ti lay her next step and over take the group….I don't knoe how to be with all this….which I already knew and felt…I do it unto others myself . Kay La

  16. I’m a bit lost and could use some help..
    1. Is spiritual bypass something we do to ourselves or others?
    2. Is it spiritual bypass to give advice about something you do not feel but think to be the right way?
    3. How can you express your spiritual feelings about a topic and not just have someone throw the term spiritual bypass in your face as a reason to discredit your argument?
    Thanks to anyone who is willing to help answer these and any other comments about spiritual bypass welcomed.

  17. I didn't come here to ride the merry-go-round, I prefer the roller coaster 🙂 (which movie is that from?) 😉 If every day was sunshine, we would learn nothing, we would never grow, never become. Pain is transformative, and great pain transforms greatly… But, please, don't hurt yourself! If you desire transformation, pain will come to you. YOU just have to be willing to walk through it.

  18. Thank you for your authentic clarity.. I can see you really give yourself to target audience. Im extremely grateful to you for helping to finally clarify my resistence to law of attraction. I hope to use my suffering to be expert like you are doing. I cant stand teachers gurus rather learn hard way…as you know thats probably not what i want😊

  19. If you were to simply choose to be cheerful . Would that be a form of S – bypassing? Wouldn’t you over time require brain to be more cheerful. Wouldn’t the old networks die off?
    Working through everything could be inefficient. Am I wrong?
    It’s seems more often then not we don’t learn from but just wallow in our problems. We endlessly go over causes and effects until we can recite them like we’re teaching a class on it .

    Isn’t letting go the very thing we need to do?

  20. NOT saying this doesn't happen all the time in Christianity, but FYI in Christianity, love is not a feeling, it's action. It's how you treat someone. Patience, kindness, forgiveness (still practicing discernment and rebuking evil), forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. It means not harboring illwill. It's is wishing the for them even if they've harmed you. Even if they haven't said sorry. Even if they intend to harm you again.

  21. There's a problem called ruminating. I bet a lot of people who are spiritually bypassing have made the mistake of ruminating in the past or at least trying to avoid that having watched others suffer in that particular way. Learning emotional intelligence is not easy. I also think it's key to healthy authenticity which I would consider a way more realistic and humble goal that this enlightened. I'm going through a phase of acceptance about proactively sadistic people right now and I'm just cocooned the ef up.

  22. I'm going to look and see if you discuss radical acceptance. I really don't love that name but I'd love to hear your discussion of that idea. You often warm of dangers. Love that. Wondering if you sense any dangers there. What are your thoughts on guided meditations from the interwebs?

  23. You are beautiful and gorgeous woman Teal. Your voice. Is music. Very astute reasoning and thoughts. Well done. You talk what you know. So young but learning fast. Anyways you really turn me on in the body and mind. 🕊🌹👍

  24. I call it spiritual exaggeration or spiritual lying instead of bypassing. I still rather deal with all of that instead of people who are completely focused on spiritual poisoning people.

  25. First time I watched this video I felt like it was being a little rough on the people that want to get out of their own darkness. People who are focused on law of attraction energy. Like I want to think positive and keep my energy and feelings as cheerful as possible for my own happiness and to share a happy me with the world. I do process the crappy feelings that come my way the best I can but that’s not where I want to stay or be. I want to be a light warrior. I want to cheer people up. Let’s not get too confused about how people feel it or do it.

  26. Just got back after good few years to watch this one again. I'm not some big fan of yours but I really think it's one of d top 10 if not 5 videos I've ever watched on YT. Stay sharp!

  27. Hi Teal. I appreciate this video. This is the first video of yours that I've seen and I wanted to ask why your spirit science cartoon version of yourself at the beginning of the video is a Brown person??

  28. Im pleasantly surprised. Here in san diego, the ultra spiritual community is rampant and ironically judgemental of those not a part of the cult of positivity. Im impressed you honestly addressed it. Thank you.

  29. This is so on spot Teal!!I cant even thank you enough for your eye opening speach!Someone had to tell this as it really is!Sometimes I cant even talk to my "spiritual"friends about reall life emotions cos they just block me and dont want to hear the truth..finally someone told the truth!😇Much love💞namaste

  30. Don't deny any part of existence. Face the darkness. Observe it, learn from it.

    “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”  – Pema Chodron. 

    If there is a negative habit, addiction, or problem that keeps repeatedly showing up in your life, know that it holds a deep message for you. Be brave and look into the darkness of that struggle.

  31. You have said some very wise things here. I've intuitively come to these same conclusions but I've never heard anyone lay in out so clearly and concisely as you have. Love you videos

  32. In some videos you recommend following your happiness tho. In others you said if you can not feel good in all of your body concentrate to where you can and spread that to the rest of your body. I'm guessing it's more of a balance and patience kinda thing where you manage your expectations to avoid being tyrannised by them which would defeat the point of trying to change your emotions. But if you can genuinely feel better and more resillient even if you implanted that within yourself why would'nt you? Or is the point of allowing negavity to have your emotions flow more smoothly which allows you to live in the moment more. How do you think balance is found with this?

  33. "We've been chasing our demons down an empty road, we've been fighting our demons just to stay afloat, we've been watching our castle turning into dust, we escaping our shadows just to end up here, been running forever just to end up here ; now we know, this is not the world we had in mind" – Alan Walker


  35. Love this video, Teal explores thinking beyond positivity, but I go further with this into the concept of going beyond opposites, and how thinking positive should be shifted to thinking centred, and therefore, allowing people to naturally come to terms with getting to know themselves when they realise there is no opposition to them getting to reconcile with themselves. https://youtu.be/Pf4oi_kw0q8

  36. Spirituality should not be used in the place of seeing a therapist. Your issues, upbringing, parental influence will all continue to play a role in your present life until you look at your childhood programming. Spirituality is used as a band aid for an open wound and it doesn't work. It took me me years to see this truth and realise until I faced the truth of who I was, I couldn't move forward. I had to go back in order to move forward. Don't be fooled by spirituality. Teal, thank you. Very clear video and message.

  37. I asked a question (don't recall now) and this lovely lady showed up. This is my 3rd time listening to her. She imparts so much information that it may take me a few times per video to hear it all. I see that as a good thing, but most importantly I now feel at somewhat peace. My husband died unexpectedly 2015 and I was completely shattered, lost, in survival mode for the past few years. There was only 1 person who stood by me as I crashed and dived on many levels before getting to this stage of a somewhat stable semblance of a human being. I have a long way to go yet but this definitely has helped as I hear the truth that integration is the way to healing. Sincerely hope this makes sense as it is a deep and wide venture (for lack of better verbiage)

  38. I used to be one of the "stay positive no matter what" people..then I finally realized that negativity is just as much a part of life as positivity. One can't exist without the other..embrace both

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