Speaking to Sam | Afterlight Spirit Box Session | Real Paranormal Activity Part 71

Speaking to Sam | Afterlight Spirit Box Session | Real Paranormal Activity Part 71

hey guys today I’m gonna be doing a very quick after light box session as you know over the last month or so House has been very noisy specifically around the stairs in the spare room area in here and I generally do all my communicating here would like the after light box session of really LED speaker my theory is that the making that a tree journey to come in and do this exact thing so for the last week I’ve been playing around with the a skybox session seeing if I can encourage whatever spirits been making so much noise to come in and communicate with me so far I’ve not been very successful so what I did is today right before this sessions that I did a little bit of meditation nothing big nothing like the big meditation sessions I’ve done in the past just a small day just to open my mind up and encourage whatever spirits are present to come forward and communicate so hopefully that’s going to make a difference if not then I guess we’ll just try again tomorrow so like perform could be using the radio I like the randomness of using a Sweetland radio versus sound banks and I do want to play around with the sound banks a little bit more in the future but for now I’m just gonna stick to the radio is tried and tested and it’s a it’s served me quite well in the past so let’s get to it hello there anybody there is there anybody around I would like to speak to me just like to let you know I come in peace oh I I come with with love and light and I do encourage you to speak to me if you have any messages I do mean you no harm there is a spirit present can you can you make your presence known can you make a noise or something I had something I thought I heard you just now can you come forward and can you manipulate this device I’ve got a service spirit box running and it’s got cycling radio waves you can actually manipulate that to say what you want to say do you want to give that girl can you manipulate the signals going into the speaker is that easier can you do that okay well my name is Michael can you tell me your name I’m fantastic I definitely heard my name then can you tell can you tell me what your name is can you tell me your name [Music] so Sam some of you the spirit that’s been making so much noise in the house over the last couple of days is he you I heard on the stairs last night honestly if it walls you can hear can you say something I’m all right and understanding that you want to come in here to communicate is that right I was brilliant well I’m here now with you if you if you still want to communicate I’m more than happy to hear what is you’ve got to say you have any messages you want to pass on you maybe need help with something [Music] so anything you need me to do look into it what do you want me to look into some what do you want me to look into dead you do want me look into how you died see me dead you tell me a little bit more about yourself anything that would help me research you a little bit further maybe help you find out who you are who you were anything at all any details where you’re from your age surname anything like that is that Delhi yeah is that Denver you say you’re from Denver we born there is that where you were when you passed away Sam would it and would it be possible for you to show yourself let me do that I promise not to be startled or to scream or anything like that if you do possible can you can you choose when to show yourself I call a type of apparition on camera a couple weeks ago there’s an almost mixed like form was that you exactly yeah it will serve I get a smoky sort of apparition was that was that you because is that how you appear to to these sorts of cameras I move across can you can you show yourself on camera here okay so I’m not going to close this session now and thank you so much for participating leave me a message is I really do appreciate it I know I might not have responded to everything but I have recorded this session so anything I missed I’ll be able to hear that when I review the footage hope the session was useful to you I hope knowing that I can actually hear your voice and that you can be heard gives you some kind of closure and peace of mind if you have any further messages I will be doing another session soon so you will have another chance to speak to me so don’t worry you don’t have to make words and always get my attention I will be back to speak again so thank you again from from the bottom of my heart really do appreciate


  1. Wow the only ghost I know are the bad ones and it seems like if u do get bad ones and u don't react to them trying to scare you they wont bother!!!

  2. Ok, so, how does that resonate with the fact that I was able control the FM frequencies with my hand within two feet from the radio?

  3. There is more sai than you hear. From 7:26 onwards.
    – hear- than you talk. Than – listen- – he’s from- – Denver- -40- -21-

    As I said below. 4021 Kingstreet Denver 80211 is an adress.

  4. OMG THERE IS AN ARTICLE ON A SAM FROM DENVER WHO WAS FPUND DEAD IN HIS FORD EXPLORER ON MAY 2 https://denver-cbslocal-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/denver.cbslocal.com/2017/05/02/jefferson-county-murder-stewart/amp/?usqp=mq331AQECAFYAQ%3D%3D&amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fdenver.cbslocal.com%2F2017%2F05%2F02%2Fjefferson-county-murder-stewart%2F

  5. I think there is many of them and they are asking you thinks… I understood something like , There is somebody else there with you? but very difficult, to understand… 2:22 min

  6. Instead Typical … it sounds as "the Devil", be careful Michael, I really like to see you interact with those things praying to GOD, I have a very bad feeling , be careful.

  7. i just watched ur video and i find them interesting. it said in one of them " cido" have you looked into the meaning of the word? you will see the meaning of cido from the latin language, relate to a person who kills or a thing that can kill. let me know what u think.

  8. Ok just so you know from my experiences many times ; the more u talk to mess with these lower entities, . .. the more u will attract the attention of a HIGHER one.. . . who will try to stop u and make your life hell . .. . call them Demons or whatever u want. . .

  9. Michael may I suggest obtaining a piano or something with piano keys/notes. I heard piano keys a few times during this session. Before T.V, video games and internet the majority of entertainment was simply music. Classical music. Also Denver could be a last name

  10. I live in an area where the paranormal is very high, the natives around the area strongly disapprove of you entering the forests here at night. I’ve met quite a few shamans and a woman who’s been practicing magic her entire life. Love your videos though, my fiancé and I have experienced things like this as well.

    1. I’m 100% on board with you not using a ouija board aha that’ll seriously mess up your life.
    2. I highly suggest lighting a stick of sage and take a walk around your house with positive energy before you head to bed..it should help keep them at bay.. just try not to use it as banishment because some spirits genuinely need a place to stay.
    3. Totally consider someone should clean your home of bad before you have children, those poor things legit see all ahaha my husband remembers seeing things as a kid, things he has repeatedly seen in his nightmares since.
    4. I 100% believe you know what you’re doing, just remember once you keep communicating the door is a lot harder to close once open.
    5. I think Sam was asking you to look into it because he’s restless, maybe a shaman who could help move him on.

    Beautiful videos man, very much appreciate what you do 🙂 !

  11. You're not speaking to dead people. They are demons called familiar spirits. They have been here before man. So they can tell you things but they cam also lie.

  12. Hey mike. Hope this finds you happy and healthy. Have a great day. God bless and peace from Va. ✌🏻👻

  13. I personally like the k2 meter yes no questions with Kinect is better. I feel what he's doing here isn't as informative as k2. However I'm curious what is he using on his computer to communicate? Is it an app

  14. You think you can invite demons or spirits out of no where from meditation or ouija board?? 🤔 im curious because if your saroundings are not haunted can you make them haunted??? 🤔🤔🤔

  15. Problem I have believing this app is that no matter where in the world you are ..England .. South Africa the accent coming out of the Afterlife Box is an American accent. One would think the spirits surrounding you laptop are late British spirits likewise here in South Africa the spirits sound exactly the same as what I hear coming from your app? I therefore think this app is bullshit.

  16. Haha.. this is hilarious. Who knew! You can talk to dead people with a radio? 🙂

    Seriously dude… stop exploiting stupid people.

  17. Seems like he doesn't listen to their answers… He asks if they can show themselves, and spirit says HARD… Then the guy says can you show yourself…

  18. Esto no es fake… Yo lo sigo desde que empeso con esto ase mas de 7 años y el problema no son las casas el.tiene algoq lo.persigue adónde el se mude

  19. Jinn fool people, they can manifest Into anyone they think you'll believe is some poor restless soul who didn't get to ' heaven for some reason, missed the plane? Or angels, Anyway, people die no one knows what happens to their souls, I believe its down to the individuals state of mind / circumstances of death, religious or non religious beliefs etc, but I'm confident they don't hang around to scare the shit out of ppl in their homes! Only dark forces do that, usually that the person they follow has in some way summoned them 👀

  20. At 8:02, you missed it, one of the ghosts said born in "Michigan". From Denver, but Michigan was what was obvious when you said "Were you born there?"

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