Scientology Network | Season 3 TV Preview: Positive, Uplifting & Spiritual TV Shows

Scientology Network | Season 3 TV Preview: Positive, Uplifting & Spiritual TV Shows

-Scientology is coming to TV… MAN: How much money do you get for drugging kids? Treatment. Drugging people is not treatment! NEWS ANCHOR: …on Scientology TV… NAVARRA: It’s powerful, it’s passionate, energetic. I think I might have spotted a real leprechaun! Let’s go and check it out. -Excuse me.
-Hello. -Are you a real leprechaun?
-I am indeed. I come here to put that magic touch in everybody’s life and change them for the better. ANGELITA: I’ve been to a lot of cities and a lot of places, and I’ve traveled a lot, there’s nothing like this place. YOSHIKAWA: What my hope is
that other people would get from my art is that it puts them in touch with some aspect of themselves that elevates them. MERCEDES: Bringing beauty to the people, one tile at a time, well, thousands of square feet at a time. People are like, “You guys are crazy!” “Yeah, but we get the job done.” I own an award-winning audio post company. I’m a singer-songwriter from the island of Dominica. We own the biggest potato farm in our region. And we are Scientologists. OLE: We have a big freedom. And we can only maintain this freedom if we educate the children. SIMONE: For the first time in history, we have more and more students spreading the message of human rights. DIANA: Our purpose has been to
create an army of soldiers to do something and change conditions. When you have the drive to go and look into the future you will have a better world. L. RON HUBBARD: Help is evidently so deeply ingrained in every being. This is so fundamental that the reason life is life and people are together and grass grows and trees grow and apparently the rain falls and everything else, is because it helps somebody. WOMAN: When L. Ron Hubbard was here, he was very involved with the community and we want to continue that tradition. CHICK: One more time.


  1. We need churches more than ever so please look for you local Org, get in comm and join staff, I promise it will be an incredible experience because you will be surrounded by family.

  2. Сколько работы для улучшения жизни человека.

  3. Best network, period! You can tune in anytime, anywhere, using any device and get content that's truthful, useful and beautiful. The difference is clear: unlike other media, the Scientology network is here to help. <3

  4. I am so happy to belong to this great and ingenious movement, we are changing the world to what it is wanted and needed!

  5. I have read that the people of Israel and the people of occupied Palestine started a way to happiness distribution project. Has the scientology network covered or will cover this movement?

  6. Cant waittttt! Yall better come through with the new season!! :)) cant wait. Love lRH literature and I adore Scientology tv!!

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