Science & Mysticism Of Siddha Herbs

Science & Mysticism Of Siddha Herbs

Mysticism behind Ayurvedic and Siddha Herbs.
It is a very interesting topic which is going to revolutionize medicine in the 21st Century.
Let me see where I can start. A few months ago, Saint Agastya gave me say about 200 herbs
through a special scripture called Nadi Leaves, and then asked me to do research on it. And
[he] said that it would be useful for mysticism as well as for modern science. I didn’t
understand anything at that point, but then as I began to meditate on these herbs in a
way that Agastya told me that I should do, and I came upon great revelations that are
very useful for scientists and mystics as well.
Now, recently as early as yesterday, which was the 17th of May, I was Google searching
and then I came upon what is called the Vinca Alkaloids. The Vinca Alkaloids are used in
cancer treatment. And also I found that it came from an Indian plant, called Nithya Kalyani.
Nithya Kalyani means
ever auspicious, or eternally auspicious. That’s one meaning and often a Goddess is
named after that name, Nithya Kalyani which means she’s a bride, and wedding, and her
wedding takes place every day. These are the various meanings possible for Nithya Kalyani.
And tons, several tons of Nithya Kalyani leaves are exported to the United States according
to the search every now and then. And then when they come back to India, after purification,
the Indian scientists are upset that they don’t know the technology to purify the
Alkaloid. Otherwise, they would get the medicine cheaper.
I am not interested in the commercial aspect per se, but what I am interested is Nithya
Kalyani, and the uses that Agastya is talking about. And he says that the medicinal aspect
of Nithya Kalyani is not that important, although it is very powerful cancer drug that is used
in chemotherapy. And then it has helped a lot of people otherwise they would have been
dead. But Agastya says that is not the big deal.
So the big deal is to find the Goddess who is behind it. And this is getting very interesting
and also controversial at the same time. There is a Goddess behind every herb, whether it
is an Ayurvedic herb or a Siddha herb. Or I would extend it to any herb in general.
Unless you have the complete blessings of the Goddess or the God or an Angel which is
behind this herb, the herb will speak and you won’t be able to understand the secret
of the herb. And also its, the full benefits that it can give to you, including the medical
benefit. So the Goddess is very important, Number One. Number Two, what is important
is the radiation that comes from the herb, itself, particularly from the roots and flowers.
The leaves are also sometimes included. That depends upon the herb. He says these radiations
that come from the plant itself are curative. It’s very important. And it can go and start
the healing process. So modern science won’t be able to understand
these two aspects: One, The Goddess, ‘Oh My God, this is leading us to superstition.’
And Two, the radiation somehow can be studied, but nobody has attempted to study that in
a serious way. But for Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicines, these are very important concepts.
But unfortunately nobody cares for it because it is not possible to get in touch with the
Goddess, Number One. Number Two, you know, if you are going to look at the radiations
and stuff like that, you are not going anywhere. Because you just simply want to manufacture
this herb and then sell it for say 10 rupees or 20 rupees in India. It’s unfortunate
even more that the educational institutions don’t even care. They don’t even care
[about] the need to identify the molecule using Western technology as much.
So we, at least when you find the molecule, you will be able, you know, to go to the core
essence of the herb. So that is not even being pursued in a serious way. And that’s a problem.
But for me the most important thing is to know, as Agastya says that even the molecules
won’t be found if you don’t have the grace of the Goddess. The Goddess has to reveal
to you because there is a lot of protection, security around the secret behind the herb.
And they have to systematically be discovered. Then, only will you be able to discover the
molecule. You need that blessing. And that is an even a more complicated idea.
At least for people living in the 21st Century, there is a reason why Agastya gave these 20
some herbs and gave the Goddesses. And I just wanted to go public with it because I am 100%
certain that Agastya gave this to me for a reason. And my rational mind can’t fathom
it, so I don’t want to go into that arena. But I know that it is working because it is
through this Nithya Kalyani herb that I am in possession of that root and then meditating
on that root. Because of that, was I able to go, although it looked like an accident,
to know about the Vinca Alkaloids, and then how this Alkaloid is useful for the chemotherapy.
So it’s very interesting. And I just thought that I will go public with this so that people
will know in the future that this is a very important discovery. God Bless.


  1. Yes! I keep a pic of Agastya and he keeps coming up when I do my Ganesha Consciousness daily practice! So, this has more meaning than I thought! Love it! Thank you, Baba!

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