Sci-Fi Short Film “How To Be Human” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

Sci-Fi Short Film “How To Be Human” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

[WIND BLOWING] [DRONE FLYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Look what I found. I told you not to eat like that. Fuel, not food. Better. We have to get going. [MUSIC PLAYING] You stand a better
chance without me. We’re doing this together. Do you trust this cleaner? We don’t really have a choice. I thought you lot
were supposed to have the answer to everything. I’m a offline remember? Don’t smile. It’s human. Better. I’ve told you, you can’t
afford to be tired or hurting. Is there a way of teaching me
these things without hurting me? It’s not personal. I’ve shown you how to shut
down your mental and physical impulses. Cosmetics alone
won’t get you in. Soften your expression. Better. We’re not all built
anatomically perfect, like you. [LAUGHING] [GIRL SCREAMING] [WOMAN TALKING WITH CHILD] Should we give them some food? Come. Adelphe, what are you doing? Spots! Spotty. Get in. What are you doing? Get in! Hey! What are they doing? Hey! Get out of our car! Let’s go! What are they doing? Get of our car, will you? What are you doing? Get in! Get in! [ENGINE STARTING] Drive! [SCREAMING] No! [WHEELS SCREECHING] No! That’s ours! [CRYING] I can’t believe it! Are you OK? Your face is betraying
your thoughts. We took their home. This is not a home,
it’s a vehicle. They can make another shelter. I know you feel emotion. Feeling and showing
is not the same. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WIND BLOWING] I thought this
place was supposed to be overflowing with people. Some died, some returned. Only some get in. [KNOCKING] Can you still help my sister? You’re going to
need a lot of work. [POTS CLANGING] Jonah, can you stir that for me? Where did you learn all this? Even when you are through,
any sign of emotion will brand you a radical. You’re there on their terms. Once denied, they
will never let you in. What else do I need to know? You do not need
to know anything. Knowledge is not necessary. Well, humanity is not necessary. Humanity is back there,
killing themselves. That is why you must take
the girl, as promised. When we have our status,
we will come back for her. I’m trusting you. We’ll be back for her. This is going to be cold. [MUSIC PLAYING] [HUMMING] [FACTORIES HUMMING] Forward. Forward. [MACHINE BUZZING] Go through. Can I wait? Go through. Forward. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MACHINE BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CITY RUMBLING] We’ll be back for her. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. It's been up for three minutes and there are already a bunch of comments. The video is 13 minutes long. This is why the comments on YouTube (and social media in general) are absolute cancer. Low-functioning semi-literate narcissists just can't wait to poop out their little rabbit turd on the carpet of discourse to make sure actual discussion is lost in the sea of mouth-breathing Dunning-Kruger idiocy.

  2. "Where did you learn all this?"
    What, how to clean up?
    Wow, Sad world! But what kind of a world did they go into without emotion? They won't, "be back for her"!

  3. Do some politicians have to take a course like this? How to be human? I think Elon Musk is a contender that needs to go. That accent is not South African mixed with Canadian. He's an alien. Or a robot.

  4. Me gusto mucho el corto, la actuacion de las dos muchachas fueron esplendidas, me gusto más la de la chica que casi que sonrie al final.

  5. Very well done.
    The story line was great. The actors were all very good.
    The story was awesome and you really nailed it.
    Thanks for such a thought provoking social statement.

  6. My only quibble is to do with set dressing. If the seas boiled away, would plants like that replace them? The seabed would also be much deeper than shown.

  7. Felt it ended a bit too soon. I thought the ending would have been the “superior” sister telling the “human” sister that they actually weren’t going to go back for the girl

  8. This was amazing. Shades of it reminded me of the Hunger Games and Divergent. All parties involved were great actors especially the sisters and the cinematography was on point. I loved this.

  9. So, the patriarchy has been destroyed, and never forget all men are baaaaad, all of them, and families are worse… Dust, pushing a political agenda does not science fiction make…

  10. People fret nowadays at the fear or AI becoming self aware and taking over and here we a a contrasting film where we have intelligence been stripped down to an emotionless zombie… a very strange take on the future and a thought provoking concept.

  11. thats exactly how i feel most of us are being treated . working endless hrs for money while just making ends meet while certain others have a good wealthy life . lots of people lose their homes due to the fact they cant keep up with the payments or rent . the way i see it is we're nothing more than slavess being used .

  12. It didn't look like there was much "sacrificing what makes you human" when an actual human fucking steals a human family's home.

    Point of movie, voided.

  13. Whatever situation the human race finds itself in, there will always be the arselickers with the tattoo gun and the nasty 'I'm in charge here' look. Loathsome little shits. I think I'd rather try my luck outside that Cold City; yes steal an old Astra and drive North. There's too much unexplained stuff behind the curtain to make me want to watch any more.

  14. Soo…, either you live in post-apocalyptic Britain where humans have torn themselves apart with emotions, or in post-apocalyptic Europe where humans have suppressed themselves with emotionlessness?

  15. Hmmm, a lying, stealing, betraying robot tries to teach her sister that its okay to emulate humanity as long as you don't "show" it. That will get you in with other AI of like mind. Yeeaahh, a city full of dog eat dog selfish AI is the only place that's "working".

  16. Meh do it better. In all honesty seems a lot like propoganda and political messaging. Couldn't care less for the movie for it. Dislike.

  17. I liked it! It left me with more questions then answers, wish I had someone to discuss it with. It probably would make a great date movie. I'm longing for the back story … besides what happens next. Congrats to all involved, including Dust for hosting it. Hope this one sees future development.

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