Scary Donkey Lady Real? │ Paranormal Urban Legends Video! (DE Ep. 57)

Scary Donkey Lady Real? │ Paranormal Urban Legends Video! (DE Ep. 57)


  1. I heard some trotting in the distance one time that scared the hell out of me that I thought was her. It was actually a horse in the distance…

  2. fake but doing all that for ship I bet u feel stupid every video you make if you got all that equipment how much you spend on that dummies. I always know how to bring out ghost and I always hear and seem them without all that dam equipment. If your to scared you all will just die, so stop and go home!

  3. Show video proof photos OK then I will believe your team and if you didn't LIE and did through TRUTH you would have more than enough proof. Hey! I'm just trying to get you more views isn't that what you want??? DUH!!!

  4. the knocking he heared,i have heard bullshit…and if u do walk far enough on the trail,you will find the burned down house.all is left is a chimney what looks like to have been burned..

  5. the knocking he heared,i have heard bullshit…and if u do walk far enough on the trail,you will find the burned down house.all is left is a chimney what looks like to have been burned..

  6. the knocking he heared,i have heard bullshit…and if u do walk far enough on the trail,you will find the burned down house.all is left is a chimney what looks like to have been burned..

  7. I went there around 2:00 am with my friends and we heard somthing in the trees and it feelt like someone was waching us

  8. one they got it wrong. She was a lady who was reported to have been rpped by the devil and had a baby who wa half donkey and half human boy. 2, in order to see her you are supposed to say "DONKEY LADY DONT COME ON BRIDGES." supposed to do say it 8 times and it is said she is to chase you and ask u to hold her baby.

  9. Bro no kidding, that static transition between clips scared the bejesus out of me!! Love the videos btw!! Glad to see there are passionate people like you guys who put a good face to what I love doing!

  10. Awesome, I recently found out about the donkey lady a year ago and was reading about the legend last night and found this video. Crazy legend cant wait to visit one of these days. Keep up the cool videos guys

  11. If you continue down the dirt trail. after the road. you'll find her house and its literally sunk into the ground. if there wasn't a fence you could step into the roof.

  12. Your are doing it wrong it goes "donkey lady donkey lady where are you?" she'll respond  "here I am how do you… Do!"

  13. If you want ghosts to appear to you, you must offer yourself to the demonic powers. If you have ever done a satanic ritual or demon summoning or something else to open the gate between the lower world and this then ghosts should appear to you if you dont have anyone who hasnt offered himself to demons near you

  14. I live in San antonio and I would walk along that place all the time with my friends even though it's kind of far from the city. and we would go during the day time because we surely didn't want our asses dragged away by a donkey lady lmao

  15. the ghost was behind him at 1:28 and on if u look at the light in the back some thing jumps on the bridge and runs lol

  16. this is crazy bc my house is 6 blocks away from this and 1 block away from the railroad tracks and generations of my families have came here and seen her and we did the tracks and thats real there all real , trust me ik im so close to all of this

  17. No the donkey Lady is not real. I live here and I know. We used to talk about it soemtimes, The bridge where she supposedly lived is now bypassed by a new road and the only way to the bridge is to walk off road down to the old water crossing. Its all old ledgend made by parents to scare the kids from going down there. It used to be an good place out of town to party by the water, dirty water I might add,

  18. No, No, they tell it all wrong… There is no Donkey Lady Bridge they move there because the cops use to arrest people for trespassing at the Chinese Grave Yard where the story all started this was years ago when I was a kid I was 14 I am 75 years old now… The Donkey Ladies house was not to far from the Grave yard. She is said to apear at the Chinese Grave Yard On Zarzamora Road about 2 miles passed 410 to the right of the road is the old grave yard I remember when I was a kid and use to go there with friends on the weekends to go party out lots of people would hang out there. Thats what it mostly was a Fab. A place to go hang out and take your dates to make out. But the story goes way back when before me I am old as dirt and the I can remember the story going way back maybe to the 40's maybe 30's Not sure but it goes back a long ways. Mostly on the weekends we go there since there was no phones no PS4s and people buy beer and park there and look for the Donkey Lady

  19. I was born in California raised in Connecticut and then came here to San Antonio out of the 10 years living here my boyfriend of two years barley told me about the donkey lady bridge I guess if he never would have told me I would still continue in San Antonio not knowing about this story that he just told me about this legend sounds more creepy then the legend in Meriden Connecticut at the Hanover park which is there a hill there two side one takes you to the castle and the other to a dead end sometimes a black dog appears by the dead end legend is the first time you see it your life is nothing but happiness and good luck second time nothing but bad luck and a misabrle life and the 3rd time you see that black dog you die in the spot you saw him but this legend better then the dog legend

  20. Been all around there in the woods under the bridge back the abandoned road. There’s some creepy graffiti that looks like a donkey sort of. But no donkey lady

  21. I come to this river to fish all the time and one night we stayed out late aboout 2 miles down one of the trails at the last fishing destination ,it was about 9pm and was pitch black out so 3 of us began walking to my car that was parked right in front of the bridge and as we approached i noticed my inside car light was on and my doors were unlocked,after i was sure to have locked them and it was daylight out when we arived so there was no need for me to have my inside light on Nothing was stolen and i had money in my councel ,so it was obviousely not someone breaking in my car . 2nd expirence was when we went fishing again same spot came walking out about 8 or 9 in winter so it was dark out ,came in a different car this this time , well getting back to the car the doors were all unlocked once again .very eearie at night .

  22. I live in San Antonio and I once lived in a neighborhood called silver oaks and I was with my friends on an abandoned trail that lead to a house near that neighbor hood and this creepy ass black thing that look deformed chased us luckily we were on bikes and what ever it was made a wierd crying sound. Later on that year my friends and I were wanting to see that again. One of are theory’s was that is was donkey lady so we went to donkey lady bridge and we kept hearing whispers. About 2 years ago the first of my friends to say he heard something died.
    If you don’t believe this story I have proof of a lot of the things in San Antonio. Edit: he didn’t die because of donkey lady he just drowned in a Cory

    R.I.P Alex 1997-2015

    Edit 2: I was talking to one of the other friends that were with me on that night and he said that the day before he shouted donkey lady 3 times and he is sad because he thinks he was responsible for Alex’s death.

  23. Why do majority of paranormal investigation wannabes have so many lights on and so many people?

    If you're the donkey lady, would you assault a group of men who are armed with lights? Duh, obviously it's a no.

  24. Lol u funny asf 😂😂😂😂😂🍆🍆😂😂 those insults
    (Edit I dont know why there are squash in between the laugh emojis

  25. I loved this one; even though it looks like we don't have a donkey lady on video to fully appreciate, my god, the whole legend is soooo unsettling 😉 thanks Dead Explorer!!

  26. Donkey lady apparently owns realestate all over San Antonio. Every nieborhood has a donkey lady trail, bridge,house,tunnel or something like that.

  27. Scary donkey lady? Really ? What an as….
    Lol stupid fake crap, could have came up with a scarier sounding name and story.

  28. That area is freekin scary enough without a donkey lady walking around.  I mean, the tree's are dead, the creek is dribbling, and hoot owls hooting at night.   There is no wind.   But it's those freekin dead trees hanging over the winding road that gives me the creeps.

  29. I've lived in the area growing up and generally stay away from that area.   I mean the Mission Espada and Park is creepy with the Ghost Tracks area, along the SA river.    Then head South to an area (no man's land), past the Toyota factory.   My neighbor from long ago told me a tale of the Donkey Lady that is very bizarre.   He said he was drinking at a bar nearby when the DL walked in wearing a long trench coat and hat in disguise.   When they saw it's tail, all the guys started yelling and throwing furniture at it.   It ran out the door leaving everyone shaken.   A fool's tale of course, but my neighbor never laughed and was serious when he told the story, saying he rarely tells anyone as he would be ridiculed.  He said they call it, El Diablo.   That was a long time ago and he was an old man back then.  He is dead and the story died with him, well, except for me to carry it on.   Lot's of strange things in that area.   Oh by the way, they destroyed the old Donkey Lady bridge.   That one you see there is the new one and they moved it from the previous spot because of tourists.   So that bridge is not the correct one anymore.

  30. Today at 3 in the morning me and my 2 sister's went to the railroad where ghost children push u off the railroad tracks it didn't work for us but it did it for my one of my sister and her dad

  31. Your supposed to be your car and shut your head lights and make no light and she will destroy your car and you will see her

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