Scary Bridge Ghost Real? │ Paranormal Video! (DE Ep. 60)

Scary Bridge Ghost Real? │ Paranormal Video! (DE Ep. 60)

Tonight on Dead Explorer I am at one of the
most haunted places in Austin, TX. I’m at Moore’s Bridge. Now this is an infamous haunted
location in Austin because a black man was hung here for having a relationship with a
white woman in the early 1900s. They say at midnight you can see his ghost hanging on
the railings above us and you can see her ghost in the ravine below. I’m here with Roger
to see if we can capture those ghosts and paranormal activity on video. I’m Alejandro.
I search the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer. So I came out here
twice. The first time I came out here we heard a lot of rustling and it was so pitch black
and we didn’t have night vision, we didn’t have anything. I was just starting of as an
investigator that me and my friend actually kind of just took off. We kind of got scared
to be honest. And the second time I came out here it was so cold we couldn’t stand being
out here very long, but we were hearing a lot of footsteps and we actually thought we
were seeing some kind of image down there in the end. The best way to let us know that
you are here is to come and touch this device. Come get close to us. That’s the only way
that we’ll know for certain that you are attempting communication with us. There is a lot of cars
out here right now. A lot of vehicles. A lot of machines that make sounds. So if you want
us to hear you or know that you’re here, you’re going to have to do something pretty substantial.
Should have the batteries just in case this light… WHOA! What? What you see? You capture
something? I saw something white. Sweet, I was right on it too. Where you? Yea. It swept.
And it’s not a reflection of light or anything? I don’t think so unless it was from a car,
but it swept whatever that block thing is right there. It was the same color
and it swept in front of it. I just saw it
again. It’s not this sign right here? No. It’s got to be something from, maybe something
is catching this. Something is catching this and reflecting over here. Maybe? You know
catching this sign and reflecting this way, but I saw something that was about the same
color from far away sweep done like this. Hold on. Do that again. What did you see?
It was like something the same color as this from far away and it swept down. Wow and you
had the camera pointing right it, didn’t you? I had the camera right on it, yea. So if it
was something physical that covered it up it’ll catch it. Let me ask you this though
Roger. Can a light have reflected off that or the light on my camera? I think something
could have reflected off that sign right there. That one right here? Yea, but it would have
to been a car coming from over here or something. So we’ll have to see if a car passed by. Yea
at the same time and bounced light off that. I mean anything going past like this. I mean
anything can reflect light. Even that concrete can reflect light. See? Just right there.
Yea. See that. You can barely see reflection so it might be that. It’s a nice trick you
know. Well we’ll check man. You heard that right? It’s a plane. Has to be. A plane? Did
you hear the groan? Did you hear something? I heard, I heard the, I heard the bars rattling.
You heard the bars rattling? That’s what is sounded like. You heard that right? You heard
that right? One of these bars right here? Sounded like metal hitting metal. Here let’s
see. That’s what you heard? Yea, but from further back. I mean that thing really rattles
all the way up. Yea, but it was from a distance. It wasn’t from over here. It was behind us.
Which rattle? Where did it rattle? It was a deep. It was very similar, but it sounded
like it was further back. That way? Yea. Come on. Can you rattle that again? I wonder if
they are all that loose. This one is not loose. So not all of them are. Alright let’s keep
going until we find a loose one again. Yea. Ready? Not loose. It was definitely from back
here. You know when I heard it I thought it was a plane above us. No, no, no, no. Because
we’re near an airport. It was, it was a, it was the rails and I was thinking man they
can’t sound that low pitch, but they’re so large. That one’s loose. Yea it’s shaking
the whole, but it doesn’t rattle. No. The one right next to us did. Did, but it wasn’t
that loud it was from further behind us. Well maybe I was shaking it too loud. Yea. Dude.
Is that it? It could have been that. Listen. Here. I’m going to go over here and you stay
right there. Alright. And tell me when I am as about as far away as we were. That’s probably
about it. Alright. Are you ready? Yea. Okay here we go. Go. I think that’s what it was.
Was this the sound of a spirit hanging on the rafters? Thank you for watching Dead Explorer
Real Paranormal Videos. Please make sure you favorite and like this video and subscribe
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  1. New paranormal video! Are the ghosts at this scary bridge real? Watch the creepy footage from a true life ghost investigation!

  2. There is something very scary about bridges, especially when they are known to be haunted. You guys amaze me that you go and do these videos at night. I would be terrified! I love all your videos, keep em coming!!!

  3. When you are telling the spirits that they need to do something big, I hear a reply of "OK" at 1:47. There are actually a lot mumbling voices throughout this video but, it's hard for me to decipher them!

  4. I thought i could hear very faint talking or a few words here and there, prob. just hearing things.haha good job. always love your vids.

  5. When your friend said "woah", I looked at the right side of the bridge and on the upper line of the bridge above your heads and there, something dropped from there and it went through the bridge's floor…

  6. while you guys are talking and walking back from Looking for the reflection in the sign  I heard a female evp she sighed loud…..

  7. 👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹👻👹. Interesting investigation!👍👍

  8. I have only watched a handful of your videos, Do you have anything actually scary or creepy? these are so boring that I am glad they are not any longer than they are..

  9. Between 1:46 & 1:48 there is an EVP response to you saying, "… something pretty substantial…."  Sounds like a woman saying "ok".  Keep up the good work!

  10. you guy should invesigate bobby mackeys music world… some friends an i did and thats the most haunted place ive been..

  11. Oh, I read the description after watching the video and it looks like two sets of hangings, maybe that is the real mystery 🙂

  12. Dude I'm really enjoying your episodes. Nice work. You're level headed and interesting to listen to. Going to watch a bunch of these. Thanks.

  13. In the video u said a black man and White woman and in the description u said white man and black woman. Which one is it

  14. To people who wanted to see something. This might not be your video. Just saying. i wasted time to nothing but 2 dudes walking around thinking what they hear that can't be heard on the tape might be ghost……sad.

  15. Its actual a white man who got hung and the woman was black and she jumped to her death after John Moore was hung

  16. It’s probably better if you don’t bring up any old tales involving racial killings or slavery. Make up a different story, rather than this “a blk man was hung for being with Cauc. Woman.” This is just “bad vibes” all around. Why don’t you change the tale to say there’s a story that an innocent man was hanged here back in the early 1900s. You don’t need to put those awful racial details in the story. It won’t make any difference to whether you catch something or not.

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