SCARIEST HAUNTED Tunnel at NIGHT |  Ernest Junction Tunnel, Australia

SCARIEST HAUNTED Tunnel at NIGHT | Ernest Junction Tunnel, Australia

did you hear that sounded like there was
a group of men down here no reason why that should be lighting up I swear I
just heard footsteps panting what the heck is going on this is odd yeah anyway
we were standing just to make sure that we are alone
they’re crazy Hi Cryptkeepers thank you for tuning in to
Amy’s Crypt tonight we are investigating a very haunted tunnel where some suspect
satanic activity has apparently also occurred so strapped in I think that
we’re in for a bit of a ride tonight the Ernest Junction Tunnel is said to be
one of the most haunted places in Queensland Australia this now abandoned
train tunnel was built in 1888 and once was an important line for passenger
trains the last train to pass through this route was in 1964 after which the
tunnel was disused many now fear the tunnel claiming it to be haunted by
ghosts and other darker spirits legend has it that a homeless man seeking
refuge from the weather was murdered at the tunnel he is now trapped to haunt
the dark passage others claim to have encountered the young spirit of a boy
here perhaps the most sinister legends related to the tunnel about of satanic
rituals being performed in the area some say that this may have bought dark
energies to the tunnel though these stories are difficult to verify we
traveled to the Ernest Junction tunnel to investigate I bet this place is gonna
be so creepy in the dark I’m gonna take you for a walk down here and take you
for a walk down the time just so that we can see it while we still have a little
bit of daylight I actually can’t like the Sun to go down though because this
is the place I wanted to investigate for a long long time I sent a lot of people
who have come here to investigate this place to themselves and they’ve made
video is about it they’ve written about that in experiences online some of the
stuff that happens here is pretty weird and pretty creepy it’s like we’ve
already had some weird stuff happen to us before you know this time has even
set when we were walking down the big hill to get down to where this tunnel is
I yelled out to Jarrod cuz he walked off ahead of me we have company like I could
hear it sounded like there was a group of men down here when we get down here
there’s no one here there’s no around hasn’t been anyone
here the whole time that we’ve been here and likewise earlier we walked for the
tunnel and when we’re coming back and I’ve said to me there’s a group of kids
here we just want to be left alone when we investigate and there’s no kids here
we can just hear them like hear their voices you guys know I’m super scared of
bears a little bit it’s a very wide or something you can just kind of see how
akka gets in here I wouldn’t say the tunnels or anything you don’t but it
does have a band sorry I can’t clearly see from one end
to the other which is kind of spooky oh wait oh that’s kind of cute I don’t know
what it is but I like it that’s nice and speak he goes okay
if you look down the floor so maybe even people wave I got a lot of places like
this and a lot of those places have bring this I know
Satanists have been here like done satanic creature was a book
negative energies into the area and it always makes me wonder it’s not just
like you know kids coming in we’re feeding these pentagrams and people read
into it too much or is it are there like legit groups that come here and do these
Weiner it rows or whatever but it is that they do it like it’s interesting to
me I just spit creepy yeah my turn I’m gonna get some fighters of this
Instagram with the shore follow me at Amy’s crypt if you don’t already did you hear that I didn’t hear what all
right so we were just on this end here taking some photos of me with a ton of
Instagram and I heard a voice down the end of the sound like there was so many
the tunnel so I ran down here because I freaked out a little bit I left all of
my kid at the end here so we haven’t even started investigating that that’s
not even dark yet and I swear those weird things but you think I don’t they run away
stuff is done this is a snakeskin yeah it is is it yep oh I seen that I was
like that’s like a snakeskin or like really gross messed up bubble wrap I’m
pretty sure it’s Mike’s maybe I think so this is Australia guy we’ve just made it
back down to the tunnel and it’s pretty much dark but what’s really scary as we
were walking down the hill to get here we could hear noises around us and there
was one that that really sounded like it came from the tunnel and it was like a
loud metallic dink but to describe what it is so the first thing that I want to
do is just walk through the tunnel and check that there’s no one in there like
just to make sure that we are alone I mean ghosts are welcome only with
demonic entities left here from satanic rituals they’re welcome oh my gosh it
looks so creepy what’s that no way hmm oh I can’t say
yeah I don’t know there it is well this gave me oh it’s
ready yeah yeah we’re shining the torch there you go are they poisonous yeah
there is I swear I just heard footsteps
how are things falling from some of the trees I think so maybe it was that or
frogs it’s it didn’t sound like broken oizo
like okay let’s just go in and say that wasn’t on oh my god you can’t stock
camera not really no but I think we’re gonna go for a walk
the whole length of the tunnel I might just run that goes to dinner why they go
down there and see if anything happens I’m just gonna set my stuff down it’s
like something up there because there’s a dirt falling down the side of this
hill I know what the heck is going on was that that was in the tunnel I
thought it was coming from just jamming hello so I’m just running you guys to try to
erase two obsessions I look at the mages at the bottom of the screen and let me
know if you see like a spike on the magnetic some people buddy but is there
anyone in this tunnel the bus can you come close to us and let us know
that you are you you stopped shining and I said okay I’m just hiding like a weed it’s like kind of trippy guards trying
to torch in my eyes and the graffiti kind of just weird out of this corner of
my eyes I don’t know what it is like this yeah that’s a good sign right do it fake put pains or killed in that’s not be like rubber and can you
feel that breeze coming through no I’m sure it’s normal for a tunnel but it’s
it’s more still now for air movement than it was when we were down here don’t be shy to come and let
us know you here it’s gonna sound like on camera for you
guys I’m trying to keep my voice slowly because a guy is like crazy you know that’s actually been I can do it can you
see that there’s some I’ve been there as well okay so guys I know I said earlier
like I’m skeptical hello something down here it’s definitely some of the noise that’s
coming from down here that was really loud I would thought you could hear that
on the camera do you feel safe leaving your stuff down here should we bring it
with us I don’t remember I don’t remember like it probably was I’m just
recognize that stick this is seriously don’t be messin I’m gonna talk this
guy’s you session they were way too destructive for that that looks creepy
that face yeah okay guys I apologize because I’ve been a honestly frazzled
since we got down here it’s really weird but we did try I’m just going to ignore that and get
going because I don’t know what it is we’re just gonna go all the way through
to enter the tunnel no matter what happens because we just tried to do it
and we’re running a ghost tube we got down to about halfway where we found the
satanic ritual like older I don’t know what that is and there was some loud
noises that came from this into the tunnel so he did rush back reason being
as I’ve left on my stuff you probably shouldn’t be doing that so I’m gonna
take it all with me cuz I’m I get really stressed and anxiety doing stuff like
this but I do want to introduce a new piece of equipment to a new script and I
do want to thank today’s video sponsor which is Perfect Prime for sending me
this piece of equipment and you guys are gonna die is so so cool so I’m actually
gonna use that as we walk down so let me show you this alright guys I’m just
gonna leave my gear here I just can’t carry it I am a bit worried about it but
whatever this just is so what I want to show you guys is this so it’s actually a
thermal cam and what’s so cool is perfect from actually sent me this and I
know that you guys are gonna like it because there has been a lot of you who
have asked me to get this piece of equipment to show on my channel but
basically I can point it down here it’s giving me temperature readings of the
specific specific place that I’m pointing at you but it’s also showing me
like a thermal reading of the environment I’ll show you in a sec
exactly how it works on there’s a figure there but who knows what we could pick
up on this like it’s a pretty cool piece of kit this particular one that shows an
on screen display but it also can record it so I just think that’s so awesome
Perfect Prime sent this to me and I love forever I’m gonna be probably using it a
lot on any script what is also cool is they’ve also given me a link and a
special code so that you guys if you want one for yourself or any other
products go to the link that’s in the description below and you can use the
code ami script to get 10% off a perfect brown purchase itself alright guys so
we’re currently filming by for the camera as well as a film
camera risk I keep walking down this hole and just kind of see what happens
maybe we’ll pick up on something I don’t know and you guys see who can cope with my
idea holding on to any spirits any entities that might be down here in this
tunnel if there is anyone here can you make your presence modern make them
always and towards our shops straight up to us this time feels a heck of a lot longer
in the dog this is basically as far as we got last
time pretty much standing in the middle of this pentagram with the candles
okay those around the pentagram doesn’t come up on the heat sensor that’s good I
think on that thermal you can see the end of the tunnel
yeah looks like you’re walking towards the light on the thermal camera yeah he
camera you’re 20 you’re 30 degrees and then
outside 25 and then what’s behind you when here it’s 20 to 21 so it’s
definitely yeah so he did make it to the end this time which I feel good about
but yeah that went off as soon as you put it down a minute one went off after you walked
away yeah come back and that’s just an intro for
what you’re doing yes don’t forget for this next experiment before well just
kind of introduce ourselves to anything that might be in this area a little
better and I’ve put down a k2 meter measures the electromagnetic field
that’s a green light you can see down here you know people’s that lights go up
again people saying spirits going near that it
could trigger you know the green wait’ to go up to a red light then I put three
motion sensor balls down at home basically if they’re touched or moved
and they need to be physically moved they will light up such as that ball is
doing and has absolutely nothing down there no reason why that should be
lighting up so that’s kind of interesting ready so I say let’s go
lights out and we’ll see we’ll watch the title and call out and see if we can get
anything else to light up you’re gonna be here by yourself oh there’s these
creepy noises coming from dummy this is out dog it is in here guys I can’t see
where I’m going what’s going on down here are you okay Jared uh heck you ran through the tunnel
towards me what should we do bang from one end of the tunnel that
really scared me to see in the middle of this symbol thank you guys so much for
watching I hope that you enjoyed this episode and a big thank you to our
sponsors Perfect Prime I hope that you guys like seeing that new gadget and
remember if you want to grab one for yourself I have some links and
information about them below if you did enjoy this episode though please
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other haunted places I visited head to and please make sure
you are subscribed and have your notification bell on because I have a
part 2 really video coming up to this one very very soon thanks for
watching Cryptkeepers, until next time!


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