SAGITTARIUS May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading
Monthly Horoscope welcome this is the energy vibration
reader for the Sagittarius Sun Moon rising sign. I want to say thank you for
being here thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful support
likes and shares you Sagittarians oh it’s had it’s hot his hots it’s hot okay
so this is the May reading for the Sagittarius now this is a wonderful
month for you Sagittarius whatever is transpiring happening you guys have your
own energy vibration in this month it is the energy of strength okay so this is
wonderful so whatever that is transpiring in your life you have the
energy of strength that is going to be carrying you to and it is your own
energy vibration so expect me to be a powerful month for you Sagittarians okay
I’ve changed the way of the Breeden’s let me know how you guys like this piece
cross watch this region is more than an hour long and it is going to be that 50
minutes on YouTube and another 50 minutes is going to be ok so let’s see
what’s coming out if the energy of this month is for energy and some higher
energy the energy of the numbers here in the first week whatever the situation is
whatever is happening you are going to be dealing with the energies of the
lovers now the energy of the lover comes out as it could be a twin flame
relationship it could be a soulmate relationship whatever is transpiring is
that you over to be dealing with someone who could be a family member that sort
of a situation it could be a husband or wife that sort of a situation is going
to get happening it can be positive but it can be also negative so it depends so
energy of the tower is here whatever the situation is between you and someone
this is coming to an end it could be a breakup that is coming in
in the third week definitely a breakup and it has to do this breakup could have
to do with an organization or people in power whatever lies and deceitfulness
it’s going to be coming down the fort week you have the energy of the
and the Empress so let’s kind of focus this in the center so you guys can see
now whatever the situation with the energy of the knob is something could be
coming into an end for some of you in relationship some of you could be
dealing with people in power that you’re taking down a dishonest situation and at
the last week you’re going to be financial stability response so let’s
see what is the end in that is coming with the super elationship oh definitely
the first week of me some of you your relationship is going to be ended okay
so whatever the situation whatever that was transpiring it could be the end of a
relationship between you and a child end of the relationship between you and your
soulmate or twin flame or your wife or husband while it’s coming up in the
second week when in the third week you’re seeing the truth – a situation
with people in power you’re seeing exactly what displayed that there was
some power struggle some power some things and it is now coming to an end
you’re seeing the true toll organization whoever and whatever that organization
is they are seeing the truth – an organization but some of you are going
to be very financial stability that is coming out the wheel of fortune is here
and the second week so whatever is transpiring the second week is going to
be taken down and we’re moving something that was blocking you it could be a
relationship it could be people that was blocking you could be people in power
that was doing something that was right so it comes up in a different form but
an Indian is coming in now the energy of the Moon is coming up that you’re having
some people some deceptive people in an organization it could be people in and
powers you could be fighting with people in an organization so some of you are
going to be standing up for your rights with a situation and fighting to get to
get you a situation correctly to be looked at
and you’re showing them that there is some illegalities that is going on and
you’re showing up these legalities now at the end of May this month is going to
be a new start because you’re leaving all that has happened for the five of
first month and you’re moving away from this this disaster situation because the
wheel of fortune is bringing in a situation where you’re dealing with some
really deceitful people around you and deceitful people in organization and
situation where you are taken down and you’re making sure justice it’s coming
up and justice is going to be prevailing over an organization so some lies and
deceitfulness and I hope you guys can see this some nice and deceitfulness
that was going on is now going to be finally coming to an end because
definitely some of you were dealing with some deceitful situation because as you
look and you see what it’s definitely playing out is that this could be also
that there was divorce and some some some really deceptive situation and you
are bringing this down your whatever is transpiring some of you could be
fighting for the rights of your child or fighting for the rights of your family
or fighting for the rights of something that has happened with some injustice
that has happened okay you are going to be having like in the sec the the third
we going in a four-week er what you’re having is that you’re having a situation
with organization Institute’s where you’re standing up against injustice
that has taken place and you will be getting like people trying to come at
you but just this is going to come in and prevail the situation you are
leaving the month on a positive positive ending because you have decided that I’m
cutting out this BS whether that was missing
and whatever these lice and deceitfulness that was messing around
whoever and whatever that was doing this you’re taking them down some of you are
going to be realizing that there has been some really deceptiveness that has
failed and as transpired some real deceptiveness
that s transpired and you guys are really going to be seeing this happening
and you are standing up for justice and equality so this is a month where you
Sagittarians realized that there was some real deceptive thing that has taken
place and you are standing up for justice and equality if you notice the
energy of justice can came out here and said and it’s as if some of you are
using your swords of truth to reveal some deceptive situation in the
organization and you’re going to be receiving a lot of money and you’re
going to be walking away from this situation when it comes up to the
lappers the energy of the numbers whenever it comes up to the energy of
the numbers definitely some of you could be meeting a twin flame or a soul made
from a past life and you could be starting a new journey with this person
okay because definitely dispersed is coming in in the first week where you’re
going to be starting a new journey here in the second week whatever is
transpiring is that you’re seeing the truth of the situation and your going to
be taken down your enemies you’re going to be taking them down one and one hits
taken down on your enemies okay it’s as if you decided hell no I’m
standing up and I’m standing up for this deception is deception that has been
going on and I’m I am standing up for my rights okay and that is good your wishes
and dreams are definitely going to be coming true this is wonderful this is
good and for some of you this could be happening in the first week where your
wishes and dreams is coming true it says fulfillment of your wishes and dreams
sir fulfillment of your wishes and dreams comes up in this month so some of
you that was wishing and hoping that something would happen like you end a
negative situation with some deception people and deception situation that was
happening you are ready to be taken that down then we have the energy of Hope
which is the number 17 energy the energy of star so your wishes and dream is
going to be coming true and there is hope there is definitely hope that it’s
going to be coming up especially hope between you and someone is as if the
universe is going to definitely make a situation right okay
between you and a person it could have been someone who has done you some real
injustice and karma is coming back for this job justperson there is definitely
solution solitude um that you guys are going to
be having there is definitely solitude where you are going to be stepping back
from everything that is going around you if you notice you have two major
powerful major arcana number 999 it’s the ending of a cycle but there is going
to be some obstacles but you’re going to be capable of removing these obstacles
okay you’re definitely going to be capable of removing these obstacles
ladies and gentlemen just protect yourself because what is transpiring
here is that whatever that was going on between it could be that you have
divorced someone and someone or you didn’t want to have a relationship with
someone we would look at your relationship freedom and this person has
done some real injustice to you and now everything is about to come out in this
month and you’re taking down just everyone that has deceitfully affects
you in your life you are like I am taking you all down and you’re moving
away and you’re doing this in a very conscious way because they’re just
coming in the spirit energy for youth Sagittarians is the energy you or the
courageous so call upon this spiritual this is the spirit spirit animal for you
guys and I have a lei here the spirit animal is for you guys in this month you have a spirit animal in this month
and it is the auto spirit auto spirit is here the otter spirit it says you are
never alone you are never alone and there’s a lot of people who always said
ho I feel so alone you’re never alone each and every person have at least four
guiding angels okay each and every one of us have spirit guides wherever in
this universe that we’re from we all have spirit guides
okay so wherever we are from in this universe we all have spirit guides so
whether or not you feel alone the universe in the spirit of the hottest
spirit is coming in to say that you’re never alone okay and the other spirit is some of you are going to be seeing
things very clear in this month very very clear okay
the message for you guys is that have you been unchallenged all your affection
to just one person or continued on only one friend or one individual to old you
up you know this is a time where you are going to be challenging on yourself
and your spirit guides to come in okay like true friends Auto nurture each
other and express their affection true touch affection such as Alden ends and
given house offered a reassurance that we are never really alone that we have
always been cherished how is spirit as a pair to remind you to express the
friendship in angelical forms communicate with your voice and a facial
expression your drug your get your just congested so it is wonderful and it is
positive because your spirit guides are coming in and they’re helping you to
move forward so always call upon your spirit guides your animal spirit guides
all of your spirit guides to come in and help you through whatever situation it
is that you’re going through in May okay cuz may you’re leaving me taken down all
the people in situation and you’re going to be okay now the Sun this is a
beautiful energies to receive the energy of the Sun is here and the affirmation
is I radiate golden light and decide to the decisively take action I really
eight golden light and decisively takes action the Sun is the navel chakra of
the universe it radiates the divine masculine principle unto us choosen
discard suggests that the universe is calling on you to develop your qualities
of decisive action protecting the develop divination and rationalization thinking courage and
strength I now invoke in all to light up your aura and fill your aura with
renewal enthusiastic for life this energy will enable you to help each and
every person feel welcome and empowered which is an important ascension
qualities your guidance is too full your aura with brilliant golden light be true
to yourself and act decisively today this is another wonderful powerful
energy that is coming out from the ascendance
masters it’s a really wonderful powerful energy that is coming up from the
ascendance masters it is the energy that is coming up for you guys because what
is happening is that the Sun whenever you call upon the Sun is the source of
the creator and energy of the cosmic character and what
you can say is that I am the cosmic heart I am the cosmic heart
I am the cosmic heart and what that is saying is that you’re connected with
source itself just like the energy of the Sun I am the
cosmic heart you’re connecting with source just like the energy of the Sun
now let’s look and see what it’s coming up for the lightworkers and you guys
have the six ray of Harmony a lot of people have been having this energy of
the six rate of Harmony this is bringing about harmony in your life and you can
see this in the two last week so the first week the third week and the port
week is going to be very very good what we have here is the pink rose of Lady
nada so call upon lady nada also to stand in your aura and to bring in this
energy of the pink rose of Lady nada so it’s about harmony and lady nada
and I love me de nada because I work with Laden Aria and she is from the
planet of Venus and what she does is that she helped us to understand what is
love and she helped us on her journey so first let’s look at whatever our Monique
because there’s definitely situation with relationship that is coming up and
it’s a past relationship the eggnog Eurasian for the relationship and to
bring harmony back in your life is that now I accept all of my own free will the
blessings and grace of the ray of Harmony I call upon the grace and
assistance of the universe that Archangel Gabriel to help me find
balance wisdom and creativity approach him in all areas of my life I ask for
unconditional love assistance to go and and deal with problems in my life I
asked what the Divine Mercy is compassion and tenderness to help me
grow into all that I am divinely designed designed to be may the heart
and beauty within me find out – in expression in the world may I be
held from within and grounded in my endeavors and creativity I approach the
portal of intuition made unconditional our masters and angels helped me to
serve on this divine way of pure white light bringing in the heart chakra
Eiland heart chakra of all beams for the greatest good true divine mercy is Will
and Grace so be it and this is one of the most beautiful decks I can say I
love the second maybe because I’m a light worker but this deck was created
for the light workers and we use it also to activate other people because when
I’m activating someone on their spiritual part this is the deck that I
use the other inauguration from lady Nara is I gratefully receive the Rose
light the blessing of ley de nada in unconditional love my heart softens
in open the pink light of her well-being and blessing spills me with a sweet
perfume I let go I feel safe and I’m held I know that I have loved always I
am grateful and always for the love protection in to intervene of guidance
the hands of the tender grace in my life in all ways may I know myself to be
worthy of love and love myself truly so that I can only and freely give love to
others to the world may all beams truly love now through my own will so be it
this is one of the most beautiful decks I
the stick and I want to say to each every person go cross watch to see what
is happening trying and cross watch a see what is happening and then you’re
going to be understanding what exactly is happening there is going to be new
starts people are you know protections is here coming up for a lot of you and
be aware that life is full of surprises okay
and we have to be aligned with these energies ladies and gentlemen I want to
wish you a wonderful May namaste until next time


  1. May God remove all the blocks from Sagittarius, May God give them heavy something else till they forget about Sag♐️ and we receive our blessings in peace ✌🏽 ♐️💜😇
    Thanks 🙏🏽

  2. I terminated my lawyer, not satisfied and I realize that he is not making an effort to settle in the mediation. I just have the intuition that his hitting two birds in one stone. The mediation was not successful because of greedy individuals.

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