Sadhguru – The secret of Spiritual success is, that these two should become one !

Sadhguru – The secret of Spiritual success is, that these two should become one !

There are two fundamental aspects or forces acting within every human being. One is the force of self-preservation. The instinct of self-preservation is constantly striving to build walls of protection around yourself, and the longing to become boundless is constantly striving to push you beyond
the boundaries in which you exist. It is these two which are finding variety of expression either in the form of accumulation or in the form of every kind of desire that one can throw up is essentially the play of these two forces. Once you make the mistake of identifying yourself with something limited, the instinct of self-preservation wins hands
down, to a point it almost makes it looks like the other force
doesn’t even exist. So the essence of working towards success in one’s sadhana is all sadhana is essentially aimed towards expanding the limitations, breaking the boundaries of one’s energy. When your energies are longing to become boundless, in your thought and emotion if you’re identified with limited things
around you, then you will create an unnecessary tussle between the two forces. The secret of success is that these two should become one. Unless these two things become one, you do not have enough energy to break the limitations of the present dimension, to break the boundaries of present dimension because now whatever you have is split; it is trying to tug you in two different directions It will become a journey of one step forward,
one step backward, one step forward, one step backward. If you are doing one step forward, one step
backward, it’s very clear you are not intending to
go anywhere. Maybe it’s good exercise, But you are not intending to go anywhere. Once you’re identified with the limitations
of your own body, what you refer to as extended body extensions of your body are family, house it’s not you should not have them. Having a body and being identified with is
different. Similarly, having a family and being identified
with it is very different. Once you’re identified with it, naturally your whole system work towards building a wall around this identity, not allowing one to expand or to break the
barriers of who he is right now. Shankara laments ‘Kaate Kaanta Dhanagat Chinta,’ which means once you’re identified with your family relationships, you can only naturally think of money and property and this and that, you cannot think of anything else. Don’t give yourself the thing, ‘Oh yes, I have become like this only because
of my family.’ No, you have not become like this because of your family. Because you are like this, your family has become like that. Don’t get it the other way round. It is the way you identify yourself with it that certain things are happening. Nothing outside of us is a barrier. It is the way we hold it, the way we carry the outside within ourselves
is the barrier. If your energies are split one trying to build walls, another trying to break walls it is a tussle, it a wasteful way of living. If you dedicate everything to building walls, at least you may build a great wall of India. I’m sorry, the Chinese have the greatest wall I think; Or if you put all your energies towards breaking
boundaries, that will definitely happen. There are old barriers, walls which were built elsewhere, which may take a little bit of time to break, but the important thing is that you are not
building new walls. Old walls can be made to crumble, but the problem is the new walls that are
coming up every day. This is not something that you have to do
consciously. Once you have a limited identity, everything in you builds walls, there is no other way. So sadhana is pushing you in one way, if your mind is pegged down to limited things you are unnecessarily creating a tension in
the system. So it’s very important it’s like you tied up your boat and you
are rowing it hard good exercise again, but you are not going anywhere. If you untie the rope, even if you do not row, slowly with the pace of the river at least
you will go. Spiritual journey need not be effort-ful, it just needs to be sensible, but to come to sense it may take effort sometimes; need not, but it may. [Questioner] How do you measure, …one measures
their own spiritual progress at individual level? [Sadhguru] Oh, you want a meter? Oh, we wi’ll give you a meter. (Laughs) Don’t worry about your spiritual progress. There is no such thing as spiritual progress. Are you becoming more available to it, that’s
all the question is. Let’s not talk about something which is not
in your experience because if I talk about something which is
not yet in your experience there are only two options – either to believe
me or disbelieve me, isn’t it? Believing doesn’t get you any closer, disbelieving
doesn’t get you any closer. So let’s talk about something that is in our
experience. What condition, what state of mind, emotion,
body and let’s leave the energy because that’s not in your – experience. What condition of your body, mind and emotion makes you more available to life
than the way you are right now? You tell me? If you are sad, do you become more available? If you are tense do you become more available? If you are peaceful do you become more available? If you are blissful do you become more available? In which condition would you become more available
to the life process? If you are in utmost pleasantness you become
more and more available to everything around you. Isn’t it so? Right now you are feeling very happy, this
one comes and asks some stupid question, you are okay with her. That one comes and asks something else, you are okay with her also. This one comes and asks something, you are okay with that also. You are in a certain state of unpleasantness, you are irritated, frustrated, angry, depressed
about something, this one comes and even tries to say something
nice to you, poofff, this’ll go. Yes or no? Even to simple aspects of life you are more
available only when you’re in a certain state of pleasantness,
isn’t it? So let’s measure by that standard. If by the day if you are becoming a more joyful human being – you just keep
accounts of this on a daily basis, ‘From yesterday to today, am I little more
joyful?’ If you’re keeping accounts and if you are
becoming more and more joyful by the day and your face, instead of becoming
like this, is… slowly is becoming like this, that means you’re progressing. Yes, you are definitely progressing; because
spirituality is not some nonsense up there, it is about becoming available to life process
in its fullest possibility, not just to the physicality, not just to the
mentality, to becoming available to life process in its
fullest scope – this is spirituality.


  1. Materialism force focus on building walls/exclusivity while Mentalism/Spiritualism force does exactly it's opposite ie to expand itself /inclusivity. So human life is a perpetual struggle between these two opposite forces. At present , materialism is winning. But after 2/3 generations the other force may start winning!

    Materialism force you to live an accumulative life. While mentalism/Spiritualism drives man to live a active life. In 21st century , the active life model is more relevant given the physical resource crunch.

    Both these forces are inside each man. Man has to manage them else these forces will manage man.

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