Sadhguru Reveal The Secret of his Knowledge | Power of Shiva Shambho Mantra | Mystics of India |2018

Sadhguru Reveal The Secret of his Knowledge | Power of Shiva Shambho Mantra | Mystics of India |2018

Today I thought I will reveal to you People keep asking me sadhguru We can see you’re uneducated and obviously Everybody knows that I don’t have a moment to read or refer or consult So they keep asking me sadhguru. Where is all this coming from where is this knowledge from so today? I thought I will reveal the key I Will give away the key to this knowledge The question is only will you be awake enough to grab it when I throw it or will you? Hello and let me hear some life, huh? Because you must understand Sleep and death are brothers They are not very different You may be dying six to eight hours a day Which is a 25 to 33 percent of the day one is dead? The one important dimension of yoga is to master Sleep Because If one does not know how to stay awake one will not know how to stay aware So life is like this Distracted life in this state One will not see anything except the most obvious that is necessary for survival It is with keenness of attention that Many doors in the universe can open I Would say if your attention is keen enough? There is no door in the universe which will not open for you, so a little while later I Will give away the key to you let me see How many It’s good the echo is saying three times how many Very good how many of you? Will you blossom? Into knowing Because unfortunately Today’s education systems have confused the hell out of you with the heap of information about everything The information is not knowing Information is useful for survival Information is not useful for knowing experiencing So we are talking about a science which is experiencial in nature not informative Because Unless you experience something He’s not really true for you. It’s just another story you Read a high school textbook science textbook, and you think you know science. No, you just believing a book That’s like religion nothing scientific about it Unless you know something experientially it’s not true for you So I’m not talking about Me giving you some information I’m talking about a key a A key Suppose I gave you a key, let’s say you do not know the concept of lock and key, and I gave you a key a Small metal piece You don’t know what it is. You looked at it Maybe you put it in your ears and did this You used it to scratch yourself Or you discarded it Because a key is a useless thing unless You know how to put it into that specific hole and turn it in a particular way Then it can open up a whole new world So a key is a dimension a Key is the dimensional possibility a key is not information a key is not accumulation unfortunately Most people today have misunderstood accumulation of information as knowing So in this context When they asked How to grasp how to master this cosmos Yogi said five Namah shivay ya Na means earth “Mah” is water. “shi” is fire. I think a lot of you know this she is fire “vay” is air “ya” is space Namashivaya he told him just five things Just five things look at the mischief just with five things how much has happened in creation So This is not through the straightjacket of logic This is an order. This is a dimension like a forest not like a manicured garden For one who looks at things superficially a Well-kept garden looks like order Forest looks like yours But tell me Look at this little more profoundly The forest has a perfect order It has a perfect system of its own. Otherwise it would not have lasted for a million years or more a Garden however Well-designed garden it is If you don’t if you do not tend to it for a month probably it’s gone So we are talking about a different dimension of order Like a forest which on the surface looks chaotic But is in perfect order the very longevity Says that it’s in order otherwise it wouldn’t exist Our yogi When he referred to namashivaya He’s talking about Mantra Mantra is that dimension of sound Which is mathematically perfect Music is melodies when it’s mathematically correct But music has invested too much into aesthetics But a mantra Is not about aesthetics, it’s pure mathematics there are school school children here I think I’m hearing they’re saying Sadhguru once again if you say mathematics will fall asleep right here Well I’m not talking about that kind of mathematics Not about 2+2, A plus B equals C, not that kind of mathematics I’m talking about a mathematics That doesn’t have equations Of simple logic and talking about mathematics Which has brought order to this seemingly chaotic cosmos On a certain day At Nana yogi AG Nana yogi means one who employs His intellect as the basic tool of knowing He came to our yogi and Said I very much appreciate The many things that you have expanded Sounds very scientific, logically correct But a whole lot of your devotees are always shouting your name sambal Shiva and going around doing crazy things How do you allow these people, these people? These crazy people who shout, who simply shout sieve assemble jump around What kind of science is that You should not allow these things So Adi yogi said See here Do you see that little worm? Crawling Just go near the worm and say Shiva Shambo Well why not and went to the worm and said shivashambo the worm just fell dead right there The Nana yogi was shocked the mantra kills Yes it does What is the purpose of this I had to the mantra and the poor creature dies The yogi said leave that here a butterfly see see see butterfly say shivashambo to that But he was hesitant now, I don’t want to kill a butterfly Doesn’t matter say shivashambo to butterfly Is it Shiva Shambo poof the butterfly died? Then now he was aghast what is this? What is the point of this kind of mantra this looked like a gun Shiva Shambo boom they dead? Then a young fawn a young deer was romping around Yogi said look at the deer and say Shiva Shambo. Said no no I’m not going to do this Ad Yogi said just do it He said Shiva Shambo The deer fell dead right there Just then a couple came With a little infant in their hand for blessing Adi yogi Looked at the little child and said say Shiva Shambo to this child He said no way you’re not going to make me do that I am NOT going to kill this child Just then this little infant set up and spoke I I was a worm you uttered the mantra I became a butterfly You are turd the mantra. I became a deer you are turned the mantra. I’ve become human. Please say it. Let me become divine The foundation, the key But everything that I am And everything that happens in the name of Isha is just this one sound this one mantra I am talking about a key Those of you there, they’re walking around people you must sit down we were going to do something now everybody sit down lroconnor below Please sit down wherever you are We’ll do a simple thing very Simple thing but This will start a new process in your life, this is the key as I said Key is a phenomenal instrument only if you know how to use it, otherwise It’s just a piece of metal so is a mantra Today modern science is beginning to recognize That the entire universe is just a reverberation of energy Where there is a vibration there is bound to be a sound So the universe is a complex amalgamaation of sounds In this web an enormous limitless web of sounds a fee a few key sounds have been identified Which we refer to as mantra It’s very important that the mantra a specific mantra Goes into the right keyhole, and you turn it the right way and a number of times. I say people doing this You give them a key They do not know which way to turn it they do This way this way this way this way. It’s not going to work like that you have to turn it in a specific way depending upon the nature of the lock depending upon the nature of that dimension Accordingly it works So we will do this mantra in a particular way, I want you to listen to the instructions carefully You can even doing this you can even do this standing Without any tension just loose You must imagine that your hand or your arm is like a rope in there the Hot coal bill quill dealer akane, just take away a crassius, Ookla guitar Omaha paper aho Party Lee uber cure who needs an you buy a couple quilt healer at him Take your right hand use any finger you can just block your right nostril Don’t do it yet just listen to me you block your right nostril and inhale fully Forcefully like that and All the air that you have gathered with the inhalation should go out with one sound like this Take a full breath take Garrison’s and early J Ooh Keep your eyes closed just sit still keep your eyes closed and just sit still unmoving Sear some her summer Series on her Sunburn Silver shampoo shampoo she was um Cheers mhmm ha Shiva Shambo Shambo She was jumbo jumbo Shiva Shambo Shirish um Horsham home Sheila sham her son Shiva Shambo symbol, she was some Shiva Shambo Shambo Sheila Shambo Shambo Shiva Shambo Shambo Shiva Shambo She was um harsh um Shirish am Persian Oh Shiva Shambo Shambo She Worsham Sheera sham Hashem Shiva Shambo Shambo Shiva Shambo Shambo Shiva Shambo She resumed her Simone Shimmer some some Oh Shiva Shambo Shambo She was um Shivers on Martian mom She was young Horsham bah Shiva Shambo Shambo she was young She um She was young her Shara shambo shambo Shiver Chum Shiva Shankara Shiva shun her Shiva Shambo Shambo shimmer shun Slowly very slowly, please open your eyes For more on mystics of India click the subscribe button and subscribe below channel Press the bell icon on the YouTube app and never miss another update


  1. You can only ever move two directions, toward or away from anything. All motion is relative and one thing is always defined by it's opposite. Darkness by light, up by down, pleasure by pain, good by evil. The opposite of life is evil cause live spelled backwards is evil.

  2. Love breathes life into truth. Both are pure in spirit. Truth has no bias and stands on it's own but love is the greatest intent. Love wants less and gives more because true love is not self seeking.

  3. There is no object on Earth more sacred than a person. People kill what God holds sacred for the sake of what man holds sacred.

  4. Damn im not joking, i dont know but,feeling some kinda of positive godly energy of shiva when everyone was doing "shammbho"

  5. Why not say Jai shree ram, or Johnny Johnny yes papa, instead of saying shiva shambho ( its wrong actually he do not know Hindi well, it should be shiv shambhu )

    Nevertheless, it's fun to see how people do blind Faith, they did not even ask him first what they will get by doing this nonsense, more over than that sadhguru , who himself said many times to become a seeker not a believer, asking people to doing such a nonsense thing.

  6. What knowledge does this self-proclaimed guru has? No use of his keys. We are awaken mr, and no need for you to wake us up.

  7. குருவே..கடவுளே… ஆனாலும்..அதர்மத்தை.. ஆதரிக்க.. வேண்டாம்…

  8. What is the mantra spelling, please? To say it correctly We should have the key turned in the right direction! Thank You!

  9. Sadhguru ji was also present there when Aadiyogi ji was telling that story or might be possible that q was asked to Aadiyogi ji by Sadhguru that's why he is so brilliant..

  10. I was in a depressed mood and this mantra completely energized my spirit! Pure bliss… Thank you guru ji. Eternally grateful to the Auspicious One, Shiva Shambho. Om Namah Shivaya. Har har Mahadev!

  11. Sadhguru you are kind of Google, Everything you will have an answer.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Why is there always someone screaming or being obnoxious in the crowd.. I understand this is powerful stuff.. but some self control would be nice

  13. sadguguru, you aew stupid you don't have knowldrg, secondly, after all these talk you offer these fool listeners of you nothing, shame on you dud

  14. Sadguru today I was told by a Christian leader than hinduism is a selfish religion because we don't care for the disabled because we believe that those who committed sin in the past have come as disabled in this life. Sadhguru please help and let the world know what Hinduism is…..

  15. I was said that in order to know more about bible, I have to be a Christian and the other major religious of the world are not about spreading love and peace…..I felt that then Christmas is all about intolerance towards others. The christian "religious leader" said that only if I covert to christianity he will happily discussion about other religions which he says he "knows"….

  16. शिव शंभ्भो …शंभ्भो ,
    शंकरा करूणाकरा,
    गंगाधरा प्रलयंकरा !

  17. Lot of times sadhguru said words are just vibrations … we ourself give it a meaning … "if i talk in some langauge which u dont know , even i make meaningfull words u will hear them as bullshit" – sadhguru … in that context how only namashivya got preference ? Shambo is just same vibration like jambo and kambo … whats the magic behind a word ?

  18. I often amazed where could he get the immense knowledge and from. I think he's the man of profound knowledge and that he could manifested to everyone in coherent & articulated manner.

  19. Okay, you've all had a front row seat in seeing what a séance is.  The  entire first part of the Bible explains how idol worshipers drum up evil spirits and allow them to infiltrate their mind and senses.  THIS is what Hinduism is ALL about.  And Marco, if you ever get to India you will choke on the acrid air from the millions of vehicles that have created unbreathable air from smog, free roaming cows, monkeys, snakes, and rats clutter the streets and have shrine's built for them, and are fed as 'god's' that multiply at plague proportions, you will find homeless men, women and children sleeping on the sidewalks and forced to arise before dawn or before the tourist's get up.  You will see mud roads with pot-holes, leper's with eaten away limbs and begging for money, unclean, unwashed people without money, a place to live or work and thousand's of people washing themselves in polluted water's around the cities – at the same time this diseased water is used to drink and cook with – and wash the pots used to cook the food they feed to tourist's.  You'll see a third world country that looks like it hasn't progressed in 10,000 years.  You'll see men wearing clothes that resemble the sweater and vest's worn by the British over 100 years ago and the women all dress in long skirted sari's.  Instead of cars, paved roads and HI-way's you will see electric scooters racing through dust filled roads, with no direction, no traffic lights, and with two and three people hanging on, all going in their own separate, unorganized directions.  Of course, there are tourist sites to see, I'm talking about the mind-set of the Hindu population where every home has idol's and incense and all over the country you will hear the 'om' mantra being chanted by its believers.  Want to see a guru?  Well, fear not, there are thousand's of them…all hoping to die as a 'god'. They live in close proximity to the million's of sooth-sayer's, horoscope, palm and skull reader's, diviner's and numerologist's, Want to do business? They'll open their secret doors that hide 5 and 6 yr old children working 18 hrs daily in their factories. Want a divorce? The men are still known to pour gasoline on their wives to set them on fire knowing it is rare to be arrested. There's more to visiting this country, I mention only a few hi-lights.

  20. Can't prove any of his so called knowledge. Complete bullshit. 17:30 is the funniest thing I've ever seen though, absolute idiots 🤣

  21. He apparently murdered his wife for more knowledge. Months before, she was found with strangle marks on her neck and friends heard her crying twice about not wanting to die or take sleeping pills. He himself states that through meditation, she took her own life and he called it a profound experience. Do your research.

  22. From what I read, shiva shambo is based on reciting chants that venerate shiva. I tought sadhguru would share the key to knowledge as something within ourselves that doesn't need to venerate shiva. It's absurde to conceptualize that the only people who could have access to knowledge are the ones venerating something or someone.

  23. इतनी बार शिव शम्भू कहने से कौन सी चाबी मिली ये नहीं पता लग पाया।
    ये सभी वो लोग थे जो ईश्वर में आस्था रखते हैं

    इस पूरे session का परिणाम/ निष्कर्ष क्या था..?
    किसी भी ज्ञान को किसी मूल में conclude भी करना आवश्यक है .. शायद……

  24. How stupid people's sitting and listening.. They understand or not still??? However, IQ is different for different person, different personalities…reading, understanding, analyzing differs person to person ultimately all are God creations???

  25. D story of d shiva shambho is taken n used in a hindi serial with radhakrishna… Only with taking radha's name 😐

  26. it is very onvious to me the trickery of mystica of india.. theyre subliminal bullshit is a natural part of this amazin existence, i applaud them for their continued attempts to derail peoples attention from sadhguru's wisdom.. i wish you abundance and well being. 🙂 i am an american currently spending every day working towards inner understanding.. the time of the triangle finally ends.. it is just as it is.. thank you for ushering in our time.. these next lives will be fantastic 🙂

  27. Why do you need a key when you are not locked up…. Feeling the need of a key to open a dimension will eventually make us look for keys perprtually…. Consciousness that no dimensions are locked is just sufficient for eternal joy… "Na mah shi vaa yaa"……

  28. Sometimes I think he is also an Alian in human form with huge amount of knowledge who wants the other human being to master their own creation life I feel so relax and feel so good each time i listen to this speech such a motivator for 1000s of people while over the world so grateful to have sadguru in this world

  29. It's not secret it's a known fact that knowledge of Sadhguru is my Dad's blessings. Paramporul with no beginning and no end. What on earth can be more auspicious than worshipping my father.

  30. In reality, Sadhguru is beyond our thinking and our perception for someone is what this world taught us and we think this should happen this way and believe on others theory and philosophy but the reality is we are very limited and we can't always get those things right in our head. Until we reach that height of consciousness.

  31. Aditya, I do not find the need to know anything in depth more than necessary. Life is nothing but doing but repetitive over again. I do not believe in salvation, hell or heaven. This is all USP of religious zealots trying to either make money out of you or get you to do their dirty work. End of the day all the achievements amounts to zilch.

  32. Un Gurú sin Gurú ???? Jajajajajaj. De dónde salen ahora los Gurus …acaso sale de propia imaginación ? Está de moda ser Gurú y además es un buen negocio….se nota hay demasiada ignorancia en la propia India….no sean bobos nadie se hace Gurú sin recibir de alguien que haya alcanzado la iluminación….y punto…sigan su circo…Adrián desde Perú

  33. I am completely feeling the bliss, I Found the Key and know to unlock it. I am in trans full of ecstacy. Thank you Sadguru. I don't need to come to meet you physically however I am blessed with your mystical way of defining things.

  34. Can anyone please tell me why my body was going in a circular motion after I put my hand on my head when sadhguru say to put your hands on your forehead?

  35. Ohhhhh then u r not supposed to reject the authenticity of Vedas,, Vedas are consisting with various sound of vibrations n it's coming out scientifically also,,the problem is with sad guru it's becuz he is inauthentic of the by rejecting the Vedas , he gives lame excuse for ignoring the Veda manthrams, well this information n method of experiments already there in the shastra nothing new, now the question is this the only methods of experiencing Cosmos (BRAHMAN) obviously NO there are many methods been proven, yama n pranayama for the beginners,,the bottom line why I'm against of sad guru it's becuz of rejecting VEDAS (sanatanadharma) I appreciate of the things what he does by uniting the people for good purposes but this won't last long due to lack of taste ,,on my view if sad guru embrace the Vedas it will benefit the entire human society, otherwise he will continue to speak with his mental speculation n with multiple errors about sanatanadharma will keep continuing,,,
    🕉om tat sat🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🙏

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