Russell Brand on Transcendental Meditation

Russell Brand on Transcendental Meditation

So I met Bobby Roth, wanted to learn about
Transcendental Meditation due to to my dissatisfaction with some of the pleasures that I talked about:
drugs, the fame, the celebrity, the consumerism, the wealth, all of these things that pledge
happiness but deliver so little of substance. And in learning about Transcendental Meditation
I found very quickly access to a deeper state of happiness which is very profound and absolute.
See, like as I said I can only talk about my personal experiences, what it felt to me
was like the dissolution of my idea of myself, like I felt like separateness evaporated,
I felt this tremendous sense of oneness. I find it hard, I’m quite an erratic thinker,
quite an adrenalized person, but through meditation I felt this absolute sort of beautiful serenity
and selfless connection. You know my sort of tendency towards selfishness I felt like
a… I felt that kind of exposed as a superficial and pointless perspective to have. I felt
a very relaxed sense of oneness. I felt that… I felt love. You know sort of love for myself,
but also love for everybody else. A constant sense of absolute love between all of us.
This for me is a beautiful thing. My recovery is contingent upon a spiritual component and
whilst I know the foundation likes to necessarily focus on the practical and pragmatic aspects
of this wonderful process, for me the spiritual element has been valuable. I’m particularly
happy to learn that it is applicable to people that have endured such phenomenal and extreme
experience as some of the military speakers that we’ve heard today. Because, for me, they
exist on a promontory of such phenomenal and terrifying experience with such courage and
bravery, it’s difficult I think to have legitimate empathy for people that have gone through
so much and if there’s anything we can do to assist people, if there is any technique
that can make their suffering temporarily or permanently alleviate, than this is something
we have to research and learn more about, because, for me, what I’ve discovered is that
Transcendental Meditation is useful to me not because of a unique set of circumstances,
not because of my formerly secret brilliance, no. But, because I am a human being. And it
is applicable to all human beings. And what’s really good about that, is literally everyone
in this room is one. And in fact I believe, David will have to confirm this, that all
human beings on our planet are human. And beings. So, we’re laughing. We’re in hysterics.
It’s a good thing, because this technique is applicable to all human beings in all situations
no matter how extreme, trivial or mundane, someone, everyone, can draw from it. It’s
been incredibly useful for me. The other day, as I was just telling David as a matter of
fact, while I was still sitting on the podium before I got seduced by the Clint Eastwood
video and then subsequent speakers, it made me think of a brilliant idea. I think it creates
space in my mind for… I had a really wonderful moment of creativity during TM. So, it’s like
you know, there are privileges and luxuries that are accessible, but also people that,
as we’ve heard today, are in extreme states of suffering can benefit from it too. So I’m
very, very grateful to be involved, I’m very grateful to you, David, and to you Bob, and
everyone who has spoken today, and to all of you for attending. Thank you very much.


  1. Russell Brand discusses his own experience with Transcendental Meditation and how it offered him "access to a deeper state of happiness" and made his "tendency towards selfishness exposed as a superficial and pointless perspective to have."

  2. very nice audience,oh all humans are beings, yes what sort of beings, not all humans on this planet are human beings, there are lots of other beings living on this planet who are not human, where did they come from and we are not the only life source in this multiple universal equation, we are not ALONE.

  3. When listening to someone speak,…… We can either participate in what they are saying, or stop listening. Some of us are easily connected to a healthier living, or deeper spirituality! Now, if one is caught up in every day life? That is all the material, solid objects, people, technology, etc around us. But,…if you can step back……think of all that not being there……and feel for the connection, guidance,…'s free and there! Journeys can be guided! It's hard for anyone caught, my assumption here, in every day life to be open minded to here something different……



  4. As I said on Paul McCartney's talk on TM :
    TM is as useful as having a pleasant daydream, it does nothing structurally to the brain, it does nothing when your not meditating and it costs a fortune, sorry Russell but science proves this. Mindfulness meditation on the other hand is free, restructures the brain, eliminates stress which is why I do it and it has endless health benefits, trouble is it is hard to practice just following your breath and dismissing other thoughts. I practice 1 hour a day no excuses and it has literally saved my life, I have three small parts of my brain that have died, blood pressure 222/111 on medication, now I have zero stress, I no longer even think about past events let alone worry about them, nor do I try to solve tomorrows problems that may never happen anyway…Mindfulness Meditation is the only meditation that grows new brain in weeks, TM doesn't!

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