Rethinking Education, Economics and Spirituality – Sadhguru

Rethinking Education, Economics and Spirituality – Sadhguru

Sadhguru: When we refer to human beings today,
we don’t refer to them as humans, we refer to them as Indians, Americans, Emiratis and
whatever else and whatever else – nothing wrong with this on one level because a nation
is the largest segment of humanity that you can address in terms of bringing well-being. So in that sense, there’s nothing wrong to it… about it. But at the same time, taking these national,
ethnic, tribal, religious and racial identities as ultimate nature of human being will be
a serious mistake and for which we have paid an enormous price in the last few hundred or thousand
years. Too much blood has been shed, too much prejudice has happened. Above all, we stand
divided in so many different ways. Sadhguru: There are three fundamental aspects
or activities through which we are shaping these aspects or these identities within ourselves.
One is education, economics and our spirituality. All these three have become divisive processes.
The way ae… we educate our children is about identifying ourselves with small identifications which
leave us completely divided as human beings. The way we’re conducting our economics again divides
people. Our spirituality has become super divisive process. So how can we address these issues? When it comes to education, it is somewhere probably
hundred-and-fifty-two hundred years ago, this mass education program started. Probably sometime in future,
we will look back and see that this mass education process was one of the most divisive things
that human beings have done. To feed the industrialization that was happening,
we came up with an education package that is common for everybody. Not recognizing the individual
sensibilities and the uniqueness of genius in every human being, we just came out with a mass extruder
program, where everybody will come out as a product that will fit into the economic
process or the larger economic engine that we built. Sadhguru: When we say economy, we are talking about – in a very fundamental way – we are talking about
providing for the people. Providing the fundamental needs and whatever
else they aspire for in an organized manner. But this has risen in such a way that today
nobody talks about anything other than economics. No more discussions about weather is happening
in conversations, everybody is talking economy. It’s amazing, just about anywhere you go,
in the remotest part of India or in the capital cities of every nation, you will see the main
subject of conversation is economics. This is not a progressive thought because
we are shifting to a place where our survival process or organization of our survival process
has become the supreme part of our thought. This is not a good way to go because survival
is a rudimentary aspect. I know we have made it very complicated but
every worm, insect, bird, animal is ta… able to take care of this with a millionth
of our brain. But human being should be looking at much…
something much bigger. Sadhguru: When we say education, from ancient
time’s education has always been about expanding one’s horizons. But today we are looking of education
as how to feed the industry. I’m not saying we should not conduct our
industry, I’m not saying we should have an ec… we should not have an economic process, but
within fifteen-twenty years every child has to be extruded through a machine to serve the economy or the
economic engine, is literally a crime against humanity. Sadhguru: I’m very involved with variouslevels of
schools, rural schools, urban schools, very elite schools of our own and also we
have adopted over 3600 government schools. When I see the children, more than sixty percent
of the children are just bewildered as to why are they being put through this process.
They just can’t figure what is the purpose. At least I could not figure till I was twenty-five,
why the hell I have to go through education, so (Laughs) I didn’t go through much education
because what is the purpose? Well somebody has a purpose for you. The purpose of
life is that this life should find full expression. The purpose of life is not that this life
should serve this or that. Every creature on the planet is always trying
to become a full-fledged life. That is the aspiration of the human being
also. But now we have made that thing of longing to become full-fledged life to find
expression only in economic ways. The only way, you can be something in the
world is, you have to be economically… you must be success in the economic field. This type of
education will smother human genius. Nothing new or truly wonderful will happen. We are only
thinking of how to use everything. Sadhguru: Our idea of education has become
this, we are teaching our children not how to be with everything, not how to be inclusive
– we are only teaching our children how to exploit everything. Our idea of education – unfortunately
our idea of science has become like this, from an atom even to other galaxies, how to make use of them?
People are exploring what minerals are there in Mars. Have you not done emouf… enough damage
to one planet (Few laugh)? Before we learn how to live well on this planet,
we should not step into any other planet if you ask me. (Laughs) (Applause). Sadhguru: Our ideas of spirituality has all
become about belief systems. Different cultures have established different
authorities in the form of books, in the form of divine entities, in the form of gurus,
in the form of various teachers. A time has come where we need to cultivate our children
that authority cannot be the truth, truth can be the only authority. We have to cultivate our children in this
direction. If we don’t do this, you have one authority, you respect one authority, I respect another
authority and inevitably we will fight. We are fighting for economic reasons which
is (Laughs) more tangible fight but we are fighting for divine geography, which is unnecessary
(Laughs). Sadhguru: If you are willing to come to this much realization… If we’re willing to become at least
straight enough in our lives that what we know, we know, what we do not know, we do not know – only then
education will happen, true education will happen. Right now whatever we do not know, we
believe. You believe one thing, somebody believes something else, eternal clash
(Gestures – with a single clap) is happening. All the fight in the world, though it is being
projected as good versus evil, the reality is, it is one man’s belief versus another
man’s belief – endlessly going on, religious or otherwise. Sadhguru: Why is it that we don’t mature? In the next
couple of decades, the entire world… why can’t we do this that we come to this much
understanding, what we know, we know, what we do not know, we v… do not know? This is not
happening because we have not educated our children and adults, that “I do not
know” is a tremendous possibility. Only if you see “I do not know,” the longing to know, the seeking to know
and the possibility of knowing becomes a living reality. Whatever you don’t know, you believe. If you believe whatever you do not know, you will become confident without clarity.
Confidence without clarity is a disastrous process. Where there is no clarity, it is better there is hesitation.
If clarity comes, let’s do everything. If there is no clarity, we should at least hesitate. If you
have confidence without clarity, it becomes disastrous. This is what belief systems are giving people.
People believe something, suddenly they are confident. It doesn’t matter how much disaster it causes
to themselves or to everybody around them but it will go on because we believe. Sadhguru: What we
believe is a psychological reality. It may not have anything to do with the existential
realities where we exist. Education is a way of expanding our
perceptions of how existence is. Whether it is science or spirituality or whatever,
essentially we are trying to know, we are trying to understand, we are trying to grasp something more
than what we know right now. And from our exploration of this creation we know, if we spend another ten million years here, we will still continue to learn. When this is the nature of our perception and this is the
nature of the existence in which we live, there should be no room for
belief. There should be no reem… room for dogma. Education should become a process, where seeking
is encouraged, where every human being becomes a seeker. The fundamental qualification of seeking
is that you have realized that what you know is very little, what you do
not know is limitless. Sadhguru: In the yogic culture there is a tradition that we always identify with our ignorance, not our knowledge. Because what I know and what you know are two boundaries. Knowledge creates a boundary. Our ignorance is boundless. If you identify with your
ignorance, all of us will be together. If we identify with our knowledge, you will be on one
island, I will be on another island and these two islands may never meet. Knowledge or what we know right now, what we have perceived, what we have understood is valuable but it is very puny
compared to the nature of creation.


  1. I could not resist to oppose the way mass education program is ridiculed by Sadhguru. The ancient ashram system had rejected the most genius Eklavya leave the most humble SC and ST ,OBC and poor fellow. It was the failure of ashram education that it could not resist the invaders, produced a divided society. Enlightenment could not protect a society from miseries ,it seems a larger dose of opium for mankind. India is worst sufferer.

  2. What is education if you are not taught in the truthful method or methods of coming to such knowledge? You notice very little is being emphasized on "how to think or navigate" information. Instead, we see a "standard" or objective for the supposed needs to the students. There is a shift for sure. By we rarely understand these shifts. Instead, we operate within the shift.

  3. Superb!
    The textbook with resolutions for most, if not all conflicts, in the world is in front of us but are we willing to pick it up and read it?

  4. What a wonderful time to be alive, Sadghurus voice reverberates to the end of creation and all of creation smiles down upon him

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