Rescue Medium Explains The Mystery Behind Earthbound Spirits

Rescue Medium Explains The Mystery Behind Earthbound Spirits

Hey everyone! I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes,
the channel that is devoted to your spiritual and personal growth, and in today’s video,
we will be talking about how you can help your loved ones to cross over to the other
side if you suspect that they’re earthbound, or they’re stuck. To help us with this topic is my special guest,
Amy Major. Amy is the author of a book titled “Toward
the Light Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls and Earthbound Ghosts.” Amy, welcome! Amy: Thank you for having me. Hi! Nicole: Hi there! So tell us a little about yourself. How did you first know you were a medium,
and how did you become a Rescue Medium? Amy: Oh gosh, if we had 20 hours to discuss
that. I’ve been talking to ghosts, spirits and my
guides since I was two. And I used to have a lot of astral travel,
a lot of past life dreams. I just would have voices in my head my entire
childhood. I had my first earthbound spirit experience
when I was 15, home alone in the shower. That was an interesting experience, and I
think about five years later, when I was about twenty, I went to go see an astrologer, and
she’s like “Oh by the way, you’re extremely psychic. You’ve come here to live a life working for
people in the psychic and mediumship community.” I thought she was crazy! I was like, no way! I am not a psychic. You’re looking at somebody else cause a psychic
is someone with a crystal ball, and they’re looking at their future. And I’m like a ehhh….no! I’m ex-military. I’m very grounded. I’m very logical. This is not me. And she’s like “Oh yes it is!” And there was a psychic center in my town
that I used to drive by, and feel this urge to go inside, like “I have to be there. I have to be there.” And I’m like “That’s it. You’re going in. Let’s see if they can kind of confirm what
this crazy astrologer just told me.” Well, they did. Over and over again. “By the way, you’re highly psychic. You’re highly a medium.” I’m like, I have no idea what you’re talking
about. So I started going to mediumship classes,
and immediately, as soon as I opened up my awareness to mediumship, the room would be
surrounded by very heavy spirit energy. And of course the teacher, and all the students
couldn’t understand why because we’re trying to connect to the other side, and it would
always happen of course when I was in the room. So after a while, I would actually be kicked
out of development groups and circles because I was bringing bad spirits. And they’re like ‘Amy, there’s something wrong
with you because you’re vibration is bringing in very dark spirits.’ And I would get very confused because I’m
like well, what’s wrong with me? And everyone’s like ‘well like energy attracts
like energy.’ I’m like, okay. I’m like, I don’t think I’m that bad. I’m like what’s wrong with me? And I would go through past life regression,
I would see if any spells were on me. I would do all sorts of meditations and clearings
to get this energy off of me. And I would go to my guides , my spirit guides,
and ask them ‘why do I have these bad spirits around me?’ And they’re like ‘Well first of all, get it
out of your mind that these are bad spirits. These are spirits that need help. They’re coming to you for help. And you’re supposed to help them. I’m like ‘What do you mean I’m supposed to
help them? Help them do what?’ And they’re like ‘You’ll figure this out.’ And through out the years, I would connect
with them, see what they needed, go through all their experiences, work with my spiritual
team on the other side and it developed and unfolded by itself to learn how to become
a rescue medium. I was working with groups, working by myself,
working with another teammate and you know, eighteen or nineteen years later, here I am
now teaching about it! And so it’s been a crazy experience. Some good, some really really bad. Cause I had to learn how to become strong;
emotionally, physically, mentally. There were times when I felt like I was going
pretty coo coo, because the further down that rabbit hole you go, the crazier things get
for you. Nicole: Right. Amy: And of course, our world tells us that
everything we’re doing is crazy, and that it’s in our mind and it’s not real. But if it seems so real, and the spirit world
is telling you it’s real, trust your heart, trust your gut, and everyone’s telling you
that you’re wrong, how do you trust yourself through all of that? And that was a big learning experience for
me is learning how to trust my heart, and I knew I was doing the right thing regardless
of what anybody else told me. So, yeah, it’s been an interesting (laughs)…an
interesting ride. Nicole: So what’s been one of your most memorable
experiences with an earthbound? Amy: Oh gosh um, actually one of my first. I was in Maine. I had just moved to New Hampshire for about
two years. I’m originally from Southern California. Yay! It’s very cold up here, by the way! *laughs* Nicole: I’m sure. Amy: I had just moved to New Hampshire two
years ago. Started getting on a rescue team. I had a teacher with me and she couldn’t go
to the rescue, so I took over as lead medium. We went up to a farm up in Maine, and I was
looking around and I was getting all sorts of images of things that were there, and they
were validating everything for me. I walked into the house, there’s a couple
over in the corner, they’re earthbound. They’re looking at me like you just show us
the way, and we’ll get out of your hair. I was like okay, here you go. Brought some people in for them. Opened up a door. Like wow, that was really easy. Why did we have to come all this way? And so I started walking out the door, and
in this huge field out in the back yard, I have this little boy spirit who was running
up to me, waving his arms. And he’s like ‘I’m still here! I’m still here! I need you.” And I’m like, ‘Oh my god. There’s a little boy running up to me.” And they’re like ‘Where? Where?” I’m like ‘He’s dead. You can’t see him, but he’s coming up to me.’ And he showed me, I got flashes of images
of a river. I got to see what he looked like. He was around 10. Freckles. Brown hair. I saw that, I heard that he had been kidnapped. I heard that he was taken. He was hurt and he showed me a river. It all happened in probably about three seconds
of all those images. Next thing I know, I’m like ‘Okay.” I didn’t think anything of it. I brought in a grandmother energy from the
other side. She linked up with him. It was a beautiful experience. He went away. Everything was cleared and they’re like ‘What
just happened to you?’ And I told all these, the homeowners, what
had just happened to me and their faces went white. Like they were freaking out. And I’m like ‘Why are you freaking out?’ And they’re like ’10 years ago, there was
a 10 year old boy that had been kidnapped in Massachusetts, taken by two men up to New
Hampshire, raped, molested, murdered, and they dumped his body a mile from where we
were standing. In a river. And I was like “Oh my gosh!” I was freaking out. I was like “Are you kidding me?” I described what the boy looked like. They validated everything. And I felt so guilty for not taking more time
with this child to get a message to his parents to let them know he’s okay, cause I didn’t
know the history. I was just doing my job. And to this day, I kind of have a little bit
of guilt for that. I’m like, you know what? I did my job. The boy is now on the other side. He’s surrounded by people that love him. He knew he was dead. He knew where he was and he knew he needed
help. He just didn’t know how to get there. And that kind of started my research to figure
out what was the reasoning for earthbound spirits. Did they know that they were dead? Did they not know? How do they get to the other side? And so, that started my next two decades of
doing research and learning and developing as a medium. Cause I now knew that this work was so important. This child had been here for ten years, trying
to find his way into the light, and it took just a few seconds to get him there. So that was very profound for me. Nicole: Yeah. It was probably a gift that you didn’t know
the history because you could get it validated, which you did. Amy: Right. Nicole: And also, he needed to just be able
to get across. So maybe for him, he may not have even wanted
to give his parents a message. It was like just get me the heck outta here. Amy: Right. Nicole: So in your um, in your experience,
what are the most common reasons that people won’t cross over? Cause sometimes, it’s a choice, right? Sometimes they just choose not to go, but
for the most part, there is something that is keeping them here. I know that each situation is unique. Each individual is unique, but there’s usually
some commonalities and some patterns. So what have you found in your experience
working with them? Amy: Well the first thing I want to say is
that there are no spirits that are held back against their will. Every decision that a spirit makes is their
conscious decision. Whether is conscious or unconscious. Whether they know they’re making that decision
or not, it’s their will that dictates whether they’ll move on or not. There are no spirits that are trapped here
against their will. So I want to make that a hundred percent clear. There are some spirits that get influenced
in such a way where they feel trapped. Like they don’t have a choice. But if you get down to the heart of it all,
it really comes down to their decision, whether they stay or they go. A lot of common things really come down to
regret. When they’re making their transition, and
we call transition moving into the light, they start thinking about their life. Things that they’re holding on to. They’re not ready to leave their kids. They’re not ready to leave their house. They’re not ready to move on, because a lot
of spirits are kind of afraid. They’re thinking well if I move into the light,
I’m not going to be who I am right now. I’m going to be different. And they fear for that change. Even though they feel that loving light, and
that vibration, that pull to the other side, they’re like no way. I’m not ready to go. There are a lot of other situations where
somebody dies in such a tragic way that their mind and their soul can not comprehend death. It’s become so tragic to them that they shut
everything out, including death. They have fear. And they can sometimes create a false environment
around themselves due to their fear, and they kind of trap themselves in what we call a
residual imprint of their death where they’re living it over and over again, until they
face the fact that they are dead, and they’re ready to move on. Other situations really just come down to
being pure stubborn. You know. I know an awful lot of older men “I built
this house. I lived in this house 50 years. I’m not going!” And I’m like, dude you can have that house
on the other side. I, you know, I’ve tried to entice a lot of
spirits to the other side, and my guides are like, ‘You can’t lie to them.” And I’m like “Dude, I’m not lying! I’m just telling them there’s an option over
there.” So, it’s just trying to get them to understand
that everything that they have here in the physical world, they can have there and better. So, a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety. A lot of being trapped in their own emotional
torment. And then there are some that they don’t want
to face the light because they don’t want to be judged by the things that they’ve done. They may have really hurt people here, and
they’ve grown up with the belief in religion that judgement is waiting for them, and they’re
going to go to hell. So a lot of that fear comes into play. They don’t realize that the only judgement
they’ll face is the one that they place upon themselves. We all are our worst judge when it comes to
our life. And so you try to explain that to them and
sometimes they know that and they still hide from that as well. So there’s a lot of emotional counseling techniques
that we try to do to help them overcome that fear and that judgement to help them to move
on. Nicole: It’s almost like they’re holding themselves
in self-punishment. Like they feel that they deserve to be judged,
so they’re going to do that to themselves. Amy: Exactly. It happens quite often. Nicole. Yeah. What are some tips that you could give to
people who may have an earthbound in their home, or they may have a feeling that a loved
one hasn’t crossed over? What are some things that they can do to help
that spirit move on? Amy: Well I think they need to understand
that earthbound spirits are very rare. They aren’t as common as having just a spirit
come in and just have a loving visit. So it’s being able to understand the difference. A lot of people get worked up thinking “There’s
a spirit visiting me. I have an earthbound spirit in my house.” Probably not the case. We have so many friends, family members and
loved ones on the other side that are just passing through just to check up on us. They do it all the time. And you’re gonna find that it’s more of a
loving embrace of feeling of someone kind of caring about you, and you’ve got a light
around you. You may see some messages or signals that
come through to you. Now a way for you to determine if you have
an earthbound spirit in your home is it’s gonna seem very overwhelming. Almost like someone standing right next to
you. You don’t see it, but you feel it. It’s strong. It can seem a little scary at times too, because
you don’t understand why it feels so strong. And, quite often earthbound spirits will have
a lot of emotional issues in their aura. So they’re giving off a vibration of something
that may seem a little negative. So when you’re coming across a spirit where
you’re immediately thinking, “I’m being threatened. Someone’s gonna harm me.” So they get a little fear wrapped up with
that as well. If someone does believe that there is an earthbound
spirit in their house, talk to them. “Hey, I’m here. I understand that you’re here.” And if they are acknowledging you, then they
know that they’re dead. If they don’t acknowledge you, they’re wrapped
up in their residual imprint. They’re not aware of their death. They’re not ready to communicate with you. So one, talk to them. Two, breathe. Relax. Do not be afraid. Cause when you are afraid, that gives off
your own personal vibration to them, and if the spirit’s not so friendly, they’re gonna
see you as a victim. And so you never come across as being afraid. Stand your ground. Be firm, and say “You know what? This is my space, my sacred space. I get to determine whether you’re here or
not. So we’re gonna have a nice loving conversation,
and we’re gonna figure out where each one stands. If you feel that this is a family member that
hasn’t moved on, you have to remember a few things. One, not all spirits transition at the same
rate. When somebody dies, it can take a split second
for them to transition or it can take months. Some of them wander for quite a long time,
kind of relieving their own pain, checking up on family members, just kind of hanging
out to make sure you’re okay. No way of saying if they’re earthbound. I would say probably 6 months to a year, if
they’re still wandering, then yeah, I would put them in earthbound category. Until then, we just think that they’re wandering
through. If you feel they are earthbound, and you want
to help them move into the light, talk to them. Let them know it’s okay for them to move on. And that you don’t need them there, because
when they transition they can always come back and visit you later. They don’t have to be right there next to
you, without moving into the light in order to be close. So its more of them being able to let go of
you, and you letting go of them, and letting them know it’s okay if they do. So lots of different situations. Lots of different scenarios. And you have to take them as an individual
basis. Nicole: Right, absolutely. And you also actually have a book coming out
that’s going to talk a little bit more about this, for people who are mediums and want
to become rescue mediums. So tell us about that. Amy: Yes! Actually with Toward the Light, I wrote it
and I had so many people all over the world contact me saying “How do I become a rescue
medium? How do I do this?” And I was teaching a lot of classes, and I’m
like okay, I just need to write another book. I need to just explain to people how I became
a rescue medium, how I learned from other people out in the field through out the world,
and kind of give them a step by step guide. In no way is it to replace professional training. I don’t want people to read this manual and
say “Okay, I’m a rescue medium now. I can go do the work.” This is more of a tool for them to use, and
get information that they’re not going to be able to gain anywhere else. If somebody is really interested in learning
about the earthbound spirits, how to become a medium, how to even develop your abilities,
you’re gonna find it all in this book. It takes you from development as a medium
and as a psychic to doing the rescue work and then doing all the clearing work, too. Because as a rescue medium, we’re more than
just somebody who connects to love ones. We act as security. We act as clearers. We work with elemental energies and angelic
energies. We work as a messenger. So there are many different roles that play
in rescue mediumship then just being a message bearer. So it’s a lot more entailed than regular mediumship
development. So I highly recommend to anyone that wants
to be a rescue medium to pick up the book, and just, you know, ask me questions. I’m here to help anyone in need. Nicole: And what’s the name of the new book
that’s coming out? Amy: It’s called Light the Way, cause that’s
what we do. We light the way for people to transition
into the other side. It is due to release on May 28 (2018) on Amazon,
Barnes and Noble. It is available right now for pre-order. Nicole: Oh, okay. Great! Amy: So be sure to get your hands on it now
before it’s sold out. Nicole: (giggle) Awesome! Well thank you so much for sharing your information
with us and for sharing those tips with us. And thanks again for joining us today. Amy: Thank you so much for having me. God bless to everybody. Nicole: Now don’t forget to purchase your
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