Relaxing ASMR massage with soft sounds & spiritual cleansing (limpia espiritual) and neck cracking

Relaxing ASMR massage with soft sounds & spiritual cleansing (limpia espiritual) and neck cracking

Look my dear, you’re very stressed out. And you have evil airs… yeah? I’m going to give you a little of this remedy… rub it in, and inhale… Inhale my dear We’re going to start with a massage… Like this, towards the back my dear… rub it in like this That’s it… Now let’s start my dear… The massage I’m going to give you consists of helpling you to relax, nerves, and stress, okay my dear? I’m going to start my loosening up these parts that are stiff, tense… [inaudible whispering] Bend down a little my dear… You see how stressed out you are? Did you hear that crack? Yes. That’s the stress my dear, you are very stressed out..


  1. Vcs ficam inventando esse monte de som, e coisas não é legal. Gostava muito dos vídeos de Dona Esperanza qnd ela se ficava mais na massagem manual. Lamentável os vídeos dela terem virado isso

  2. My moms from Ecuador, last time I was there I was 8, I'm 22 now. Maybe Ill go back and visit after medical school. Lo unico que puedo acordar son los Cerros, Guayaquil/ el Malenco?, y Ballenita lol. Been a loooooooong time.

    MMMMM mejor deberia viajar ahora porque del potencial guerra mundial 3 que pasara en los Estados Unidos contra Iran???? LOLOL

  3. A mi gusto los cascabeles agregan demasiado sonido y no permiten enfocarse del todo en el sonido de sus manos o los otros accesorios

  4. Muy buenos los videos ,pero este en lo personal no me relajo mucho con esa cosa q uso para hacer esos masajes pero los demas videos super relajantes saludos desde chile me encanta la señora esperanza 💖💖💖💖

  5. Giving props for the first minute where the camera man slowly zooms in 💖
    Love the bracelets. My fave videos to fall asleep too😴

  6. So this has never been addressed before but would it be possible to have the model talk a little before about how he or she is feeling and a little bit after in how the cleansing helped or didn’t ? I think that would help people understand if the cleansings worked or not

  7. Me encanta el sonido de los cascabeles❤️❤️, pero me estreso ver que se le dificultaba usar sus rodillitos, igual muy buen video 😍🤗

  8. Su voz es muy relajante especialmente cuando le dice “mi vida, mija, mi corazón” a sus clientes! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Me gustan los sonidos pero me gusta mucho más sin ellos. También me encanta doña Esperanza cuando da masaje con guantes!!!! Quizá podrías hacer uno de cada uno 😝 son sonidos, sin sonidos y con guantes! 😉

  10. Эквадорские лесбиянки!) И все эти процедуры проводятся на задворках почему то.)))

  11. Bu masaj yapan kadına bayılıyorum çok naif öyle güzel dokunuşları varki ama son zamanlarda kollarına taktirdiginiz aparatlarin sesi çok fazla geliyor bana belki bukadar yoğun olmasa o sesler daha iyi olabilir. Teşekkürler.❤😍

  12. Nice to have another video of this lady giving a cleansing / massage, in my opinion the bracelets were a bit loud but nothing to stress over.

  13. I really love the seed bracelet sounds and the extra massage techniques in this video. May I make a suggestion that you advise the models better on the clothes and hairstyles that are more practical for the treatment they will receive. I understand that for some people the appeal of the videos is that the models look pretty but it genuinely makes me anxious for them to see their loose hair being pulled, becoming caught and tangled and their clothes getting pulled, snagged and covered in oil. That massage device must have ruined the back of her delicate crocheted top and her hair got caught and yanked out twice by the pepper. I'm not saying the treatment is too harsh but more that the models are not prepared properly for what is to come. I've thought this in many videos but this one seemed particularly bad. Your videos are very calming but sometimes these small details take away from the relaxation.

  14. Почему все девушки не собирают свои волосы?Ведь мешают же,делать массаж.

  15. Masajear muy fuerte no es bueno , puede lastimar mas . Ojala hubiera personas em los States que hiciera algo asi.

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