Relax your face muscles instantly with this face meditation

Relax your face muscles instantly with this face meditation

Your face can hold a lot of tension. This
meditation is to release the tension from your face and head. Let’s begin by
taking a slow breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel yourself
becoming aware of your body, becoming aware of your head, neck and face and how they feel. bathe in the miracle of your face the
way it can show your emotions the way it helps you to eat and talk how the
muscles work to allow you to have your inner voice and move your eyes. Now it’s
time to let those muscles relax. Take another deep relaxing breath and feel
yourself sinking into your chair, bed or floor. Wherever you are sitting or lying. Start to imagine a warm light trickling
down from the top of your head like warm honey slowly warming your scalp. Feel it
sink into your skin warming the top of your head. This warm light is healing and you feel
it dissolving stress as it touches each area. Imagine a faint light shining from
within your forehead shining warm love and an inner knowing
to all you do. Let your forehead relax as you feel the
warmth and soft light relax your muscles. Your forehead feels smooth and any
wrinkles diminish. Now bring your attention to your
eyebrows let go of any tension. We often furrow our brow when we are
thinking, so consciously smooth out the brow area.
Imagine the warmth trickling over the surface of your eyebrows relaxing each
muscle. Move your attention to behind the eyes,
the eyelids and the eye sockets. Our eye muscles have an important job and are
working all the time so now consciously allow them to relax. Smooth out any tension around the eyes. Relax your eyes release the muscles and
let go. Silently thank your eyes for all the
work they do but let them relax for now. Feel warmth and relaxation fill the eye
area. Bring your focus to your nose. This is where you bring in the life-giving
oxygen. Feel the cool air as it enters your nose. It will feel warmer as the air
reaches the back of your throat. Your nose is a filtering and warming system
ensuring you take in clean air. Take in a deep breath and feel it reach the back
of the throat and fill your lungs. That oxygen is being used in all areas
of your body and breathing out brings with it waste products and your worries. Relax your body. it doesn’t need tight
muscles to work, it works better as you relax. Let your attention fall to your cheeks. Imagine a shining light glowing behind
your cheeks smoothing out any areas of tension. Allow them to relax. Your cheeks
play a large part in showing your emotions. Let the light trickle slowly
down your cheeks warming as it goes. You feel the warmth totally relax your
cheeks expanding from your ears all the way to your mouth,. Now pay attention to
the area of your mouth. Rest the tip of your tongue lightly before your top
front teeth, allow the lips to part slightly. Relaxing the upper lip… relaxing
the lower lip. Let go of any tension around your mouth. Bring your awareness to your chin and
jawline. The jawline is often a place where tension is stored. You might tense your jaw or clench your
teeth. It takes a conscious effort to let that
tension go. Feel the tension relax in your chin and jaw as you feel a warm
light shine there. Let that warmth trickle down to your
neck and shoulders. Your entire face, head and neck now feels
radiant and relaxed. Your muscles feel warm and loose. Energy is flowing freely
and easily throughout your body. Now before we end, rub the palms of your
hands together until they feel tingly. Keep rubbing your palms together. Now cup your hands over your closed eyes. Feel the warmth and healing power. Gently and
slowly bring the hands down to the side of your face over your ears, the side of the jaw and then slowly continue pulling the hands down the side of your neck and
to the collarbone . The hands will meet at the heart center. Your head, face your
eyes have all adapted to this relaxed feeling. This is how your face can feel
when you refill your energy levels. You are beautiful inside and out. Notice how centered you feel. Now I’m
going to say some affirmations which you can listen to. If you like you can repeat
them after me in your mind or out loud. I am youthful and timeless… everyday I am growing healthier and more
attractive… I am good to my body and my body is good to me … I am naturally attractive as I am… This meditation can be repeated whenever you want to enjoy a moment to yourself. When you are ready gently bat open your
eyes and gaze around you slowly. Smile and thank yourself for taking this
time for you.


  1. As someone who has dealt with tourettes syndrome, specifically alot of facial and neck twitching since a small child, I want to say thank you for this video because it has given me alot of peace and relief. Thank you for making a difference.

  2. I am too aware of my face and all the muscles and all the parts because of my OCD, I wish I was unaware of these things. But the rest of the video is really helpful thanks.

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