So orbs are basically these like little specks
or spheres of light or color that can show up on photos and videos and sometimes there
just floaty things in the air but sometimes they actually are spirits from another dimension
that are just revealing themselves in a visible manner and in this video I got a couple orbs
on camera and I’m gonna show you that and then I’ll also show you each video in slow
motion because its really hard to see but yea if you just look in slow motion you’ll
be able to see the orbs. So yeah orbs are basically just like they
can be a number of different things but they are basically interdimensional spirits or
spiritual beings that can be either sprites or angels or just ghosts or spirits they can
be a lot of different things. The couple times that I did get orbs on camera
that was all like during and right after I was watching this video on youtube by this
guy named goforitRandy thats his youtube channel goforitRandy and he has like hundreds of videos
thousands of pictures of these little orbs and the orbs are basically he thinks they
are interdimensional beings I pretty much agree with that like its kinda hard to tell
what they are but they are kinda just like spirits basically or sprites some of them
are different things some of them are angels some are sprites depends but anyways yeah
goforitRandy he showed me this and introduced me to orbs and stuff Normally theres no like
little floaty things in my room, so when those orbs did appear that was a special occasion
so I filmed my room for like as long as I could straight without summoning any orbs
and just showing there is nothing normally floating around in here and I just used up
all my memory space on my phone recording this but yeah here I’m just gonna fast forward
it but yeah this is like a couple minutes of showing my room. So this is just to prove to you that its not
just dust thats in the video and it was an orb a ghostly spiritual orb so this is my
room its the exact same conditions (as the when the orb was there) but theres no flying
things in the air whatsoever there is no flying things not even if I like kick some feet like
kick my shoe (lol not wearing any) kick my feet around still nothing but the only time
it came was when I summoned the orb and summon angel as an orb and thats when it came. But yeah as you can see there is nothing in
my room there is no like dust just floating around my room normally. (four minutes of filming my room to show there
is no dust floating around) Yeah that was my control and as you can see normally there
is just nothing floating around in my room even with that special lighting its just completely
empty and I can verify that is true and you can spend hours in darkness here or in semi-light
and there is nothing floating around normally. That was the only footage I got a couple days
ago but I’m going to try to make another video of orbs photography probably outside or something
next time.


  1. Those are definitely orbs flying around, good to see you connecting with these peaceful light beings…Thanks for the shout out, my channel is for anyone who wants to know how to connect with orbs… Thanks for sharing this Ravi…:)

  2. I recorded something extremely bizarre wandering around in my garage! At first i thought it was a bug or dust! But No one can explain or understand what it is! gives me the chills! Check it out!

  3. Funny… I get 1000s of Orbs EVERYTHIME when I just start filming with phone 🙂 It is about THE PERSON WHICH IS FILMING NOT ABOUT ENYTHING ELSE like tipe of camera, time,…HI RANDY:)

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