Real Paranormal Videos! Spirit Activity Caught on Tape! (DE Ep. 36)

Real Paranormal Videos! Spirit Activity Caught on Tape! (DE Ep. 36)

Hey everybody. This is Alejandro. I am back
at Gonzales County Prison. This is the place where my friend Jay got attacked by a paranormal
spirit and we caught it on video. And I am specifically back in the lunaticsí room,
the room where the attack took place, to have an EVP session of my own and to see if I can
reconnect with the spirits that attacked us that day. ìHey lock me in bro. Thanks man.î
ìYeaî. Iím Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer.
Thatís it. Iím locked in. What I have here is a recorder. I want to use this to talk
to you. I want to know why you attacked Jay the night of the investigation. What did he
do? Iím looking at the ceiling. Thereís a lot of holes up there. Some people have
asked me if I thought maybe Jay had an allergic reaction, but that evening I also had a negative
energy latch itself to me. I got very angry and I felt very hostile, like I wanted to
fight somebody. This is what Iím going to do. Iím going to put this recorder on this
desk right here. That way you know where itís at. I know they would lock you up in here
if they considered you crazy. You are not in prison any more. You donít have to be
upset. Youíre free. Why do you keep fighting when youíre dead? You donít have to fight
any more. They locked this door right here. Weíre locked. Weíre both trapped. How do
you think we can get out? Give me a sign. Are you the entity that attacked Jay? Yea?
ìHow did you get in here?î It was unlocked, but someone, someone locked me in. There is
a weird feeling in here. Thereís like, do you smell that? I smell it. Thereís a medicine
smell, thereís a medicine smell in here. Well I just started feeling something. You
donít smell that? No, Iíve been in here this whole entire time. Iíve smelled that
smell before, I canít put my finger on itÖ thereís something right here-hold on, hold
on, hold on! Something.. I feel it on my, right between us thereís something. Yea,
itís right here I canÖ thereís something right between us. Are you walking circles
in this room? Are you in a straitjacket walking circles in this room? Maybe thatís what it
is. A straitjacket smell. Like medicine inside a straitjacket. Is this your corner? Look
at these scratch marks on the wall. Can you see those? Oh yea. Oh lord. Oh look, look,
look, look. If you read some of these thingsÖ thereís, hey hold on, put your hand right
here, put your hand right here. Whoa! Itís cold here right? Yea, it is! Thatís probably
where they huddled. I imagine. There used to be something here. Something was hooked
in. Are youÖ Whoa! Whatís happening? It feels cold. You have a weird look on your
face. You ok? Yea, you alight? What are you feeling Alejandro? Explain to the camera what
youíre feeling. I feel like somebody is sitting either right on top of me, or almost like
in me, and I feel coolness around my hands and right outside me, and every once in a
while, thereís like a coolness pushing down on me. Likeís something sitting on me, or
getting into me, and it made me feel lonely and sad. You want to know something? Thatís
where Mr. Hand saw that shadow. Yea, and also when me and JCÖ somebody saw a shadow right
here? Yea, Mr. Hand saw a shadow right there. When JC and I unlocked that door to come in
here, to let Alejandro know we were going, there was strong medicine smell. I still got
it. It was very strong. You alright man? Yea, Iím fine. I still got it. I smell it! Itís
like, itís having to bear the fact that youíre feeling that feeling. Iím not letting it
freak me out. It could freak me out, but itís just a feeling. Like I almost wanted to jump
up a second. I was like, no, no, donít sit here, but itís not, itís not a danger to
us. Itís just what it is. Itís whatís here. I feel different now. This room is very strange,
thereís just weird energy in here. For some reason, when I was here, when we were in here,
it had just something to do with me. It kept communicating with me. Hey Javier. Uh-hmm.
Stand against that corner. Anything? Look at my legs. Look at my legs. What lights?
My legs. The hair on my legs. I felt like it moved over to this corner, but I didnít
want to come over here. I wanted to see if somebody else felt something. I felt like
it went from me to this corner. My arms. You got goose bumps. Look at that. Look at my
hair. Somehow I knew it went from over there to over here. Are you right here in this corner?
I donít feel like theyíre a threat to us. Theyíre not. I think theyíre more, still
like residual, you know theyíre still re-living, because when I was in this corner lying down
here, I felt like a prisoner in a lunaticís room. Right. Next Monday on Dead Explorer.
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  1. Hey Alejandro when you were in that room and you were sitting on the ground talking about how you felt , you didn't sound like you and for a while even looked different you seemed to me to be taking on the other person's emotion's

  2. Many men died at this prison. They did hangings until 1921. The room I was in was for females and lunatics.

  3. Thanks Charles. I completely agree. This was more of an emotional experience than any physical proof, but it was a real part of this particular investigation.

  4. This video brings back the feelings we all had exploring that old jail, spooky place……

  5. It's ok! I appreciate the comment and agree. When it was open, this was the room in the prison that housed the lunatics. The room is still officially called the "Lunatic's Room". That's why I keep calling it that.

  6. I think if you don't enter with a clear or positive attitude, an intense investigation can draw out whatever negative feelings you might be carrying. So whenever I have some personal stress, I mentally prepare to remove negative thoughts throughout the day before I go to investigate.

  7. hey Alejandro.this vid was a little bit longer than the other ones.Thank you for this.It would be great there come other ones with a longer playtime.I said to you,doesnt matter if you cut or not.We will look and find the spirits on the longer vids from you.bye

  8. I could tell that you were alittle nervous, that makes it more enjoyable for all of us i think. Keep um coming.Great Work………….James

  9. if u look closely you can see a apperation of a head., part of a face, and the neck and shoulders.

  10. hmmmmmmmm is every man and his dog doing this crap now. talk about flooding the net. I was board and honestly nothing unusual happened so whats the big deal

  11. Well it's like anything, there are highs and lows. Some investigations nothing happens and in some everything goes crazy. You never know.

  12. Omg ur nuts to be in that cell by urself lol so I guess this time the spirit didnt feel like he was mad like the last time it could have been another ghost though ..
    by the way love your videos : )

  13. How the hell is this paranormal activity? Your a bunch of guys sitting in a dark room o.O
    Where is this activity

  14. Me and my friends do this as well. We do Seances, go to eachothers houses, search for buildings. I love these vids. It gives me insight on what to look for and the gear you guys carry.

  15. I want to tell you about a flashlight my wife got me,It is the M22 by O'light.(I have the smaller Olight ,the M18 and it is 500 Lumens) It has 3 settings low, med. & HIGH….it is 950 Lumens. That will light up a football field and it is about 6" long. Go GET YOU ONE!!! Has a self defense strobe too that will burn your eyes out!!  You're WELCOME! LOL

  16. Yay and maybe you should work with travel channel and syfy that be awesome for you to start your own show

  17. Did you hear anything when you said "How can we get out?" in the video? I swear I heard (had my sound on 100 percent) a really quiet woman's voice say "Break the window" in a whispery, almost angry tone. Did it happen or am I going slightly crazy XD

  18. I feel very sad for them,if they are lonely and sad as you said, cant you help them get into the light? cant you do anything to help them?!

  19. That old nasty decrepit jail is probably infested with mice, rats, cocker roaches, and racoons. There's definitely an ominous vibe in that room.

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