Real Paranormal Videos! Scary Warehouse Experience! (DE Ep. 29)

Real Paranormal Videos! Scary Warehouse Experience! (DE Ep. 29)

I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal
activity. I am the Dead Explorer. Right now I am on my own, I have been locked inside
the warehouse. This is the hallway that staff reports having uneasy feelings, precense,
light orbs…and I’ve been locked in on my own to do a evp session. So I’m gonna go in
with this camera and we are going to see whats down there. What I have right here is a recorder.
It’s just a device that will capture anything you want to say. I’m going to set it down
here on this table. Staff here report that they have unusual feelings in this hallway
and really just from the length of it you can see how someone might get some vertigo.
I just can’t believe this hallway goes on and on. Look at that! If anybody is down here
knock one of these shelves over. We got some paint. You can definitely hear music from
the back. There’s some damage on the floor. Mike who works here says that he heard somebody
say his name. Can you say my name? Can you say Alejandro? Can you say Mike? I want to
hear some one say Mike. Just down that hallway… its a long, long hallway. Nothing between
me and the end but another camera. Is that you all coming back? “Yea, yea”. Alright.
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  1. Hey, Alejandro. What do you think of those Sony headphones? I've been thinking about getting some, but I'm really rough on headphones and I want to know the quality them. Great video, man!

  2. After you set your recorder down on that package and I read the address on it, I spent the rest of the video expecting it to get surrounded by ATF officers before tragically bursting in to flames

  3. Hey Alex this is real cool stuff; your gettin' into more haunted places as you go along, congrats! and gettin' ,more audience too just fine man, t up

  4. Hey man, long time no see! (Well, it's been a couple of months since I was really on the tubes). Going from strength to strength!

  5. this suxs if u want to catch real ghosts come to new zealand to a place cald kingseat its in the north island and then youl see them move..

  6. LOL! The mannequin was almost creepy, like the game Silent Hill if you ever played that. But thanks, I wanted to experience what staff reported. Definitely disorienting hallway.

  7. Thanks bro, much appreciated. Recently did a 1 hour long iso session, no light but my camera. It gets intense, but you got keep a clear head.

  8. I've pretty much past the point of getting scared! Although I did an isolation sessions for an hour in North Carolina in April, that was a challenge!

  9. in your title it says "i search the world" when in fact you have no international videos uploaded,hmm maybe change that part i think,another thing why dont you upload full videos….making me think that you fake most of this stuff

  10. Working on it. Had to cancel a trip to Australia in August, but I am looking at January 2014. It's short on purpose. It's a web series. Google web series.

  11. 1:40 there is an orb. Come to England there is a pub about 20mins away from where I live and there is said to have about 10 ghosts and 2 demons.

    I have never gone in but my nan did a few years ago and she said she was touched by a ghost about 2 times, also she said when you go in there you feel different and always cold.

    If you can come to England reply and then I will tell you were it is the name of the pub and the postcode.

    Thanks from a subscriber and a big fan

  12. She also said you can hear voices all the time. I was also walking past a few years ago and I saw a misty figer at the window.

    It was real I'm pritty shore it really creeped me out

  13. Sorry, but if you wanna hear sounds or evps it would be helpful to let's hear the sounds and the evps instead of this silly music in the background. Wasted time, guys! Sorry for that!

  14. That's an ominous and haunting sight at 1:40. The dark vibes in that long narrow hall way and the dark vibes from this video are so awesome.

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