Real Paranormal Evidence Compilation – Our Favourite Ghost Captures – Equinox Paranormal

Real Paranormal Evidence Compilation – Our Favourite Ghost Captures – Equinox Paranormal

Hello this is Andrew from Equinox Paranormal Before we get going could you please click subscribe And click the little bell So you will be the first to be notified if we upload new content. Today is Halloween so I thought I would put together a small video of our favourite captures From out investigations and events over the past 3 years Please leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts and opinions on the videos that we are going to be showing you Our first clip comes from our first visit to RAF Wroughon And the Haunted Hangar C2 We appear to have captured a disembodied groan whilst everyone was in the break room During our investigation of Swansea Bay’s 1940s Museum We appear to have captured a couple of disembodied voices Can you move the board to let us know you are here please? Are you hearing noises from there? Yeah… It’s from out there? Are they doing the fire again? Yeah I wondered if it would be us hearing them that way But it’s not, It’s back in there Whilst conducting a spirit box session with out 100 year old piano I captured what appears to be a child’s voice. I have never heard a sound like this come through a spirit box before. What the hell was that!? Was that a child? During one of our visits to Brecon Guildhall We heard loud crashing sounds coming from the attic rooms. Upon investigation, there was no one up there That was them upstairs What are they doing? Table tipping? God, what on earth are they doing up there? What the hell… We may have to go up and check what they are up to I was gonna say There’s a row of theatre chairs up there That isn’t very stable It sounds like it may have fallen over If there’s no one up there now Erm.. through that way? There’s no one up here There’s no one up here! I didn’t think there was There’s no on up here And… Okay,,, I told you no one was up here They haven’t gone through there? No, it’s locked That’s definitely locked One of our favourite captures, is a disembodied scream from Drakelow Tunnels We still struggle to explain this Come on then fellas, let’s get back to work Come on! Ian Yeah? You just had your answer What? Unholy, Shaken, Oi! What? What was that rumbling then? Oh someone doesn’t like me What was that?
Did you hear a scream? That was a scream back there! Did someone hear screaming? That was screaming! That was a definite scream That was a scream! That was a definite scream Down to the right But where from? That was back this way, that was a definitely scream! I think we need to head back towards the… umm No I think it’s trying to pull us away Yeah I think it’s trying to pull us away That was 100% a scream Yeah, You heard it? It’ll be on here Did you hear it? Was it literally like *imitates scream* Yeah

It was literally, it was a scream, it was a proper scream During our investigation of Shepton Mallet Prison We captured this disembodied voice Everybody in the prison wing heard it And it is making us believe that this could be an example of stone tape theory Can you walk up and down the stairs so we can hear your footsteps? Ian that was… ummm… That was a walkie talkie That was a walkie talkie Surely that was a person? He’s not doing a walk around is he? I don’t know That was a walkie talkie, that was someone talking on a walkie talkie Hanging room, long drop Which was are we going? Dead end this way Okay well it wasn’t from down here That’s the morgue I don’t know which way Where would he be if he was doing a… Yeah but why would he be doing a walk around, he knows we are all in here? He’s the only one here so who is he on a walkie talkie to? Yeah, that’s actually a very good point! At Craig Y Nos Castle, A growl was captured on one of our locked off cameras Yours is saying yes and ours is saying no We’re picking up on two spirits Are there two spirits in this room? mhmm Mine’s now a circle Okay mhmm Mine’s now a circle At our first investigation at The Dusty Forge Inn, in Cardiff Francesca and Troy, our mediums, conducted a spirit box session, just off camera What they captured, has become one of our most memorable moments Say something What was that? Hello? Was that you?
Thank you for that If that was you, can you say that again please? What’s your name? Burt? Did he say burt? That was the same voice! Yeah Thank you, thank yo so much! Thank you Our first public event, was at Mansion House in Cardiff During the night, we captured this unusual light anomaly And Finally, When we visited Monmouth Shirehall We captured what appeared to be a door slamming Downstairs when no one else was on the ground floor Are we all upstairs? What was that? There’s no one up there is there? That was downstairs It did sound like a door close That was downstairs wasn’t it? Is everyone here? Yeah Was that upstairs or downstairs? Downstairs I’ll go down and check now I’d say we’ll go down and check just incase There was something down this way I heard a noise then down this way As we were coming down the stairs, I heard a noise down this way Did you hear it? Yeah a little bit of it It was like a door closing Umm.. Trying to think of where this is another door Anything this way? Fire door? That’s alarmed you won’t open that without that going off That’s locked Lift That’s an office It doesn’t make any noise No That was definitely from that way as we came down Okay… So these have been our favourite captures Please be sure to like, subscribe and share And if you have any thoughts and opinions, leave us a comment below


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