Raftaar x Nawazuddin Siddiqui – MANTOIYAT | Manto

Raftaar x Nawazuddin Siddiqui – MANTOIYAT | Manto

Raftaar. The question that
still prevails is that… …why shouldn’t we present
things in the same light. I consider stories as a mirror
where the society can see its image. “People don’t want to
see the mirror I try to show.” “They wanna know my past
and don’t care about my present.” “They try to dig up my
mistake and throw dirt at me.” “But I keep moving on…” “…because I control my thoughts.” “Eyes closed,
ears shut, and their mouths are sealed.” “They have no power to shed some light.” “Throw acid on whoever tells the truth.” “And walk in the open
with masks on their face.” “Off…Off…Off…their
minds are switched off.” “And everyone’s scared
what the other’s going to say.” “They live scared…because
that’s what they are used to.” “If sex is taboo then
why are we overpopulated.” “These people are hollow inside.” “They are right and
everyone else is wrong.” “Rascals…” “Cussing in Hindi is wrong.” “But Fuck is cool,
I wonder which asshole made this rule.” Don’t we hear similar
words out on the streets? Manto is a human being… Manto… Manto is a human being… Manto is a human being… Manto is a human being… I am accused… I am accused… I am accused… Manto is a human being… “They divide…and they rule.” “Bodies covered in blood.” “And the ones that spread
this chaos are ruling over us.” “They are the ones
in power and flaunt style.” “Politics is filled with them…” “…police and thief
have joined hands with them.” “You think I am not telling the truth.” “And you can’t digest the truth.” “Even those older than me are more naīve.” “Even with a short life,
they worry about dowry.” “They kill girls, and don’t raise girls.” “And keep an eye on others daughters.” “They hit on girls and call this chicks.” “And those who don’t fall
for them they call them prostitutes.” “If the father abuses
the mother every day.” “Infants will learn before
they can learn to speak.” “You’ll be a man when you suppress women.” “If this thought prevails,
the country will be doomed.” How can I defame a society
that is already naked? And it’s not my job to cover it up. I use a white chalk on a blackboard. So that the blackboard…can
look more presentable. Manto… “I’ve read you for hours Manto…” “And I want to be like you.” “These guys can’t see the truth.” “Even after 70 years of
independence truth doesn’t sell.” If you can’t tolerate my story… …then it means that this
entire society is unbearable.


  1. Sari haqeeqat bata di ap ne to socity ki. Ap bohat taraqqi karo. Very nice.. too good ❤💙💚💛💜💖💗💞💟❣💌❤💘 sare dil ap k liye

  2. Herat hai paglon pe jo dislike karte hain. Wo aese hi hain jo bandi bolte hain larki ko or jo na patey us ko ran… bolte hain

  3. And people say emiway better than raftaar. RIP to such people. Look at the versitality of raftaar and his choice of words.

  4. Betiya na palte..dusrun k betiyon p gandi najre dalte..ladkiya patake unko bandi bolte h ar Raji na ho sale unko r*** bolte h….true line

  5. Fadddddd🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Don't know why I repeatedly listen to this ..I think the lyrics is so powerful that who are truely a supporter of humanity can understand what it is and the power of the rap

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