Queen Naija – Good Morning Text (Official Video)

Queen Naija – Good Morning Text (Official Video)


  1. Fabulous needs to jump on this with a free style.
    It would be even more fire. I can just hear him in my head dropping some fire verses on here.
    He has the voice for it. It's nice with Queen alone on it for real.

  2. Queen wassup with these Chris sails look alikes? Do not give him no more fame maaan. I need more Karma type, more about living life better without him stuff. We all see it, but I need a bop like Karma.

  3. queen lookin hella good in this vid…been a fan before 2019 and been through everything with her from chris to her dad, now god done did sum special with her….God is Amazing

  4. The video wasn't bad. I just think you should have danced a little more. Even though I know your not a dancer. And I just wish the video had more.

  5. Not to be rude but it seems like Queen get a man and they get her pregnant and they break up like with Chris sails and probably now with Clarence once again not being rude

  6. I hate that you always make his songs about Chris but then you dating Clarence so what is all of this about you and Chris are old like what is Clarence AKA Claire bear saying about you keep making songs about him

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