Psychonauts 2 Update #8 – Psychic Powers!

Psychonauts 2 Update #8 – Psychic Powers!

ZAK: Psychic powers! TIM: Time for another update with Zak McClendon. ZAK: I need a haircut.
TIM: He is going to talk about… TIM: He needs a haircut. Subtitles by @thesirren TIM: Hello, Psychobackers! We are here with another update. TIM: Zak McClendon and I are here to tell you about what’s up with Psychonauts. TIM: Specifically about Raz’s Psychic Powers. TIM: Does Raz have any psychic powers? ZAK: He’s got every psychic power we could think of. ZAK: Quite literally. ZAK: So, we’ve got a bunch of the powers from the first game… TIM: That’s ruined anyway. TIM: Are you going to be able to cut those together? ZAK: Yeah, you cut back to us, and I am actually doing CPR on Tim. ZAK: Telling him to fight: “Fight, damn it!” TIM: You never gave up on anything else in your life! Don’t give up now! God damn it! BUD: You never backed away from anything in your life! Now fight! ZAK: Exactly, exactly.
TIM: I think we gave them a lot to work with. TIM: And it’s all pretty much usable. BUD: God damn it! Breathe! TIM: Is it just going to be the same old powers from the last game? TIM: Boring! TIM: I am trying to set you up to answer that question. ZAK: There is going to be a bunch of new ones. We are not showing them yet. TIM: We are bringing back the best of the old powers in a new form.
ZAK: Yep, yep. TIM: And there are going to be some new ones, but we are not talking about them yet, because of spoilers. ZAK: We could talk about how some of the returning powers actually changed in form. ZAK: So, Levitation… Now the Levitation Ball is just mapped to a button. TIM: So, even the old powers have evolved. ZAK: Yes, yeah. Our goal really for all the powers… ZAK: You know, so the fantasy of psychic powers in Psychonauts 1 was fantastic. ZAK: But they weren’t necessarily as useful across the whole game as they might have been. TIM (mouthing): WHAT THE F***. BUD: God damn it! ZAK: We’ve been working on this with the Powers team. ZAK: So, Amy Price, the programmer on it, has been doing a lot of great work. ZAK: We prototyped a ton of powers. More than we ended up actually using. ZAK: Some of which were just too good to put into a video game. ZAK: So, we prototyped a lot of them. And we’ve just been incrementally improving them over the months and months and months of production. TIM: Awesome! Do you have any proof or the video of any of that happening? AMY: Powers. Almost immediately. PAUL: You’ve always been on powers, right?
AMY: Yep. AMY: From, like, the get-go.
PAUL: From the get-go. AMY: The first meeting I had with Kee was all like: “Hey, so, you want to do powers?” AMY: I am like: “Uh, sure. Yeah, that sounds awesome.” AMY: I just assume I have the best job. AMY: I spend all day making sure that you can do really Psychonautical crazy things. AMY: And making sure it feels fun. And I break the game a lot. AMY: I introduce things that make level designers, you know, pull their hair out. AMY: But we do have the magic carpet ride. We might ship it. Don’t tell Zak. AMY: So, this is… This was something I made for TK. AMY: Which was… The idea was that you wanted to TK this cart. AMY: But if you get in it. AMY: Yes. AMY: It’s exciting, but it’s also just sort of… AMY: Powers. Powers are bad right now. There is no reason to use them. AMY: Or they are completely broken, and if you use them, why you would do anything else. ZAK: Mhm. AMY: That sort of thing. I am just worried about their role in the game right now. AMY: Depending on how they get good, some of the better solutions to a power getting good could disappear the longer we put it off. ZAK: It’s absolutely true. AMY: I am a lot more calm than I was earlier on, when I didn’t know what these powers were going to be or how well they were going to work. AMY: Because they are starting to work really well. AMY: I usually put together test worlds when I am working on something. AMY: We have, like, custom TK interactions. Like, if I TK an NPC, they’ll break it. AMY: So you don’t have the power to throw them around anymore, but that was fun. AMY: PSI-Blast. AMY: There it is! AMY: Ah, there we go. AMY: So, big TK being: “Hey, you are supposed to drag this rock around and it’s too heavy.” AMY: Woah. AMY: Oh, yeah, yeah. This was my propagation test. AMY: Just making sure that if you set something on fire, it will catch other things on fire. Including Raz. AMY: Wait. Oh, there he goes. AMY: And just something that explodes. And the logs. AMY: For no particular reason. AMY: I have a lot of tests. And where I am in production isn’t so much important as it is where the levels are. AMY: I was working on powers for levels that didn’t exist yet. ZAK: No. You would have Pyro, TK, PSI-Blast, [***] and [***]. AMY: Which was really kind of weird, I mean, but we had to do that. AMY: We had to start working on them. AMY: Now those levels exist, they are getting their beats, they are figuring out what puzzles they want. AMY: And the development just sort of zooms off. TK Snapples. ZAK: TK Snapples? JAMES: Yes. TK Snapple bottles. ZAK: All the Raz’s powers are now gotten by drinking the appropriate flavor of Snapple. JAMES: The Snapple Lady can work at the Psychonauts headquarters. ZAK: The Snapple Lady? Is that still a thing?
JAMES: No, she died. ZAK: That’s, like, twenty years ago, isn’t it? JAMES: That’s not true. She is fine. ZAK: I don’t know. That was, like, twenty years ago. She might be dead. JAMES: She might, yeah.
ZAK: Yeah. AMY: Because we know what we want, we know what we need, and it’s coming together a lot faster than before. AMY: When we would try to iterate on a power we would be like: AMY: “Does this feel good? I don’t know. Combat doesn’t exist. We don’t have an enemy.” AMY: Now… Now we have combat, we have levels, we have input systems. AMY: There was a crazy amount of things we didn’t have, and now we have all of them. AMY: And yes, there is a lot of work of just like: “Oh, man. I need to make this performant.” AMY: But there is also just a lot of like: “Oh, this is coming together.” AMY: It’s all sort of fitting together now. TIM: Oh, wait! What is this?! BUD: Linds. That’s it, Lindsey. BUD: That’s it, Linds. You can do it. BUD: That’s it, Linds. Come on back, baby. Come on. TIM: Is it time to say good-bye?
ZAK: Could be. TIM: Thank you for tuning in for this update, and we will be back with more information next time. TIM: Bye! Subtitles by @thesirren


  1. I'm guessing this is mostly a C++ game, but it would be amazing to see this in Epic's modding tab and have certain aspects of the game moddable with Blueprints. Just imagine the amount of brain worlds that would be created, with more variation and imagination than any development team could make. Perhaps later on in the games release you could populate the game world with npc's that lead to modded levels when you enter their mind.

  2. first psycho was my first game ever, i remember that I was allowed to play only an hour a day, and i was crying when gametime was running out
    one of my fav games ever

  3. Hi. I got the idea. At 1:55 min. there is Raz behind Amy balancing on his levitating ball. And I thought what if Raz could combine his levitation and pyrocyneses powers to make big explossive balls, kind a like a timebomb.

  4. I'm worried about the heavy item TKs. I'm afraid that it being slow will make gameplay drag or be tedious if you have to do it all the time.

  5. So we know TK, PK, Psi Blast and Levitation are coming back. The other powers that were in the first game were Invisibility, Shield, Clairvoyance and Confusion Grenades.

    One would hope that Invisibility makes it it, considering how useful it was in the first game. The rest are up in the air.

  6. A dedicated levitation button is a great choice. I can't think of a time when I don't have levitation equipped in Psychonauts 1

  7. Doublefine it’s my birthday Saturday . For my birthday can you give us a trailer for Psychonaut 2 OR make the move I requested plz . You doing shows your listening to the fans . I’m speaking for all of us since we waited so long for Psychonaut 2 and I think we deserve a trailer . Thank you I would love this to my bottom of my heart if you do this and i would support you to the ends of the earth if you would .

  8. I'm so happy this is still going. I also hope there's a feature you can switch outfits like to the one given to us in the end of the first game.

  9. So… will the game also release on Nintendo Switch? I hope it does, because Psychonauts on the go would be awesome! (Psychonauts 1 too would be awesome on Switch, just saying)

  10. I hope that it will be exactly like the same game but it has a diffrent story and diffrent psychic powers but have the same artstyle/ aesthetic and same dark humour.

  11. This is what a dev team should look like, in my humbly no-game-development-experience-at-all opinion. I hope you guys keep the humor at the level of the first game. Not naming any names here, but certain developers seem to be vastly underestinating the importance of humor, a little cynicism, and a little irreverence in a 3D platformer.

  12. Glad to see that Clairvoyance is returning! It might not have been the most useful power, but it was cool to see how every character (with one or two exceptions) saw Raz.

  13. Wow the levels shown briefly, even censored stuff where you could just make out that the levels are big, they look SOOOO GOOD!!! I’ve never been this excited for a game. Thank you, double fine.

  14. Psychonauts is still to this day one of my fav games ever. I can´t wait to get my hands on it, but I will, in order to be the game you guys want it to be.
    Just hope I can get this on the Switch.

  15. I am so fucking excited for this game I literally want to get the $800 version. The visuals look greatly improved I’m just hoping the story and characters are as witty and memorable as the first game. If so then this can be a classic aswell.

  16. Great update! Even in spite of the continuity errors in Zak's facial hair. As a programmer I appreciate that you're showing prototypes/test levels, it's an important part of the design process, and a great way to show that people in many roles make creative contributions to the final game.

  17. I'm so happy that this game is coming out the original came out a couple years after I was born and I played it growing up its definitely my favorite so just thank you for releasing this I will be pre-ordering if possible

  18. We need more Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy-style physics surfing. I could really say that Psi-Ops was a game about the dynamic use of psychic powers, whereas the powers in Psychonauts 1 were merely psychic-themed but otherwise kind of standard. More dynamic, sandbox gameplay is just fun, especially when it breaks. I think there's a great opportunity for this Psychonauts 2 especially based on what we've seen in this video update.

  19. i've been waiting years for this , and at the rate its going and from the updates u guys giveit's gonna be hella worth the wait im so excited!

  20. A few updates ago: "Yeah we're just gonna put in everything from Zelda."
    This Update: Literally flying around on carts with magnesis/tk

  21. hope we get all the crazy interactions and changing dialogs from the first game back. all the attention put into the writing and how the environment evolved, that was partly what made the first psychonauts so great.

  22. So is the second game confirmed to be released at some point or is it still a I don’t know if we’ll finish it kinda game cause I loved the first one and only just found out you might be making a second

  23. I saw people with t-shirts and stuff and it's kinda obvious, but…take some notes from Breath of The Wild if you haven't already 😛

  24. I fucking love you guys and loved every second of playing psychonauts, wish you the best, the amount of psychedelic trips in the first game was so capturing and entertaining, helping people get over their past was so varied and brilliantly executed for each one of them, wish you the best and you'll always have me as a fan

  25. I just played through Psychonauts again yesterday. It's still one of the best games ever made, I can't wait for 2!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!

  26. Sometimes I forget I backed this, but I am happy I did with every update I see. Keep doing what you are doing. Looks great.

  27. Take as much time as you need we will wait! I just bought Psychonauts 1 and played it today. I can't believe on how much I have missed out not playing this game on my PS2 back in the day. I am still mesmerized by what a masterpiece Psychonauts 1 is and how much better it is from 90% of nowadays games. I have also played A Hat in Time and comparing it to Psychonauts even though it is a 2005 game you beat A Hat in Time by 1000000x times ( and not to even mention that A Hat in Time is a great game). The truth is Psychonauts was way too ahead of its time. Even now running this game on my PC it doesn't look old. It has aged very well. Much love to your team.
    Yours Nicolas Nicolov

  28. But what if you could COMBINE powers?
    Combine clairvoyance with a mind swap ability to swap out their perception of you from foe to friend. This could be like one of many solutions to a puzzle. Like you mind swap to one guy whose scared of the authorities, then you mind swap plus use clairvoyance on a guard so that the guard freak out and run from his guard companion and the other chases after to calm him down.

    Or combine pyrotechnic with levitation ball to temporarily fly or bounce higher.

  29. This is weird to say, but..If the Psychic Powers in Psychonauts 2
    work similar to the Psychokinesis abilities in the Destroy All Humans! series

    Then, I will be one "happy camper."

  30. “What powers you ask? I dunno how 'bout the power of FLIGHT?
    That do anything for ya? That's levitation, holmes!
    How 'bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away…
    with MIND BULLETS!? That's telekinesis, Kyle!…

    How 'bout the power… to move you?”

    Please let us psi-blast a yak while Jablinski’s character watches, and then he and Raz can argue about the proper terminology for various powers.

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