Priscilla Shirer 2019 | How to Fight the Spiritual Attack Against You

Priscilla Shirer 2019 | How to Fight the Spiritual Attack Against You

You need to understand that even if
you don’t believe every single thing that the word of God declares to be true about
you, you need to know that even if we don’t believe it, we have an enemy who
knows everything God has declared us to be as daughters, is absolutely true. Y’all, he knows that you
have already been forgiven. He knows that you have
already been given the victory. He knows that he can form a weapon
against you, but that, that weapon will never have the opportunity to prosper. He knows that you have been made
competent by the very Spirit of God. He knows that there is therefore now no
condemnation for those of us who are in Christ Jesus. He knows that
in the end, we win! And I’m saying what a shame it would be,
if he could just sprawl out a little difficulty and challenge in
front of our lives. And it would be enough, to cause us
to shrink back in so much fear and discouragement and anxiety, that we won’t even
step up to the plate of being who God has called us to be. Y’all, we can’t walk out of
these doors after the refreshing, filling experience, this banquet feast, that has
been laid out before us. We can’t walk out of these doors and face
life the way we did before we came in these doors. I’m saying it would be a
shame, for the enemy to believe more about our potential than we do. And so yeah life happens. Gosh, it seems like this whole, this
whole conference has been about struggle and how to handle it and how to worship
through it, and how to circle it and how to ask your questions, but still in
a mode of trusting God, when those difficulties in life seemed to play out
right before our very eyes, when those struggles come up in all of
our circumstances and they will. The Scripture has given us weapons for
warfare Kerry called it a moment ago. Ways we can face the battle with our
chins held high, not in our own strength and power, but in the power
that comes from Almighty God. Knowing that God’s spirit lives
on the inside of us. So our challenge might not go away, but
the way we face it can completely change, from this point on. So I thought, that this would be a
great opportunity in this final session, to give you a final word, from
Paul the Apostle in Ephesians 6. Beginning in verse 10,
he says this, Finally, You be strong in the Lord and in the
strength of his might, you put on the full armor of God, so that you might be
able to stand firm against the scheme. Somebody say schemes, schemes
of the devil. For our struggle, is not against flesh
and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world
forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness
in heavenly places. Therefore, you take up the full armor of God
so that you may be able to resist in the evil day. And having done
everything to stand firm, you stand firm therefore. The Apostle Paul says I’ma tell
you how to have a little victory. I love that the Apostle Paul wrote this
passage to us so plainly and clearly, that he says it is the final word that
needs to be the stamp that is put on your heart, and on my heart
before we leave this place. That we need to be, prepped for victory. That we need to get our war clothes on,
that we need to know, we have an enemy and that that enemy ain’t joking
around, that he is after us. Y’all do know, that this
is not a playground. Life is not a playground. This is a battlefield. And we don’t have to be afraid. But we better be on our guard, ready
to stand firm against the schemes of the enemy. So the Apostle Paul spells out
almost, for the first time in Scripture, very clearly this issue
of spiritual warfare. Other times throughout the Scripture, it has
been, it has been inferred, there have been stories told in the Old Testament
and New from which we can sort of pull out the principles of spiritual warfare,
but this is the first time, that one of the writers comes along and just
says overtly and bluntly to make sure, that you don’t miss this very important
principle that literally can change the trajectory of your entire life. He says you need to know, that your
enemy is not some caricature that wears a red jumpsuit with a pitchfork. That he is very real, and he’s
hoping to disguise himself so fully and completely that we will
forget he’s there. So he says I will say it overtly, just
so that you will never ever forget this, because its importance and you and
I experiencing victory in our lives. He says you need to know you have an
enemy and your enemy is not flesh and blood. Your enemy is not the
person you are sitting next to. Your enemy is not your husband. Your enemy is not your co-worker. That one that if she says one more
thing to you, you gonna knock her out. That one. It’s not your enemy, your enemy
is not your boss, your enemy is not your worst issue in the physical round that
you can see or touch or feel with your five physical senses,
your enemy is unseen. And he’s hoping that you and I will
think, that just because he is invisible, that he is also fictional. He is hoping you will chalk him up to
fiction and then you and I, will not take him seriously, because he knows if we do
that, then we will direct all the wrong weapons at the wrong culprit. We will direct our words and our frustration,
we will throw our money at the problem, we will throw our own rational at
the difficulty that is coming up in our lives, we will use all of the
wrong physical weapons directed at the wrong culprit. I want you to look at the person
next to you and say, girl, you are not my problem. I thought you
were, but it’s not you. The Apostle says it’s not her. It’s not her. There is an enemy who’s
trying to stay disguised, and half of the battle, is won when you and I just get
our eyes off of the physical, the flesh and the blood, and we place it on
the real culprit that is behind the scenes hoping you will forget he is there. So the challenge that you might face as soon
as you leave this room with all of the equipment that has been given to us
through the word of God, through the incredible teaching and passages that
we’ve heard expressed, through the incredible thoughts that have been given to
us over and over again, in worship, and through this conference that has
been laid out before us. If you and I want to be able to have
victory, we have to go out of this place with our eyes on the real culprit,
not directing it toward any other, other person or problem, that will suck from
us energy that should be reserved and standing firm against the
schemes of the enemy. I do like the word
that Paul uses, schemes. Somebody say schemes. If I find out that
somebody has done me wrong. I mean, I would be upset,
but I can get over that. But if I find out that somebody has
been planning to do me wrong, that’s a whole another thing. When I find out
that you’ve been strategizing for this, that you’ve been sitting back watching my
tendencies, and you’ve been trying to put a finger on where I come and where I
go, and what I do and what I think about it, you’ve been trying, to trying to
get a finger on where I’ve been, what my history entails, so that you can
figure out, what are the hot button issues that might be able to send me on
the wrong path, when I find out not only that, you’ve been watching my
tendencies, and my flashes proclivities, not only me, but when I find out that,
that you’ve been watching my husband so that you can figure out what’s in his history, and
in my history that you can use to cause an explosion between the two of us,
so that we won’t be able to be unified in our relationship. When I find out you’ve been studying
him to determine, what his hot button issues are, and what does the
tendencies of his flesh are. When I find out, but not only have you
been watching me, and not only have you been watching my man, but you’ve been
studying, these three little men of God that the Lord has given me a rear. You’ve got your eyes on my kids so
that you can figure out, what tendencies they have, and how you can keep them
from reaching the destiny that God has assigned to them. When I find out
you’ve been strategizing against me, well now that causes a holy indignation to rise
up on the inside of me. I’m not just go, just go stand back
and let you run roughshod over my family, and over my peace of mind, and over
my sense of stability, emotionally, when I find out you’ve been strategizing against me,
well you better believe I’m sure enough to go have
a strategy against you. Yo, we can’t mess around with this. But if it’s a war that he wants,
well then it’s a war he’s gonna have. That we’re not gonna just open up the
front door and let the enemy come into our homes. That you and I are gonna be
the gate keepers that will stand in our doorways and will pronounce the blessing in
the truth of God, over ourselves and everyone who crosses that threshold. That we will speak God’s word over
our spouses and over our children. We will make sure that the word of
God, like Deuteronomy 6 says, is posted over the doorpost, it is planted in
our minds and in their hearts. We will meditate on it, we will know
it, we will make sure that the enemy knows, he doesn’t have any place here. We will go to war for our sense, of
peace of mind and peace of heart, that he will not be able to just come in
and play us for the fool easily. That we will take seriously
the weapons of our warfare. That the victory that we have dwelling in
this place, we will continue to have when we walk out of these
doors in just a few moments. And that will continue to make our homes
a sanctuary where the presence of God dwells, and where the enemy knows
he has no opportunity to flourish.


  1. Thank you farther God
    I just like a woman who speak like this and I wanna be like her I want to be a fire women who fight every spritual bottle and win in jesus name
    I want to be a good army of jesus
    I want to win all bottle against me and my family and friends and every people like David my role model
    Please father continue to be with me and teach me to fight and win
    Father God I want you to full me with your power and your holy spirit guide me every single moment of my life
    I love you father God
    Love you jesus my Savior love you holy spirit my helper🤗🙌

  2. Help me with prayers Priscilla ,I thank God I just woke up in a night !made seeing these spiritual attacks,every time I woke ,help me please, I pray rebuking this but I keep on seeing them in my dreams,why

  3. Glory be to our father God he is the almighty the beginning and the end . No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Not Prosper. Everyday I have to put on the whole full armor gear. to fight the good fight of faith that I walk in everyday with you lord the battle is already been won by you God . I love you God for all that you promise me . God bless you all. I know this message was for me..God you r amazing !!!!!

  4. I praise Jesus for giving me the victory and transforming my life. He has set me free from wrong thinking and transformed me by the renewal of my mind

  5. Very powerful words indeed,your preaching has changed my life very much and may the Lord bless you abundantly miss Shirer.

  6. Let me always trust my Lord in good and bad times. Your well speeches real changed my life i am proud that am a born again man now and close to the Lord.

  7. Glory to the Lord mighty,I have enjoyed every moment you preach about our Lord and salvation. Be more anointed my sister.

  8. Satan is Real! he uses Real warm bloody people that allows his spirit inside of them, they can be your enemy. Yes my strategy is of God! They got to Go!

  9. its enemy coming against ,you spiritual in life, when you right in the middle of a break through in life that would be life changing in many area's of life , you will get hit hard….. some day you stand strong ,and don't back down put on the full armor of god and win

  10. Woman of God my name is Nicole Hippolyte and this message hit me so hard I hard to break down in tear please pray for me Amen

  11. It's the hardest thing in the world when when someone on your job sit down and talk to a patient pretend to be you and steal their debit card bring it back to patient and say oh I'm Vera I found it. That's serious to. I can't understand why someone would go that far to to hurt me. I understand what you are saying but I'm feeling a pain I just can't explain

  12. Amen and Amen i receive MY breakthrough,Oh Father i believe you are fighting over my battles and every situation in Life IN JESUS Name Amen

  13. I know that this was for me to hear. God has won the victory!🙌🙌🙌 God gives us the weapons for spiritual warfare. I put on the whole ful armor of God everyday he has the final word . for the enemy has room in my life. I take up my soward and fight back . the tries to come in any kind of way. I have to stand firm at all times he come in a undescized way . sceames, plots , set ups, a hunt for what we have . I come against it in the mighty name of Jesus. I put the blood of the lamb and the blood of Jesus over my self and family in Jesus name.

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