Power Rangers Mystic Force – Udonna’s Son | Episode 17 “Ranger Down”

Power Rangers Mystic Force – Udonna’s Son | Episode 17 “Ranger Down”

Thank you, Jenji. I’m glad you’re back with us. I was pretty good, wasn’t I? Look out below! Thanks for the lift, PJ! Tomorrow, we’ll work on the landings! He’s a good boy, thank you so much for letting me dragon sit him. Anytime, Phineas. I never got to see the other baby I left in the human world 20 years ago. Kinda makes me sad. What baby? Oops, did I say baby? No, no must have just
sounded like I said baby. What I actually said was, clayby. What about… Her will is too strong. Must tell the truth… Okay fine. When Daggeron and Calindor were having their little dispute 20 years ago. I found the baby, yeah. But with the great battle going on, I knew I couldn’t care for it myself, so I took him to the human world. I left him somewhere safe. Bowen? Bowen is alive? Daggeron! I have to find him! Udonna wait, if he is in the
human world, then he is safe. We should focus on destroying evil before we put Bowen in harm’s way. If they find out he’s alive… You’re right, we must
keep this a secret. From everyone, or Bowen
will be in grave danger.


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