Power Rangers Mystic Force – Mystic Morphers | Episode 2 “Broken Spell”

Power Rangers Mystic Force – Mystic Morphers | Episode 2 “Broken Spell”

Claire. Coming. Oh child! (recites spell as magical bells chime) Why didn’t you do that before, do you know how warm it
was in all that wool? If I do everything for you,
then how will you ever learn? This time go nowhere without them. Uh-huh, we already learned that lesson. But to tell you the truth,
walkin’ around town, carrying a wand, well, it
might be good for Chip but– (girl giggling) Very well. Utum zore. (magical bells chiming) I hope you find these more
to your generations’ liking. Cell phones, very cool. They are your mystic morphers. They are activated by spell
codes that you will come to learn along the journey. Now go back to the city,
live your normal lives, and wait until you need it. Remember, there’s evil everywhere and you would be best served speaking to no one of what has happened. I can show them the
way out of the woods. No, they must find their own way. Just remember, the trees are your passage. How could a tree be our passage. (magical chiming) Whoa, guys, so cool. Just touch the tree and bam, you’re flying through roots, branches,
stems, leaves and bark and– Just think of the tree in
front of the record shop. Really, it works. No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
there is no way that this– (boy screaming with magical ringing) Huh? Huh? Okay, it can. (magical chiming) Uh, hey you guys just… From the tree… Hmm? Nevermind. [Girl] You feelin’ okay? Uh, I’m gonna check this out. Hmm. (bumping of head hitting tree)


  1. Personally, I'd go with turning the rangers' wands into their magi staffs. So that when they are casting out spells on their enemies, they are actually using them in battle. Just like in the Harry Potter movies, only this time, they're moving around from one scenery to another. And the Mystic Morphers….just have them be connected to their wands, but separately when they need to unlock some new spell codes and actually imprint them on the Xenotome so that way, they'll know which spells they could use in battle and which ones they should avoid using, in case of an emergency. They can still use two sets of wands though. Just one where they have to actually rely on the magic that is being given to them and the other where they're just going through some personal growth and development, but are actually connected to their thoughts and feelings. Hell, I think RPM actually did that whole "I Believe in Magic" thing better when the rangers were being given their morphers, save for Ziggy. But, once they've bonded with their morphers, they are now granted access to tap into their respective suits' technology and they have to learn how work the abilities being given to them as they are each drifted compatibly.

  2. You know Udonna, I think Claire should definitely show these guys the way to get in an out of the Mystical Realm, just in case if they get lost or if they need to know which is the correct passage way to gain access to. I'm just sayin'!!

  3. Phones just like morphes from power rangers wild force firmly activated say wild access put on your head and doing hand mode and mystic activate again typing mystic codes on sky say mystic force that all I can type sorry to much😳😫

  4. I wonder if this season is set in the middle of the 2010s, the wands (or mystic morphers) may be turned into smartphones and they won't have a keypad. LOL

  5. So Harry Potter-ish with the spells! The west did a better job of incorporating the magical theme than Magiranger.

  6. I still think they should have made the wands into the magi staffs and then created the morphers out of nowhere as a secondary set of wands. That way, the rangers could actually use either wands to enhance their powers and to fight the enemies.

  7. bruh i remember i used to have a mystic morpher with the crystal and everything ahhhh where did it all go

  8. Claire is basically the comic relief character in this series
    When there is trouble, she almost every time makes a silly mistake (I think because I did not watch the full series yet

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