Power Rangers Mystic Force – Jenji is captured | Episode 18 “Dark Wish”

Power Rangers Mystic Force – Jenji is captured | Episode 18 “Dark Wish”

They captured him? There was really
nothing else we could do. So you relied on Jenji? Hey, we had to, there
was no other choice. Now that they’ve captured him, they can wish for anything. I wonder what they’re gonna wish for. We must be prepared for the worst. With our recent victory
over the Power Rangers, I have fulfilled my plan. We have acquired the most potent weapon. Yes! (cheering from audience) My new generals, Fightoe
and 50 Below have succeeded! Today will mark the end. At last. This is exciting! I am the great genie, Jenji! I grant you one wish. Oh, I’m gonna regret this… I wish there were never
Mystic Force Power Rangers. No, no… Come on. Hang on a sec, guys. I’m not completely out yet. Everybody grab hold. Come on, Chip. Feel that? Felt it alright, right to the bone. What’s that? Aw man… (ominous music) Udonna, what’s happening? It’s like the world
has turned pure evil. I have never seen anything like this. Daggeron!


  1. Technically he said I wish there were never any mystic force power rangers it came from inperias's mouth 0:48

  2. Man, the Mystic Rangers are so *screeeeeeewwwwwwed!*😁

    "Tune in next time! Same Mystic Channel, same mystic time!"

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