Power Rangers Mystic Force – Fire Heart – Megazord Fight | Episode 7

Power Rangers Mystic Force – Fire Heart – Megazord Fight | Episode 7

Defeat is not an option. Ulthe Mejor! No way! Time to go Titan! [All] Ready! [Announcer] Galwit Mystos Prifior! (dramatic music) Guys, little help, the meter’s running! How about we shoot score! Yeah! Woah! Let’s give this guy a flip kick! Alright! Good one! Right on! [All] Titan Megazord, Formation! [Announcer] Galwitt Mystos Unios! (dramatic rock music) [All] Titan Saber! Let’s do it! [All] Mystic Spell Seal! Yeah, you’re toast! (huge explosion)


  1. mystic force is a pretty good season but I think if they focused more on the rangers instead of the side characters this would be an extremely awesome series all the times they focus on the rangers the show is at its best the villians were kind of boring and didn't have much to add in my opinion

  2. I forgot what the normal megazord looked like since I only remember the powered up one they got after they got their legend powers.

  3. What I hate about a lot of children shows that deal with magic is that all their spells and such are in English, I just don't think that logically makes sense.

    But Mystic Force is great because their spells are in some unheard of language and it sounds really cool.

    Also I can't get over how fantastic their morphing and zord summoning is.

  4. I still can’t get over the fact that the titan megazord is wearing a wizard hat

    It’s just a pointy hat and it’s great

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