PISCES May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

PISCES May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

PISCES May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading
Monthly Horoscope welcome this is the energy vibration
reading for the Pisces hello okay I’ve changed up the reading
kind of tired I’ve seen my own face on the videos so let’s see what’s coming
out for the Pisces this month yeah this month is the month of May you have the
energy of a Wheel of Fortune positive moving forwards some of you are
protecting yourself some of you are not trust in a situation this is your energy
let’s see what’s going on for you Pisces so we have four weeks this energy is for
the month of May is the energy of strength we have four weeks you have in
the first week the energy of the magician this is beautiful second week
we have a victory and a success you Pisces that is so powerful money is
gonna come in the third we cook it’s not a question judgment is in the last week
so wonderful energy is beautiful month for you Pisces so we have the energy of
the magician coming in the first week which you have here fire earth and water
and seeing that a lot of you guys are coming up with these positive energy of
all four elements in the week of the month for you guys so this is good a new
Pisces are really coming in this month of May very strong because you begin the
month with a yes in the first week the energy of the magician second week the
victory and and the chariots third week the energy of the Empress which is good
if you have a car business it’s going to be good if you’re a car salesman it’s
going to be good anything to do with car it’s gonna be good okay something
miraculous is going to be happening with your car whatever transportation you
have something miraculous is going to be happening the judgment calls is really a
positive message they are saying that is coming out so let’s look and see so the
first week second week third week yes yes yes and the fourth week we’re going
to check out what is happening so the magician and
Sharia what is this same new start and the magician and the chariot is a
booster new start in your business new start and you having all the tools that
you need to make this new start it’s definitely going to be happening
whatever you decide to do in the first week and the second week it’s a yes go
ahead and do it – yeah three yes energies in the second week going to the
third week I love your reading The Wheel of Fortune is the center so you Pisces
are gonna be very lucky especially in money okay
travel in this is just going to be good if you’re doing business abroad in that
sort of a thing it’s going to be good the Empress and judgment is here and
justice is going to be coming in so whatever the situation is that was
transpiring with your materialistic world and your materialist it could be
affecting it could be a house situation it could be a situation that has to do
with your your materialistic of wealth and there was some injustice that has
played this is going to be creating and clearing up and you start a wheel of
fortune in a second week and the chariot you’re going to be taken down a
situation that no longer serves you okay so that is good you have done that
energy of the devil so what is happening is that you Pisces is going to take down
the energy of an lower energy person or situation that is affecting your life is
as if you realize the lies and deceitfulness that has been transpiring
and you decided hell no I’m handing this okay the strength comes out as your own
energy vibration you have the energy of strength so let’s pull these cards up so
we could have space so you guys we could see the energy um just this came in the
judgment call where justice came against a negative situation lies and
deception that has been going on energy of the tongue that the tower is removing
and end in a deceptive situation that has been transpiring and this is very
good some of you were dealing with an
organization that was playing some games and deceitful things and justice came up
against this organization just this came up against this organization and what is
happening and what is transpiring is that um you yourself stand your ground
and take down a deceptive play that has made and this is good
um Pisces this is a powerful month for you guys you are going to be victorious
and successful over and not a spell some of you are protecting your financial
abundance e your financial stability you’re protecting these things and you
are at the point where you are like I am in then all the BS okay so you Pisces
decide hell no I’m gonna make this work the way I want it in the way that I
think it should go okay as if you Pisces realize that there has been some
deceitful situation so in the first week you’re going to be having a new start
because you’re ending a situation you’ll find it in a strength to move forward
okay so whatever is strengths firing in the first week is that you are deciding
to let go of the situation and you are going to find it inner strength to move
forward and this is good some of you could be receiving said the air from the
sagittarons to help you to end the situation and move forward the chariot
is here in the chariot is giving you a good start because something is ending
that is going to be opening up the Empress is here and you have the Empress
and the Wheel of Fortune so some of you there was something or someone that
tried to take away your possession and justice came in and says no justice
came in against the organization and said no and you can’t you know whatever
that is the last week is that you are going to be receiving news that someone
an organization that try to deceivingly do something has been caught patient and
planning is here for you Pisces so you’re patiently planning to move
forward with something patient and planning then you have emotional loss
where some of you are going to be I’m feeling emotional
lost with a situation then you have choose wisely
so it’s really an emotional month where some of you are going to be stepping
back and planning how you’re going to be moving forward okay you’re gonna be
stepping back planning how you’re gonna be moving forward now something is
ending a deceitful thing is ending and you’re gonna be receiving a lot of
offers and they’re saying choose wisely okay you need to also work on the heart
chakra because there was a lot of obstacles with really negative energies
that was there around you and now you’re going to be breaking through these
negative images and moving forward okay so this is really positive because it is
that you decide to make new choices new decision in your life okay and whoever
and whatever is they’re trying to block to you it’s not gonna happen your animal
spirit guide for the month is the pig I love this pig this is one of the most
beautiful card number 11 a whole lot of duality is a whole lot of doors it’s
going to be opening for a lot of you guys and a pig says use your mind wisely
and wisely comes up twice in your read so it’s about you thinking more about
building something in your life and stop thinking about sex cuz that nuts gonna
help sex is just two minutes of pleasure that’s it okay so you’re gonna start
using your mind wisely release yourself of sex for this month think about
positive things think about how you can build something in your life think about
how you can move forward in a positive energy where you are going to be making
a shift of consciousness for yourself okay so it’s all about and instead of
your thinking about sex and you know seriously sexist nice sex is positive
whatever you’re with the person who you really enjoy it’s late but let’s let’s
kind of look at it it’s just two minutes of pleasure ladies and gentlemen and the
pleasure can come from your side the pleasure come from the other side but
for the rest of it sir you know that’s it so ascendance masters you have less
Palace I’m Tonetta and she says I used the sword of
truth to heal the world i used the source of truth to eel the world and
this is another positive energy because she is known to be the goddesses of
truth and wisdom and i like you pisces because you always cut the BS out and
just get to the point and again with them truth and wisdom is going to be the
tamer for you guys in this month she’s also the Lord of karma so always
call up Palance Antonette because she’s the Lord of karma whenever you are
having a situation with someone is just car Matic situation that you’re reliving
call our help to diverse and the divine intervention okay for Trey olds the
Sword of Truth to show humanity in a way although she is she wheels or swords for
the eyes ideas and divine shoot she prefers to
use wisdom to settle dispute your guidance is to follow her example see
the aya suppress perception in all areas of conflicts draw on your abundancy of
wisdom and tackle to communicate with everyone connected to use the sword of
truth to point you in the divine in the divine way forward ok so it is a month
where you guys are going to be using the sword of truth to cut through the BS and
you’re going to be good at it you’re definitely definitely going to be
good at it because I love you Pisces because and I don’t care what other
people say about you Pisces that you like to sleep around whatever I do love
you Pisces because you guys are just so you just get the boat vs out of the way
okay and you can just listen to people and their sad little BS story and you
know the truth between the lines okay so no wonder the Pisces and the Capricorn
star is so good together because they know that when people are just BS in
okay so for the Pisces what is coming out old your Center
this has been an energy that is coming out for a lot of you guys hold your
Center cross watch cross was crossed out because this energy comes out about
holding your Center and that is when you’re grounding yourself because here
information is going to be coming in and that information you’re going to be old
in your Center in the way of you’re going to be okay I hear you I hear you
but that is just bs okay but that’s how you guys are it’s
like whatever BS okay so that is good so whenever you receive the energy of hold
in your center it is I am empowered by divine love to hold my center to be in
my truth to stay strong and to be in my integrity and to act with courage the
only energy I invite and allowed to remain in my fields that which supports
me unconditionally and with genuine love I love my boundaries they are the way
that I lovingly choose which energy to invite in my life
and which energy I choose to pass right by okay and trust me some of you Pisces
are like this youth that you see people in situation a I’m like bye no for me I
love myself and I love my life part now I hold myself with powerful and care and
communication may all beings know that their true inner strength through their
own free will and on conditionals and alpha and so be it so this is a
wonderful wonderful May month for you Pisces and joy cross watch cross was is
very important for you to cross watch because there is just so much that is
going on for you Pisces there is just so much that is going on for you Pisces and
I love this month for you Pisces because you’re definitely just cut in the BS out
it’s as if hey really people I don’t have any time for your bonus okay so
this is really wonderful and really fine I’m saying namaste until next time


  1. I hope I love him but he needs too get it together, and leave the 3rd party and any baggage behind. I love him but won't deal with his toxic crap

  2. Yes mam! Just got my settlement from an injustice committed by an organization. I definitely stood my ground!

  3. Thank you Kathye! Thank God for discernment! 🌟🌟🌟 Will let you know if the State Bar comes out with their decision this month…3 complaints against 3 lawyers open now for nearly 11 months…it's not looking good for them but means sweet justice for me…finally. Perhaps this is what you were seeing. We love you too. Love & light to you always. Kim 🌏🌎

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