PISCES June 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Reading by Nicholas Ashbaugh

PISCES June 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Reading by Nicholas Ashbaugh

hi there Pisces and welcome to your June forecast it's really great to see everyone and I hope that this month is getting off to a stellar beginning for you I've been telling every sign this month that I really really enjoy the June readings because we're at that midpoint of the year which allows you to kind of do a mental reset if you need to you can look back at all of the sort of hopes and aspirations that you had back in January and decide one are you tracking to them the way you want to be tracking and – is there anything else that you want to focus on instead so this is a chance where you can kind of juggle your your resources your time your energy and really make this latter part of the year count before we get started I'd like to remind you that you can always use these readings for your Sun your rising as well as your moon sign and you can look at them on behalf of someone that you care about now if you don't happen to know all of that information then just stick with the sign that you were born under and you'll get more than enough information by doing that – all of my returning fans and viewers I'd like to say thank you so much you really make everything that you see here possible and I appreciate you and if you're brand new I'd like to introduce myself my name is Nicholas Ashbaugh and each and every month I really take a nice deep dive into all of the options and energy that's coming through for each sign I do that by really separating things in three different parts I start with some channeled information be getting into that in just a second so stick around for that then I like to take a look at a Celtic Cross and I expand the forecast every month to include health wealth love and destiny as well at the very end I will review what we talked about and also provide a closing message so I encourage you to watch that as well and if you like what you see here at that point I'll also give you some information on how you can give back to the channel that can range from liking and subscribing to booking an appointment or most importantly if you really want to make a difference you can become a patron and do either like a one-time contribution or an ongoing one again more information on this at the end but right now let's get into your channeled message for the month ahead this month as I meditated on the cards I received a couple of images the first one was an hourglass that was kind of dropping the last few grains of sand I also kind of saw what looked like a finish line and when I engaged in automatic writing I wrote down two words I really think that what's coming through this month is a chance to to resolve to complete to also release anything that you really don't need anymore so this is a chance for you to finish to finish things up and then as I said at the beginning this can be your sort of second chance in the midpoint of the year now to start something new so just like that old-fashioned hourglass you can turn and reset and the next part of the year should be really interesting and as we look at the cards here in just a moment hopefully we'll see some areas where you can let go and maybe some places where you can begin I think that's the real message and the real energy for the month ahead but with the completion and resolution some of you might be wrapping up a contract a program there might be something that you are letting go of it could also be like a relationship or a marriage or selling of a house so any of those energies seem to be coming through at least intuitively to me alright let's move along to the Celtic Cross I'm gonna remain quiet as I lay out the cards but I'll rejoin you afterwards to really relate how this is going to make sense for you and the month ahead in your catalyst position we have dreams coming true and it was reversed but let's talk about it in the upright position first this is basically a card of manifestation now you notice in the upright position there is this sort of receiving energy that you not only are starting to create something that you might share but you're going to allow for the the channeling of information inside energy to do it you're going to allow for people's feedback maybe people's gifts or their generosity and in order to do that you have to believe that you deserve it as well so there's a self-confidence piece there's just the ability to be quiet and allow for things to flow through you and then basically just saying yes to the dream or yes to the vision there's a little hesitation here and I think what happens with some of you is there is so much maybe effort in supporting others or giving to others which by the way is it's good to do those things but not at the expense of your life purpose your health or your well-being so try to find some balance this month and invest in yourself and invest in the big dream that you have because the overall energy this month is saying hey I want to come through are you ready to receive me and that's ultimately your own free will but I encourage you to do that because it looks beautiful looks like this could be something also that could have a really big impact not just on your life but others because we see that whole galaxy or universal energy they're looking at the center card and I think this can help us focus what's going on with the dreams come true is the star card probably one of my favorite cards and all of the major arcana but the reversal of the star is basically reminding you to do some things to open up let's talk about the upright position first I think that always helps the upright star this is about stepping up to the plate this is about taking perhaps a position or some sort of a stand on some where you're going to be seen or known or accountable accountability in general is a part of this integration is also a part of it it can indicate celebrity political sort of position where you're gonna be fighting or advocating for others and finally it's just about a connection to your life purpose the star card is good all across the board but with the star you can't hide anymore usually the card is shown without clothing and there's a lot of light obviously in the card as well and it's basically showing that there's no more facade there's no more boundaries you're not hiding you're showing all of your two colors the reversal of this is sometimes you muting or dimming your light because you want to appease or protect somebody this could be also a decision to not do something because the visibility could impact maybe a child a partner a family member etc and that's a personal choice there's trade-offs with the visibility if that's the case but if you have a sole purpose or dream or an aspiration and somebody's coming in and making you question it then the reversal of this card is basically saying you shouldn't accept that rejection so quickly you should really get back into your souls like your souls purpose because with that we have a crossing card of Queen of coins or queen of Pentacles there is a future there is not only sort of this self-fulfilling sort of satisfaction that happens but also there is going to be people that are interested in purchasing supporting or listening to whatever it is that you're trying to share so I'm encouraging you to go after it if you want to the queen of coins or the queen of Pentacles crossing this can also be the person that's giving you a hard time now Pentacles is a great suit but it sometimes is overly sort of grounded so whether it's an earth sign or just someone who can't see past the practical if you're trying to do something esoteric or spiritual which is often the case with the star card and there's somebody that is overly analytical scientific or only believes what they can see or what's on paper then of course they're not going to understand it it's important for you to go after what you want and I know at the end of your days you're the one that actually judges your life your actions your decisions and so don't let someone else step in the way they're the other thing that I'm seeing with this is with the queen of coins there could be a chance for some of you two to sort of create a space for somebody because for me this is like a universal mother card and so you may be using your influence with which is the star your resources which is the queen of coins and perhaps creating a not-for-profit business or some sort of charity or some sort of gift to the world which is kind of why there's a little bit of both energies here giving and receiving so the question will be how you can make it sustainable how you can make it profitable okay as we look in your deep past we have the seven of swords in Reverse this is really encouraging you to be as transparent as possible I think some of you have already learned or mastered that lesson in your life but if there's anybody left anyone in the periphery even someone in your family who you continue to sort of have issues with this card is reminding you to stand firm in your decision or your position of transparency and being honest with them so hold them accountable if they've done something where you know they've either lied to you or stolen something or just kind of messed up on some sort of an agreement this is about no longer sweeping that under the rug a lot of times we're very forgiving of people that we care about and that makes sense we should be but if someone is continually falling down on their promises and just lacks integrity or accountability the the lesson and the message this month is this is probably one of those areas where you don't want to put a lot of energy we talked about completion this is a cycle that needs to end so unless someone is either ready to receive the help or ready to improve upon that area of their life then it's okay for you to let it go and let them learn on their own those different lessons much like this galaxy card here where there are different solar systems and when you look at a solar system sometimes a planet a moon some sort of heavenly body will kind of be ejected from an orbit this happens in our own lives as well we naturally expand and contract the group of energy and the group of people around us as we need it and I feel like there are some people that are kind of orbiting out this month and this card is saying you don't have to stop them we don't have to try to control or to fix or to help someone who can't receive it okay the other piece for you is that that there's any part of your life that you're not happy with and if there's anything that you really feel like you need to improve or to address it could be health it could be a habit it could just be something that you're afraid of or uncomfortable with I want you to spend some time in meditation or maybe talking to a professional or however you're going to deal with this but you need to resolve that because that sort of stuff is pulling you down and it's lowering the frequency so whether it's an external source or an internal source this is something that you want to let go this month we have great news when I look at recent past year the queen of cups is showing that emotionally speaking there's a lot of love of joy and also creativity for you this month you can use this passion in any way that you would like it could be manifesting as a wonderful water sign or a new love interest in your life but it could also simply be this new sort of sunny disposition or this increase in vitality and passion and hope and coming in here in the recent past that means it's really accessible here right now as you're listening to this video so I encourage you to utilize that however you would like the main message in your crowning card is being prepared the nine of Wands usually shows someone who has worked really hard to get where they're at but sometimes they've worked so hard that they may have lost perspective I think what's important for you to do this month is to take a little bit of a break look at how far you have come look at what you've done to get there and celebrate the success and also look at how little distance you have to kind of get to the next level and if you can't see it or can't feel it then I just want you to believe it because once you accept and think you know what I'm gonna be fine all of the sudden things are going to start to open up in your life your disbelief is the block so I want you to just think I'm now ready for this to come to a head to complete for the next big thing to happen for an opportunity to knock on my door I'm ready now and if you wouldn't when you send that to the universe but then let go of it not in desperation but just in kind of mind body spirit think it's time I feel it then it happens if you think it's never going to happen or if you start doubting yourself that's when you kind of can go down a rabbit hole and it won't so just take a deep breath celebrate your success take a day off if you can and then just keep moving forward and thinking I know it's I can taste it it's just right around the corner and it will happen alright the important thing for many of you this month is resource and time management we have the two of coins many times this is showing a tug of war sometimes your work is asking for too much sometimes your family life is asking for too much it could also just be your bank account coming up very close to even and you want to make some smart choices this month but I will say that at the center here we have a card that shows abundance and when I look at the hopes and fears we have another card that shows that some of its going out faster than it should so take a look at your expenditures this month and think where am I putting my money is it smart is it where it needs to be and if it's more of a time love and energy thing is that person worth it and I do see a partnership energy coming through we have both the queen of coins in the center and the king of coins and hopes fears and opportunity and because it's in that area that big kind of gray zone or question mark I would say that's the person or the thing where you're putting the energy that you have to kind of question it so it could be a project or it could be a house it could also be a relationship there's a lot going into it right now and you have to think is it worth it we'll get into that more in a second but I want to talk a little bit about your ego first and this is kind of your soul compass this month how are you feeling what's going on I feel like many of you are kind of working on empty this could be empty when it comes to your overall energy but it could also be that you're giving so much to other that there's not enough left for you we have to kind of receptacle type cards that are reversed cups chalices or whatever you want to call this it's basically going to be I am ready to receive its that it's the channeling card same thing with what we're seeing here are you ready to receive with both of these cards reversed I feel like the Energy's going in the wrong direction I really think the Pentacles energy the Queen the king and the two of Pentacles is showing that that balance or that tug of war there's something that's going going awry a little bit and how resources are being balanced out this month let's look at your environment for a second because the 10 of Wands is a card of movement and sometimes of moving it can be as you see here a card where you're feeling overly burdened typically the 10 of Wands shows a person walking towards a distant sort of destination sometimes you'll see a new house or a castle or city but the idea is I'm finished with this phase and I'm moving towards the next phase and we we have a progression this month between the nine of Wands near completion and completion it's in the environment it's ready that's what I was feeling and seeing for you but do you believe it are you are you ready to take that leap of faith the reversal in the 10 of Wands tells me there is hesitation the fact that I see a relationship energy between the Queen and the king here Pentacles tells me that for some of you that may also be an issue and guess what this may be a very complicated issue where there might be an extended family or two couples it's kind of weird because I have the queen of cups and king of cups as well so I see two couples two families two groups of friends that may have some sort of a disagreement or you might be having a hard time resolving how am I going to make everyone happy and it probably won't surprise you when I say that you can't make everyone happy and what's gonna be important is you figure out who you are what you want and who your closest family is what your nucleus is I would say if you're married and you have a core or family you your spouse your children that's the most important and then also putting in your soul component when you take those pieces together the other grouping that I'm seeing whether it's an extended family community or some other group that seems to be very much in your life and in your business right now you don't have to make them happy you're gonna have to follow your heart and some of this means standing up being bold standing out and maybe even coming out with an agreement with the I'm sorry with an announcement or some sort of information that they may not agree with and that's okay that's part of being an adult that's part of just living in the world and evolving as a soul so yes very interesting there but I I will say that this balance between two families two friendships two couples two energies unless you have to put as much energy into this this month as you have been I would say it's time to walk away from that a little bit because I'm seeing a lot of overlap now for those of you where there isn't a second group of people there's no overlap let me tell you what the the cards mean for you because each of these also represents a piece of your soul energy the king of coins are the king of Pentacles in Reverse when we're looking at Hope spheres and opportunity this is saying that there is too much energy too much resources too much time going out common theme that I've been saying there needs to be a little bit of retraction or contraction I should say when it comes to how much you're giving externally or how much you're spending put more on the core pieces of your life that you care about and this can also indicate a person in your life usually a man but it doesn't have to be it's just someone who can be very focused on themselves their ego their need their life and so they may be a person that is constantly texting or calling or kind of bombarding you on social media with all their stuff and this can also be the kind of person where if you talk to them whether you're in the same room or talking on the phone or something when you're finished it kind of feels like all the energy was sucked out of the room if you know who this person is or you recognize that energetic trend absolutely remove yourself from whatever that is it can also be a job because Pentacles is money so if you have a job or if you're doing something where the investment of time and energy just makes you feel depleted something's going on and you probably need some assistance you may be doing too much there might be too much on your plate and it's time to have a chat with the supervisor or you're just in a habit in your life where you're giving too much so work on that the king of cups in the outcome shows me an advancing of this passion joy or energy of love that we saw at the beginning so that's actually a very positive way to end the month king of cups shows that it is your sort of personality your love your energy and your vitality that's gonna really make people interested in what you have focus on charisma and authenticity when it comes to what you feel when your heart is in it you you can't be denied your energy is going to be something that people gravitate towards so put your power in that space that seems like it's the most important there could be some delays if you're trying to sell your house this month because the king of coins is reversed you might have an asking price that is too high if that's something that you're trying to do the timing might be off as well if you're not feeling something whether this is some sort of a relationship or a job or any sort of investment of time energy or money that's also going to be something that people can sniff out or sense or soar really understand that you're you're being transparent they're going to see through you so I want you to overcome that and just own up to it and decide if I'm not happy what can I do to find that happiness is it about deciding to make a better path for me to move on to something else to move away from this relationship just to move in general because we saw the 10 of Wands as well whatever this is it does seem like it's temporary because we have two upright court cards in the same suit that basically just show that once you decide what matters to you and you communicate it then the universe starts to work around you and things become resolved one final note because I see so many different people showing up queen of coins king of coins queen of cups king of cups if you are trying to do something really exciting this could be a particular product or idea or if you are trying to sell the home and once you kind of get to a price point that works then I see an influx of people so the important thing is understanding your Worth or the actual worth of other things once that has been sort of put into place and you're ready to let go I see a lot of people that are coming in so your the important thing this month is to sort out who the best person is to either do business with or to release something too because you have choices choices are a good thing I like the queen and king of cups they're both upright and they seem to be the ones that understand your energy is the most so there's a lot of creativity a lot of passion with those two and so if you are a business person or you're trying to find partners there may be also like you know husband wife team or a man and a woman that are working together in the business that might be able to help you as well because I'm seeing a lot of partners so should be interesting I don't usually see that many court cards when I'm looking at something so the last thing that I'll also mention is with so many personalities in the room the important thing for you again is to be yourself be authentic don't doom yourself because you're afraid that other people can't or won't understand you and the interesting thing with that is when you do mute yourself what it actually does is it attracts people that test your lack of confidence they'll come in and they'll that this is when things don't happen the way you want them to so they might be not giving you enough money because you seem to not value yourself or they may be taking advantage of your time in your generosity or they may be questioning just your motives because they sense that something's off integration honesty transparency it's always the best road and you'll find a time when it makes sense for you to do that but that's the big push that I'm seeing from from the universe for you is just to be yourself all right let's expand the forecast we're gonna start off with health and health includes your mind body and spirit so in the area of healthcare we have personal growth and this can be anything from you focusing on school a career or some sort of project in your life that you want to bring to fruition and guess what we see growth and opportunity in that area now of course there's also just a visual message that we can look at here which is this would be a great month for you to really focus on eating organic food that you grow or that you know where it's coming from so that there's fewer toxins and less chemicals that are in the food that you're consuming it's also about making sure that what you eat is as basic and clean and unprocessed as possible so if your diet allows it that if your body sort of works with that kind of diet I think this would be something that would be good to incorporate and of course whenever you decide to do something major with respect to health or diet you should work with a professional but it looks like organic food is important and also just focusing on your own personal growth and health that matters quite a bit as well looking simply at the cards to see if there's any other messages I would say for those of you that are in a job a career or just some sort of hobby that could somehow put you at risk for lifting heavy things be careful ten of ones in Reverse can show some sort of a tendency for you to stress out your back you could throw out a muscle or disk and you want to be very careful with that the other thing that I'm seeing for some of you is simply about your your intake of fluids in liquid we got so many cups cards just make sure that you're not either over or under doing it and this is the entire gamut with water and alcohol and other types of fluids that you'd be putting into your body just make sure that it makes sense caffeine as well I want you to be as clean and clear as possible it would be better to be doing water than all of these other things so be kind to your body and keep it clear and clean we just looked at health let's go ahead and move along to your wealth message wealth is not only money or career but it's also self-worth and how you're either attracting or pushing away opportunities in your life in wealth there's a message that's really reminding you of the power of words and is encouraging you to take a stand we have the voice card which is a compliment to the reversed star as I said with this there's a an encouragement from the universe to basically be yourself say what you need to say do what you need to do even if it's not popular and so voice is showing that for many of you you're going to have to speak up this month of course some of you may be singers you may be public speakers you may be voiced talent in movies or maybe have a podcast or work on the radio also the just the power of your voice can actually be a monetizing or an attractive energy this month so when you speak articulate and choose the words that really have the highest resonance speak speak with love speak with light and feel it come through your throat chakra you could work on meditating in this particular part of your body you could call in the violet flame energy and ask it to remove any sort of blocks that are there you could imagine golden light that is working through any sort of energetic again kind of like clogs or blocks that you have there and I think that'll be key to the other thing for you and this is kind of combining both your happiness in your I would say like this is health and wealth if you need to if you feel like you're blocked in your life talking it out is gonna be really important talking with a professional getting advice from a professional and for those of you that just want to have fun this can also be about like singing or just enjoying this instrument in its at all of its beauty so use your voice this month there's power and it can be a monetizing force for many of you pick your words wisely though that's the other thing with that alright let's take a look now at love love is not simply a relationship with someone that you are married to this is a universal see you express love with co-workers with people on the street with your family so this is about how to engage with that frequency of love so in love we have a card that is very close to the moon card in Tarot it says moonlight now for some of you this could if we take it away from relationships it could actually just working on the theme of moon lighting this could be the fact that this month you have something that you're doing on the side and this could be a future business that you're trying to kind of put your time and energy in and launch this could also though be a relationship and I want you to be careful with that because with the moon card particularly in Reverse and even this moonlight card there is a question of why this is something that's on the side and we see here the seven of swords which is typically a nocturnal card and the symbology and it is that things should be in the light of day so there's something that's going on with relationships either there's a pattern that is rearing and you want to look at that before the pattern repeats itself or there's something that you don't trust about yourself or others that needs to be healed or just kind of like cleared out a little bit of internal work that's all that I see here and most of you will understand what it is it could just be a hope it could be a fear it could be an anxiety for some of you though there might be something that you're afraid of sharing and maybe there's a privacy issue involved because when I look at the moonlight card and the star card in Reverse both of these are about taking something that really probably should be shared with others or that you want to share but you're afraid of rejection or you feel like there's something about it that you're not proud about so whatever it is just take a look at that and try to resolve it because that fear or that the whenever you're sort of like keeping something to yourself as I said earlier it has an energy that it starts to kind of create this external source if you can't deal with it what happens is it gets embodied in a purse or an activity or an opportunity where you're going to be tested and that honesty that integrity or that cycle will come back and it will manifest in a different way so just keep things honest open and transparent you're gonna be okay this month and don't be afraid of the rejection I think it's better to come out and be yourself than to hide so there's something about relationships that just need to be cleared honesty is important and if you can't trust someone whether it's business love or life it's probably good to bring that up or walk away if they're not willing to be as honest as you are but you have to lead by example and that's really what that's showing I'm the only other thing that I'm seeing whenever I see a moon card it can also be about questions over starting a family there could be some fertility issues on either side of the fence so if that's the case obviously talk about that and make sure that you're on the same page all right let's take a look now and look at your destiny card destiny is really it functions as a GPS and it gives you the chance with your own freewill to either continue on a certain trajectory or do a course correct which is really what this whole month is all about so let's give the cards a shuffle and see what your message is we have a beautiful card here in your destiny position it's the divine director intervention and purpose I'm going to read the small text because it's really small it says divine intervention is occurring know that you are being guided and happiness is your purpose so this is a different persona fication of the star card and some of the events going on in your life whether again it was the people kind of orbiting out as we talked about earlier or that issue coming to to light again this what we saw here with moonlight that you realize that there's something that you need to let go of those things are happening so that you can be ready for success for growth and for development it also says divine intervention is happening so there could be an event going on in your life where someone is moving in or moving out as well because the 10 of Wands can show that so you may not have to intervene if you're looking for a partner either in love or in business or if you're looking for an opportunity it may fall in your lap the question as always with this is are you ready for that because you've done the work you deserve it but there was resistance to that for some reason so look into why you're holding back is it because you're afraid of failing or succeeding is it because you're afraid of what other people might think just know that there is that component for the rest of you this is actually a card that is challenging you to be the producer and the director of your life and you know if you look at the titles director and producer producer is the person that goes in and makes it happen they pick up the phone they do all of the work they make sure that all the behind the scenes stuff is going on this month it's saying take accountability do all of that make all of the required calls and you know even if it's annoying get all the paperwork done in your life that needs to happen all the preparation directors are sometimes more well known they're the ones that are out there vocalizing and calling the shots you're gonna be doing a little bit of both so the important part is through the producing element through getting everything together you'll know your stuff you'll know what you need to do you'll be confident then at the end of the month it's all about direct and speaking up and using that voice and that's gonna be important people are gonna look to you for direction they're also gonna read off of your energy and your emotions so when you direct with your body language with the tone of your voice and with the conduct with your actions how you basically conduct your life this is what people are going to use as a compass for how to react to you what to give to you and how successful you're gonna be so ultimately you have a lot of say in it are you ready are you ready to use your voice are you ready to be open to be visible to step into this opportunity because it's it's knocking on your door and if you are then I feel like many of you are one step closer to having that dream come become a reality so that's a really exciting place to be this month and as long as you do some of the work with relationships with transparency with how much investment of time and energy you're putting into certain things and also realizing it can't make everybody happy then you're gonna be okay but these are some loose ends that have to be tied up first let's go ahead and review everything that we talked about and then I'll leave you with a closing word your channeled message this month was all about coming to a close completion that finish line the the actual image that I got in my mind was an hourglass so that tells me you have some sort of time limitation or window of opportunity and you really want to make the most of that this month your catalyst this month was about dreams coming to a reality but you need to be in that place of being ready for them receiving and not investing too much time and energy and other people or in other projects that aren't reciprocating because otherwise you're gonna have a hard time allocating what you need to yourself to your own development to your own growth something that we saw here even in the health area and that's gonna be really important for you so believe in the ability for it to happen be grateful be present and be open as we look at the central card reversed star this is really saying it's your turn to step into the spotlight but there seems to be something that's not allowing you to shine at full capacity take a look at that and remember like I said earlier that if you're just afraid of success or failure that's not enough but if it's protecting someone if there's another reason you're gonna have to weigh out what works best for you with the understanding that windows of opportunities come and go they open and close we saw a practical energy over top of that which could mean that there is someone that just doesn't understand the creative spiritual or metaphysical side of things don't let that hold you back the positive aspect of this though is there's great value in what you're doing and there's a reason that you might want to share that with others looking at the past we have a card really encouraging you to stay transparent to stay open and if somebody needs to orbit out of your life because they are not in that frequency it's okay that's the universe's way of doing some natural pruning to your friend and Family Circle passion is going to be the most important tool that you have in your arsenal this month we have the queen of cups and the king of cups I see that that energy if you really focus it is going to go into great places and the important thing for you is not to feel weighed down by other people's drama by spreading yourself too thin or maybe just by being exhausted because some of you are working harder than you need to and there's going to be a need for you to just take a moment pause get balanced and then you're gonna have the ability to see things through to completion which was really the message that we saw in the channeled message so as we also look at the nine of Wands this is an affirmation that you are qualified and ready for what's coming through don't second-guess that money time energy love there's a lot pulling at you this month make choices that are best for you and also best for your family or your partner your children who you count on from day to day this is what matters but don't sacrifice yourself in this because that's one thing that the star reversed is warning you some of you may have a disappointment that comes through this month it could be related to a money issue that we see here it could also simply be something that's just pulling you down and giving you the case of the Blues if it if it ends up being the longer term or if you feel depressed you should definitely reach out to someone but it does look at least energetically like it's something that you can get past and it seems to be situational from what's coming through here looking at the balance card and looking at the Queen and King Pentacles the queen and king of coins a reminder that there's a lot of cooks in this kitchen there's a lot of voices coming through you're going to have to filter them out this month and find what's best for you your voice has to be a part of that equation as well looking at this king of coins there could be someone in your life that is taking a lot of time of energy of money and if they're not ready to move on or if they're not being honest with themselves or with you then these two cards here are the seven of swords and the king of coins it's a reminder that that's the person or that's the energy that you want to allow to orbit out looking at your health it's about growth but also about going as organic and clean and clear as possible with wealth it's your voice your words that are going to be powerful with love remembering to keep everything in the light if anything if you're hiding anything this moon light card is reminding you that you have to be honest this month and ultimately with the divine director you're going to be playing a little bit of director and producer this month you want to own every experience every opportunity that's coming your way speak loud speak honestly speak from the heart and at least with actions and with what you're choosing make sure that you're not letting go of something that matters a lot to you that star card is indicative of a big growth event that wants to happen whatever this is it looks great because on a health level it really seems like it puts you in a place where you feel happy where you're growing where your energy is expanding and that's what we're trying to do every month so that brings this monthly reading to a close I hope you got exactly what you need it so that you can act like this car the divine director you know what to do you know how to do it and you have that sense of free will and empowerment that will really create cycles of success for you if you ever feel like you want to talk a little bit more about something that's going on in your life however I'm more than happy to set aside some time for you if you click on the first card in the video or the first link below that'll take you to my booking site you can check out the rates and the availability there and if it makes sense then I look forward to chatting with you otherwise a way that you can say thank you and give back is by becoming a patron and all that means is perhaps getting a contribution as little as $1 or you can do an ongoing one if that makes sense and by clicking on the second card or second link you can my website and check out all of the different options there and see if something makes sense those contributions help me not only in buying supplies but more importantly in setting up the time that's needed for all these videos each of them takes me one day the more contributions I get in the sooner that I get them the quicker that I can produce these so some ones they come out early some months they come out towards the end if you want them to come out early then click that link and I'll do my best to get them done so thank you so much in advance another way that you can just say thank you it really doesn't involve anything but a couple of clicks is by first of all liking and subscribing to this channel and also if you can click on the third card third link you can join me across social media once you've done this you can be an ambassador of sorts by sharing what you've seen here or what you love here on your feed and this really allows me to reach everybody and that's my goal I want to try to spread the word spread the light so that we have this beautiful connection of light workers on the planet light workers teachers healers and if I can help in any small way then that really means a lot so thank you for helping me do that and your closing word this month is that there is a breakthrough that wants to happen for you the star card is a beautiful energy it can show that when you start to do what you love you may actually call in whether it's a love interest or a business partner someone who can help you with that this could be a twin flame this could be a soulmate this could just be a great advocate in your life the star energy attracts other stars your dreams are ready to start to manifest but you have to start to feed them this is like a seed here that you see that little galaxy that there those hands are holding you have to feed the energy and then it starts to grow and that growth feeds you as well this is a beautiful cycle that you're on the precipice on the edge of creating ending and experiencing so I hope you put the energy into it and I look forward to hearing how things work out for you this month thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your journey you have a lot of choices not only in life but also here on YouTube so thank you for spending the last 40 minutes or so with me I wish you love I wish you light and abundance now and always I'll see you in about one month's time


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  2. This has been eerily accurate. I’m watching at the end of the month and it’s too real. I have been focusing on my physical and mental health, most specifically eating homegrown organic vegetables from my backyard. Also cut off my best friend who has always made me feel physically and mentally exhausted for so long, and has been a very toxic part of my life. Always a great accurate read! Thank you

  3. Thank you, resonates a lot, completion of a strange connection – letting go. Walking away from a connection that no longer serves me. And thank you, Nicholas…Yes, I am ready to be the Director & Producer of my life. I know exactly what I want and I will get it.


  5. Amazing, thank you! Really appreciate your time and effort. Resonates with what has already happened and what is to come. Love my orchid too!

  6. Anyone else having trouble listening to what he’s actually saying because he’s so cute? Ugh, I have issues.

  7. This was spot on for me!!! Its like your talking to us about my life right mow. Just been laid off unexpectedly. Lots of job options coming through for me.

  8. Thanks Nicholas ! Thanks for your nice and deep dive into the readings..it makes sense what i am going through this month.. 🙏

  9. If I told you what happen today you would not believe me. 4 months ago lady list her child to a fire. Did not know her but i realized i knew her father and mother in law. She had a dog just like yours but had white also on it. Uses it for a comfort so she does not go over the edge. Now for your June reading on Pisces. You are very good at what do. I also lime your calming voice. Someone once told me if get get advice from someone and its good advice ,the reason is thst person has more heartache and problems then you know.

  10. I just found out i have arthritis in my spine i do hair for 30 yrs and now im pretty i won't be doing hair any more im freaking out and in so much pain

  11. This is my first time on your page. I must say you are great. I'm Aquarius with Pisces cups. 2/18. So I looked at both. Thanks so much .

  12. I love you Nick I can't let you go this Keisha I BEEN on your team for a long time your reading be so me you teach me so much I crave your guidance

  13. Thank you Nicholas. Love your way of reading the cards. I'm actually hiding my light and myself from the world and hope to find energy to change that. 🙏💜🙏

  14. Nicholas you can just tell that you’re one of life’s good ones. Such a lovely soul. Thank you for your time and readings xx I really do appreciate it

  15. Good Morning Nicholas, Spirit had guided me to this channel 2days ago yet its Sunday June 2, I have received the clarity, understanding the slow step by step communication that this Pisces can comprehend in your intuitive reading. That Im opened to recieve your perspective messages that completely resonates to my life. Thank you so very much with so much gratitude not only I can connect to you as a reader but completely relate. I am a new follower Many many blessings Love and PEACE!

  16. wish I could book a reading but im broke as shit atm, so I just came here to say: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 you mean so much to me thank you for existing.!!! <3

  17. Thank you for this. Yes sooo much have been changing and this week I am allowing myself to just enjoy rather than feel I am in survival mode.

  18. You have a wonderful talent Nicholas. Thank you for your thoughtful messages they seem to make sense. It’s been a very challenging couple of years but I am seeing that finish line in the distance!!! 😄

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