Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip 20L Review | EDC & Camera Bag After 1 Month Of Testing

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip 20L Review | EDC & Camera Bag After 1 Month Of Testing


  1. Hi! Been a fan of the channel for a few months now, love how you guys do your reviews I've been wondering if you would also try out the counter of Peak Design's Everday Backpack which is the Lowepro Freeline? I would love to see your review on that!

  2. Obsessed over this bag since they released. Still haven’t purchased due to price point, I think it would work better around 150-180$. I love the sling 5l they made, its my favorite camera bag. I dunno just kinda wish this bag had more outside quick access and looked less like a bucket ready to travel to mars :/. I prefer the look of the Wandrd Duo.

  3. LOL at brick… I call it turtle shell. I have the 20L and 15L zip's – they are nice and minimal but I prefer the regular everyday backpack.

  4. the peakdesign chest straps are not my favorite but they really are not that bad. for the left side they have a symbol printed where you should hold and it indicates the direction to twist it off. when you follow that it comes off no problem. in the video you did the complete opposite of that which explains why it takes you so long to do. again personally im not in love with the design but its really not as big of problem as people make it out to be.

  5. I've been using the 20l for two weeks now. The design is super thoughtful and minimal, the zippers work smoothly and access and organisation is top tier. At first I was a little bit worried about the price point, but the bag is worth every penny in my opinion. I'm so happy every time I pick up the bag and have it with me. Feel free to ask any questions.

  6. Video reviews can often be overly long to incorporate all the features of a bag. This review however is perfect. It really shows your experience in covering this topic and it must have been hard to keep the running time down. The price point for the Zip bags still seems high compared to the everyday backpack, if there was more of a gap it would be a lot easier for me to make a decision and actually buy one or the other. In the UK there is only a £40 gap between the two.

  7. Thanks for the review! Just a call out though, that’s the small PD packing cube not medium. Big difference in size.

  8. Are the flexfold dividers the same as the ones in the original everyday backpack V2? You didn't mention the wear and tear in that video, wondering if the materials used are different.

  9. I have 2 Peak Design backpacks, including this one, and actually their sternum strap design is my favorite! Their design is the only one that can truly be used with just one hand, at least to my personal experience. All the other ones with a buckle on the other side, you'd have to somewhat line them up which isn't always easy with just one hand. But hey that's just my personal habit of using and everyone is different.

  10. Happy New year gang. If I was a photographer I’d like the bag but my favourite in this size is still ,the Arktype. Adding the proprietary zipper is smart given all the curves but I hope it holds up to the abuse it’ll get since a photo bag is opened a lot more generally than a regular bag. The white of the 15” is really interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen that shade before. It sucks it has t,he deficiencies it does because 15” is the perfect everyday bag size imo. I’m less impressed with there tote pack. It’s like they saw the success Bellroy is having with theirs and copied it. I hate purely derivative designs.

    I think I mentioned I finally chose a bag. It’s the Black Ember Forge and I’m expecting it to ship at the end of January. I really don’t like any other bag from Black Ember but it at least looks like they nailed it with the Forge. With a size of 20 Litre unexpanded and 30 litres expanded in a clamshell design that can be carried as a briefcase, duffle or backpack it’s the “perfect” blend of everyday carry and minimum travel. Note I think 30 litres is the ideal size for minimal travel. It’s not perfect though, it has a lot of dangling straps (hello Tom Bihn strap keepers) and the quick access is on the front of the bag instead of the top but these are trade offs I can deal with. Will you be reviewing it?

  11. Those anti theft straps look cumbersome to use, some clips like PacSafe use would be better
    But overall a nice product

  12. I have owned 3 PD bags with sternum straps, and I agree that there is huge variability in how difficult the left one is to remove. I have also flat out lost my Travel Backpack sternum strap after clipping both clips to one shoulder strap for storage. Luckily I found the strap on my walk the next day! Since then, I have been threading the sternum strap through a loop on the shoulder strap. This does not exist on all their backpacks, but for the Travel Backpack, it works.

    Regarding zippers, the new custom ones seem better, but it feels like a theme that PD are a bit ambitious with their zipper paths. My Travel Backpack has issues in a few places where I have to hold the fabric just so to get a clean pull. My V1 10L sling is the worst, with its signature feature of on-body quick access being made more difficult because the zipper always gets suck in the corners.

    Obviously these issues have not stopped me from continuing to invest in their products, but I'm sorry to see your zipper issue on the new Backpack Zip after all this redesign work.

  13. My GF is super petite small, think 10-12yr old size at 4'9", and found the 20L uncomfortable. I took ownership of it and got her a 15L instead which fits much better. It is now her go-to minimal travel/camera backpack the past 4 flights. Great for regional airplanes with tiny overhead cabin area.

    Think the sternum strap have QC variability? Our 15L & 20L left side clips have slightly different curvatures. I couldn't get mine off but hers slid easily. A quick hack for those that prefer buckle design you can cut the straps off the end clip and replace with any generic buckles of choice. Get the best of both worlds?

    Our 15L didn't come with a keychain strap. Was it suppose to?

  14. I also like the ZIP 20 L. Just to add: I am using a laptop which is just like the maximum size possible according to PD. It works, however closing the zipper scratches the edges of the laptop and it is not useful to use the small additional compartment while the laptop is inside.

  15. I got it since Xmas and it's been the most perfect EDC bag I got. The dividers can work magic securing different items not just cameras. Best of all it holds its shape while standing up.

  16. Life-Long PD fan who thinks PD got it all wrong with this BackPack. The construction seems too rushed & not too much thought seems to have been put into designing of this PDEDBP ZIP . Had to return it only after using it for less than 2 weeks. Seriously wanted to like it but just could not justify keeping it especially given it has too many flaws to ignore.

    Switching to EDBP V 2.0 did not help either. The gaping hole that the bag leaves on the top sides when the bag is fully loaded is a big, big Minus.

    As you rightly mentioned in this video the crinkling along the Zip-line is worrisome. I found the strap too stingy and just like version 1.0 digs into the skin.

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