Part 3 – Four Ways Your Pet Psychically Talks to you | Pet Psychic Danielle MacKinnon

Part 3 – Four Ways Your Pet Psychically Talks to you | Pet Psychic Danielle MacKinnon

– Welcome to the third
installment in my four-part series on the four psychic ways that your animals are communicating with you
that you’re probably missing. (upbeat music) – My name’s Danielle MacKinnon. I am an animal psychic. I talk to animals psychically, and I am passing that
information on to you. I also teach animal communication, so I’ve had a lot of opportunity to see where the messages are being missed, just even in everyday life, not necessarily when you’re trying to learn animal communication. If you’re in the middle of the series and you wanna go back
to the start, go here to see the number one way, the beginning of the series. Animals communicate with
us psychically every day. We as humans, we just don’t
often connect into that. We discount it, we think it’s,
we think it’s a coincidence or we just think we’re really smart and that we’re figuring
a lot of stuff out, but really, animals,
because they communicate with one another at an
intuitive level all the time. Look at horses and look at how horses, they sense the energy of one another. They know what each others’ emotions are, and they work to rectify that, but they’re doing this intuitively. They’re not doing it all
through visible visuals, you know, through watching, they’re doing it because they’re feeling, they’re sensing, they’re
tuning in intuitively. So what I’m talking
about here in this series is about basically taking that information that they’re giving us intuitively and actually giving it credit,
using it, working with it in order to have a better
relationship with your pet. The third way that animals
will work to communicate psychically with their people, even when their people
aren’t necessarily trying to receive that information, the animal’s still
going to send it, right? So the third way that animals will work to try and send that
information to their humans is they will give sounds to their human, and this is a really cool way. It can also be a scary way, but this is a really cool way that animals send
information to their humans. So what is a sound? A sound can be a voice
meaning you hear your dog talking in your head, but I would say that for
people who aren’t actually in the process of trying to
learn animal communication, that’s a lot less common. What animals will do
if they know you’re not hoping for a voice in
your head from the animal, what they’ll do is they’ll
rely on their animal sounds, so you may hear your dog
barking off in the distance. You may hear sniffing. You may hear fighting
between your two cats, but it’s not really, they’re
not actually really fighting. It’s kind of like you hear it. You know how we have peripheral
vision for our eyes, right? It’s like you’re hearing it
in your peripheral hearing, and this is how they send it. You’re not hearing it
outside of your head. You’re hearing it in your head, but it’s to the same amount, it’s like you’re as aware of it as you are aware of something
in your peripheral vision. It’s kinda like oh, what was that? Hearing is a psychic sense that a lot of people get
a little bit afraid of because they think that the animal’s gonna start talking to them, and they’re gonna be
walking down the street, and all the animals
are gonna talk to them. It’s gonna be too much, but it’s actually one of my favorites because the animals for me,
they use it as punctuation. So I may see a visual from an animal, like let’s say a picture of a dog that’s swimming in the water, and then I may hear a sound
like a really happy bark. For me, that’s the
punctuation on the visual. A lot of animals that have crossed over rely heavily on sending sounds psychically to their humans as a
way of letting them know that their humans, that
they are still there, that they’re still around,
that they’re happy, and so you may, like I have a dog Bella. She’ll every once in a while, and she’s been crossed
over for five years, but every once in a
while, I’ll hear her bark, and it sounds like she’s
barking from back there. Sorry my office is empty;
I’m moving soon. (laughs) It sounds like she’s
barking from far away, but what she’s actually– She is kinda far away, right,
she’s on the other side, but she’s actually just
letting me know hey, I’m here. Other sounds that are popular are the sound of someone’s collar,
the sound of the leash, the nails on the hardwood floors. All of these things, the
lapping of the water. All of these things are oh, even hay, like walking on the hay. You know what that sounds like. The animals are just trying to
get a message through to you. Basically like hey, I’m here,
or hey, I need more hay, or whatever it is. So if you think that you’ve heard a sound, but the animal’s not around, take a moment to wonder could
this be an intuitive sound, and then go and investigate it. Don’t just go oh I’m hearing things. Oh this is crazy. The more you investigate these things, the more often you’ll find
out how right you are. Now if you are ready for
that fourth installment, go here to that fourth
installment to find out the final and the coolest way, but the hardest way that animals are communicating psychically with their humans and
humans may be missing. All right, bye guys.
(upbeat music)


  1. I just lost my favorite cat Toby age 8. He died suddenly the vets thought it was a brain tumor. Would an animal communicater figure out why he died?

  2. My cat Nutmeg died from Lymphoma a few months ago. I woke up a few times from a sound sleep, hearing her meow. Also have heard her drinking water, LOL

  3. My dog would make this "flap flap flap" sound with her ears, when she'd want to get my attention. I heard that same sound after she passed. It was remarkable. I looked around to see if something in the environment might have caused it. I looked outside to see if something was going on out there. Nothing. It was very distinctive. It felt like a message with meaning — not just "hey I'm still around," but "hey, pay attention to me." I laughed and told her I heard her. πŸ™‚

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