Paranormal Videos: Real Ghost Activity Caught on Tape? (DE Ep. 50)

Paranormal Videos: Real Ghost Activity Caught on Tape? (DE Ep. 50)

Tonight on Dead Explorer, we are at Dead Man’s
Hole in Marble Falls, Texas. They’ve found over seventeen bodies in this hole. This is
a place where people used to go dump bodies and people report rocks being thrown around,
shadow people, people tugging on the ropes when people used to climb down in there, and
we are here to see if we can capture real paranormal activity on video. I’m Alejandro.
I search the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer. Alright dude, stay
there because it’s raining over here, and like, you know I think the rain has been coming
and going, but dude I got tell you man, while we were filming, and we were just about to
call you to tell you to get over here, there’s crazy s**t going on over here dude. Jay and
I about three times have seen a light flash, without even, before we could get our cameras
out, and we were about to pack them up because it was about to rain and it flashed again.
I mean he and I were about a hundred feet apart, no not even that man, longer than that.
I thought somebody flashed a camera, a flash photography in my face, and I yelled and the
same time Jay yelled and I said, I said dude did you see the light that flashed in my face?
He’s like a light just flashed in my face. It wasn’t lightning dude, it was like flash
photography, that kind of flash. Pesky bugs. Is there anybody out here right now? I want
to see the light. Flash the light again. There’s lighting. You saw lighting? I thought I saw
lighting over there. There’s no more lighting. I thought I saw a flash. I just saw it! Did
somebody flash? It just flashed over here. Jay, did you flash anything? Mines off dude.
No, no it just flashed over there, right after I said I want to see the flash. Right up here,
right above your head man. Are you serious? Yea, it just flashed. It just flashed again.
I said I want to see the flash and it flashed. Did you get it on camera? I don’t know. I
was pointing the camera towards me like this and I said I want to see the flash and it
was right there. There’s movement over here. Like something moving. From behind you? Yea.
Hello is anybody other there? Anybody want to come talk to us? Is there anybody out there?
Come closer to us. Camera just died? Are you serious? How quickly? It had ninety three
minutes left on it. Now hopefully it’s not a bad battery, but… You had ninety three
minutes on it? Yea, ninety three minutes. Dude. Dead. There was a psychic that came
out here and said there is an energy pull in this location. Yea, they basically said
that limestone will definitely channel the kind of energy that provokes, or feeds activity.
Is anybody else running a recorder? I got mine on a rock. I’m going to play mine, it’s
a twenty two minute thing. I’m just going to play it. At this point, Jay caught a creepy
EVP on his digital recorder. Anybody want to come talk to us? Go away. Go away? What
the – No way? Is that what it said? Come to talk to us? Go away. Dude! No way. None of
us spoke! None of us spoke! It said no way dude. Put this on man and you hear it like
robotic man, it’s like two or three voices combined. Go away! It says go away. No way.
It says go away. So when this EVP, when we captured this go away EVP and Roger was filming
his camera died. Dude, let me check, let me check this camera man. Let me see if we got
it. That is excellent man, that is. That is a Class A, hold on, that is a Class A EVP.
So what we decided to do, we decided to break up and do an isolation session. Jay took the
parking lot because there’s where he taught he saw the face backing up, there’s been some
activity around Roger and Dead Man’s Hole, caught a voice that said go away when he was
talking, and I am now where we heard a voice, from the distance, a man’s voice. It sounded
like the go away voice, but disembodied, so we are trying to do three separate EVP sessions.
And this place is intense, it’s already like just been crazy all night long and that go
away is a Class A EVP. Is anybody out here with us right now? Strong wind just came in.
I just heard footsteps. I just heard footsteps. I just heard footsteps over here. Holy cow.
I swear I just heard footsteps. Is somebody out there? Dude, I hear footsteps like all
around me. You okay? Yea, I just think I heard walking man. Why did you tell us to go away?
Are we in danger? Are we bothering you? I am really getting just, I don’t normally get
shook up, but this place is nuts. I can hear Jay talking from the parking lot. I mean this
place does have sound carrying. One thing that is important to note is that when it
does lightning there’s thunder and when we saw those flashes earlier there was no thunder.
And I’m pretty damn sure it wasn’t lightning. They say that the spirits out here like to
throw rocks. Can you throw a rock for us? Can you just throw a rock? Hey guys, something
just threw a rock over here. I heard something over here. Hey Jay! Jay I just asked them
to throw a rock. It was over here by me man. I just asked them to throw a rock. You just
heard a rock right now? Right now! Holy s**t, I’m headed over there. Jay, I just, I just
said could you please throw a rock. You serious? Yup. Roger heard it too? Yup. I said please
throw a rock, and then you come yelling from over something just threw a rock at me. I’m
going to see if I caught that on audio man, it was loud. This battery is about to die
some I’m going have to change one. Dude, I said will you please throw a rock? Well it
threw it at me. And then you yelled! Yea. I’m going have to change batteries, this one
is about to die. So what is going on now is that we saw a car pull up. We went to go see
if maybe it was the police and instead we got basically three dudes. We talked to them
for a second. It looks like they want to hang out here too. They are not looking for ghosts.
So we are going to wait and see what happens. Man, it’s a public space, so we can’t make
anybody leave. So we are going to see if they are going to stay or jet. Not really sure
what they here for, but hopefully we can keep investigating. But if they are here, obviously,
there is not a lot of space and it could really contaminate evidence to try to do anything
while there here. In fact, I hear camping gear, so they might be coming here to camp.
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  1. I'm preferring these longer episodes a lot compared to your 2-3min episodes!
    It'd be great if you could drop the raw EVP file into your editing software so we could hear it better. Also, i'd like to see your team more in the videos. It'd be good to see more of how they investigate.

  2. I can hear a faint response at 1:37 after you ask if anyone is there. I also hear a male voice at 4:49 say "it's hell" and "help me" at 4:53. There is definitely something at 6:31..a breathy whisper that sounds very close to your camera mic! Great job!

  3. Thanks! It's funny, some episodes the guest investigators are on screen all the time, sometimes it's me. Just varies since it's non-scripted.

  4. This time I definitely was a little bit by the end of the night! I actually get more scared when I edit them and something creepy happens. Funny, huh?

  5. Hi Mermaidlorelei! I heard at 1.37 a faint "It should be". and i heard another evp but you have hear good. At 6.55 a few moments after the footsteps Alejandro started to say and i am just not and at 6.40 you hear "I am here" very quick while Alejandro is still talking!! Good Vid Alejandro but stay safe when i was watching this video i began to sweat i never had that before.!!! It's a dark place becarefull that you and your team is not taking anything home. Have a good day! Hug from me! xx

  6. Texas is such a small place, no wonder you seem to be bumping in to so many other random people lately….

  7. You know, the rock throwing, movement and "shadow" activity could be Sasquatch. They are known for throwing stuff, especially rocks. Great video! Creepy as hell

  8. Haha, really it's just that we've done some investigations in public spaces this fall, which tends to lead to possible encounters with the living! That's why they are done at night, to try to limit interference!

  9. It would have been nice if you captured the flash on the camera. 🙂 That is creepy that they buried people in the same location. Great EVP capture! 🙂

  10. Totally agreed! After researching it, it sounds similar to the will-o'-the-wisp or jack o' lantern legends of light orbs. I've actually seen that one time before in another investigation. I know without video there is no proof, but it goes down as a personal paranormal experience for me.

  11. yeah you should visit this country there are a lot of ghost stories here specially in baguio and other known haunted places here in the philippines. I'am also a big fan of you. :") I really loved your videos.

  12. Did you know that some sprits well get attached to you they would follow you everywhere you go.They are even in your home!:0

  13. I really and truly loved this investigation you guys did awesome and because there was NOOOOOO back ground music we could really hear everything you guys heard  but I like this video alot its one of the best ones ive seen yet!! awesome evidence

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