Paranormal Videos: Dead Explorer Trailer!

Paranormal Videos: Dead Explorer Trailer!

I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal
activity. I am the Dead Explorer. I’ve caught unexplained evidence… (Disembodied Voice)
“what the hell?”…scary experiences “Dude I feel pressure on my neck right now. Something’s
choking me!” …and true ghost stories “They buried the people that were massacred and
even in the 1900s flash floods were still digging up bones!” On Dead Explorer, I work
with the best paranormal investigators to film spirit activity on video “And three.
Come here, come here, come here”. Dead Explorer premieres every Monday night on YouTube and
on If you seek answers to the unexplained, Dead Explorer is the show
for you. Please subscribe to my channel and come back every Monday night for Dead Explorer!


  1. Great new paranormal trailer, we all love working together exploring the very real and sometimes scary paranormal ghostly world.

  2. Thanks Dan! I love that we've worked together twice in last year. We surely will work together again. Much respect for Graveyard Shift, Connie, JC, Javier, and Edward!

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