Paranormal Videos: Creepy Bar Ghost Real? (DE Ep. 42)

Paranormal Videos: Creepy Bar Ghost Real? (DE Ep. 42)

Tonight on Dead Explorer we have a very special
event. First we’re checking out an 1800s post office, turned grocery, turned restaurant,
recommended to us by a Dead Explorer fan from Facebook. And second, we brought in Hilah
from Hilah Cooking as my special consultant on all things paranormal in the kitchen. Now
Hilah, they say that pans and pots fly around in that kitchen. Is that something you’ve
experienced on your show? I’ve not seen that myself, no. What do you think you’ll do if
you see something paranormal tonight? Hide behind you. Hide behind me. Well you are with
the Dead Explorer after all. So tonight, with Hilah and Autumn, my special Facebook friend
who invited us out here tonight, we are going to try to catch some real paranormal activity
on video. I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer.
So Jared, this is the Moon River Bar and Grill, right? Yes. And you work here, you manage
this place, and when I talked to you on the phone you said there has been a lot of activity.
Yea, there has definitely have been quite a few occurrences that we’ve had here at the
Moon. We’ve heard from this lady, who used to work here in the past, and she was closing
up and checking the back door to make sure it was closed and while walking through the
kitchen exiting, she stopped and heard this really light voice speak into her ear, saying
“Please don’t go”. Oh god! So that’s what we call a disembodied voice. When you’re basically
hearing a voice, there is no body to it, and you can just hear it audibly. Yes. Please
don’t go. A woman’s voice? Yes. Did she go? Did she keeping going? She stopped and said
“okay”! And where was this exactly. In the kitchen, right as you are exiting the kitchen.
So there is definitely a lot of activity in kitchen. Exactly. That’s a huge hot spot.
Well one thing that’s in the kitchen, is the fact that part of the kitchen resolves in
the original settlement. In this pool room that we have and part of the kitchen you will
see four windows. Part of that four windows is the original building that used to be a
church and a school house for kids in the late 1800s and early 1900s as well. We’ve
never really investigated to see if there are little kids or adults or anything. Just
a woman’s voice. Just a woman’s voice. Full body apparitions too? You told me you’ve seen
shadow people in the woods next to here, right? Yes. Also on this side of the school house.
Also on this side of the school house and in the backyard as well we’ll see people,
like shadows of people in the background. Ok. Or we’ve heard from different people,
they’ve seen people that are dressed in older clothes, but like a bandanna across their
face or something of the sort. Interesting. Very interesting. Like bandits! Yes. Or something
like that. Or Cowboys or bandits or something of the sort. Alright, give us the load down
on what’s happening. Ok we just got inside and we set up four different cameras and they
all have like infrared abilities, so it’s like night vision. So if there’s any ghosts
in any location than we’ll do that. And Alejandro saw a light flash in the window that looked
like a camera flash, but nobody claimed it. So we set up one camera outside there facing
that window and there’s some sort of ashes in the office so there’s a camera in office,
um yea, so we got four cameras around the place. All right. Total blackout now. There
we go! So this is the other end of the bar. There’s really not a lot of activity reported
on this end, but we want to cover all our bases. So instead of pointing any DVRs to
monitor this area we are going to use a motion detector and this thing will go off if anything
physically goes by it within about a five feet radius of this circle. And so if we hear
this alarm from the other end of the bar, we’ll know something just went past it. After
lights out, our camera caught this disembodied voice. Forty minutes? What ever is clever?
I’ll keep an eye on, it’s 1:15 right now. When it gets to 1:45 I’ll radio unless something
crazy is happening right here. Alright, let’s do this. Alright, see you in a little bit
homie. You got it. Good luck guys. You ready? Let’s do it. Alright, let’s get inside the
kitchen.“Walk I’m scared!” “Walk I’m scared!” “Walk I’m scared!” Was
this the woman’s voice from the employee’s story? Tune in next week for part two of tonight’s
episode. Please make sure to visit the Dead Explorer Kickstarter page where donations
will get an exclusive full length episode from this location. Donations start at one
dollar. Click on the video link and donate now.


  1. My house has a lot of activity, we have even seen a man in our house. I shouldn't watch this alone, even if its 9:33am and daylight here in Australia. Hahaha. I love the paranormal but it still gives me shivers up my spine.

  2. Love it! Not-so-in-love with the creepy voice that showed up on the tape. Yikes! Thanks for taking me along on the mission, Alejandro. Can't wait for part 2!

  3. Thanks Theo! It was a lot of content. This will probably be a 30 minute episode one day on Roku and Amazon on Demand!

  4. Sorry you feel that way. This was a hard one to split up. I think this will be my first full length episode one day.

  5. hey Alejandro….this video is 1 minute longer than the longest you loaded up..congratulations 😀 (fun).I hope it will become much longer in future. 🙂 Thank you for you work.Iam very interested for more footage.

  6. And second….if you want see something to fly…you have to go to the USS Hornet.There are flying Dishes in the Kittchen on that ship :).I saw an ivestigation Video.Very creepy.

  7. Alejandro, your video's are amazing 🙂 have you been to a haunted old western place before? I really want to come with you guys one day 🙂

  8. Thanks McKenzie! It's compliments like yours make sharing my experiences so rewarding! I have done an old west location, Tombstone, AZ, but that night there was little activity. I also think I'm a better investigator than I was then and that I might have better luck documentation the location. The cool thing was that I got to check out the ghost town trail of Courtland, AZ. That was a lot of fun. Not paranormal at all, but urban exploration of wild west abandoned buildings!

  9. Would love to go on an investigation with you. My sister and I are going to the Stanley Hotel in Sept. and staying in room 217. Want to join us?

  10. if u go to Syria u will be amazed or even frightened of the ghosts there especially in Aleppo there is a village that all of its residents abandoned it because of ghosts and that village is ruled by ghosts.

  11. Hey, we are big fans! On Halloween weekend we are hosting a public ghost hunt (nov. 2nd) it would be an honor for you to come. this place has been on my ghost story. our buddy from crossover paranormal Brian caught amazing stuff here!! check it out on youtube. "Poasttown Elementary my ghost story". $30. helps our group with equipment and other things!!! Your invited! also holding equipment raffles.

  12. I truly believe that there are some great locations around the world that are extremely haunted! I need to get to them 😀

  13. Great work, I like paranormal videos its very interesting to visit old and abundant places, in my country we have alot of haunted places but no one dare to enter and check them out. I wish if you can come and visit some of them but my country already far from you, anyway nice videos, keep posting

  14. Hey Alejandro, I have an observation for you. Please look over this for consideration. At 1:21 of this video, listen to Hilah's low level groan and head knock as she hears about the ghost voice and moves her head. Notice she does not move her lips but yet there is a groan and a knock in the video. Second, "Walk, I'm scared," is hear just as she is moving in front of the camera. I am going to bet you that you have recorded Hilah's "Subconscious Mind" thinking out load and not the ghost.

  15. This may seem strange, but hearing disembodied voices whispered into your ear is very common. I believe she did heard that voice. The EVP that you captured is funny because she is being sarcastic when she said. "Wow, I'm scared". It seems your ghost has a good sense of humor. lol

  16. That is an interesting theory. I have recorded so many EVP and out right communicated with the spirits. I guess I must be talking to myself if that is the case. lol

  17. Well no one knows for sure what produces EVPs. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomena. However, if the general public believes they are recording voices from spirits (from dead people) who is to say we cannot record our own spirit before we pass away? Unconsciously our thoughts could counter our conscious (verbal) communications. I am not dismissing "ghost" for I too have seen them. However, Hilah emotions in this film leads me to feel it is her thoughts that were recorded.

  18. Well no one knows for sure what produces EVPs. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomena. However, if the general public believes they are recording voices from spirits (from dead people) who is to say we cannot record our own spirit before we pass away? Unconsciously our thoughts could counter our conscious (verbal) communications. I am not dismissing "ghost" for I too have seen them. However, Hilah emotions in this film leads me to feel it is her thoughts that were recorded.

  19. Also to consider is that Mental Health professionals define people who hear voices in their head as a symptom of medical illness sometimes diagnosed as schizophrenic. Could it be these people just have a simple capability of hearing their subconscious mind think out load? Have any of these Psychoanalysts ever use any of our Paranormal EVP recording techniques? Doctor, "Does this sound familiar?" Patient, "YES! that's the voice!" Doctor (while turning off the recorder) "Well I hear it too!"

  20. hi it's brooke I'm Claire's daughter I can't wait to be on the show it looks really cool I'm super exited see u in October November

  21. I heard that Texas (out of all southern countries) is a story of it's own! 🙂

    If you ever get enough money, come to Europe! You will be 100% blown away with the activities all around the old Land, but the trip itself would be epic. Many many ghost towns, that are 10-15 times older than the States, hundreds of wars (sadly) all across.Need I say more?

    If you guys ever come to Europe, and decide to stay in Serbia, I'd be GLAD to accommodate you fellas! ..maybe if I can tag along? 🙂


  22. Just today, out of boredom, I picked two random places to record some laid back EVPs – and on bot takes (one take is 15-20 minutes) I got EVPs ! I still need to go through them thoroughly, but I've heard enough to know I got something 🙂
    All in all – the invitation is standing as is! 🙂

  23. You better shut up – you fake your EVPs!
    You take a recording of men.women talknig and just reverse it and flap on some words you come up at the moment!

    AND I INVITE EVERYONE! GO TO THIS LADY'S CHANNEL AND TELL ME I'M WRONG! Download ANY of her videos in audio format and just reverse the audio and you will hear it! Scamming her viewers!

  24. This crazy person has been sending me threatening email and.have had to even reported him to my local police. He calls me all sort of names. You can go to my page where I explain My scientific experiment "How to communicate with the Dead" and how it works and don't forget to watch "Scary Truth about Waverly Hills (Paranormal Reality)" . I have blocked this nut from my YouTube Channel. Thank you everyone. Annie:)

  25. Yeah right, I threatened you…
    People like you are the reason REAL investigators like Alejandro and other great people, get ridiculed! Because you fake evidence, and you fake it so obviously and badly, only fools buy it!
    Can't you understand that DAMAGE you do?! Your "experiment" has nothing to do with the spiritual, it's your imagination doing the work while listening to random, reversed human speech! Where is the paranormal in that?!
    People – go to her channel and tell me I'm wrong!

  26. Alejandro, I have been your friends for years. I believe you at least have a moral responsibility not to let this psychopath Staminist2010 use your own YouTube site as his own. His accusations are totally false! Take the time to read the email he sent me and do the right thing. No one needs a hater.

  27. Hello all! I've contacted the parties in the argument directly. I don't have enough characters in the video comments here to share my response publicly, but in short, it's about respect in the paranormal field. For transparency, those who want to see it can visit the Facebook page or the blog. I hope the arguments can stop from this point forward as they are not productive.

  28. I've asked everybody to move on. Please everybody let it go. That includes you too. I don't need wars on my videos. When I make these videos, it's not to spur arguments. I spend a lot of my free time on this. I would prefer it stay pleasant!

  29. I had an argument with a bat once, jus sayin. I like it when you other groups and individuals meet up, it gets all homely even if there are ghosts just a few steps away.

  30. Dear Dead Explorer…… Hi. My name is Mitch. I am 15. I worked for 4 years to get enough money to buy a thermal imaging camera, a digital voice recorder, an infrared camera, a spirit box, and a k2 meter. Sadly, someone stole all of my equipment before my first serious investigation. Now I am only armed with a laptop webcam and a 25 dollar camcorder. Also I have a tablet, which is now used to see infrared. I need your help, I need the support, I need the money to get the equipment back… or I need my equipment back… Please, Help me dead explorer

  31. At the end of the vid I don't think it said "walk…I'm scared" it think it said "jamal… I'm scared" or "talk" but I don't believe it said walk and I know this is and old vid but I'm just looking through seeing of I could spot anything I might have missed baecause when I look at something again I tend to pay attention to detail

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