PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Underground Railroad

PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Underground Railroad

terrible survivor underground railroad
interview with Maureen Emily take one marking we bought this house in June of
2012 it was in complete total disrepair they were actually thinking about
knocking it down we actually fell in love with it we knew
the structure itself was very sound and my husband knew he could renovate it by
himself what we understand it was abandoned for about five years and empty
I had a feeling that there was something not quite right with though local people
were telling us about objects and people moving around and lights showing in the
house while it was vacant they just always refer to it as the little one an
ounce despite the warnings Maureen and Mark
were excited to own a home with so much history we noticed a trapdoor in the
floor the trapdoor would soon reveal a
shocking secret we could look out towards the back wall of the home toward
the backyard and we could see where there was an opening so we kind of
surmised that it was probably a a a hiding place or a tunnel that had an
entrance somewhere in the backyard that was sealed up you could probably fit
maybe about six people down there after researching the home a little bit more I
was able to find out that this house was part of the underground revered
the Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by
slaves to escape into freedom this house was being used to harbor slaves and
protect them during the evening while they moved north but I can’t say it
really bothered me I just thought it was history and I thought it was very
exciting eager to renovate the home mark put in
long hours in the evening getting it ready for his family I used to see things be in different
places from one place to the next and I know I didn’t leave it there things were
getting moved I thought maybe I was losing my mind but things were
definitely moving in different places than I let them when somebody decides to
renovate their home or change things the energy that has been absorbed over the
years from an entity or an evil death a traumatic event that absorption comes to
life it awakens the spirits I was here a bell ringing like a servant’s bell not a
telephone but the old servants bell ringing Patrick Murray I thought maybe I
was just hearing things and it’s hallucinating but I would hear it
throughout the evening and not just one evening went on well maybe once or twice
a week I would hear it I heard women’s voices and it sounded like they were in
the next room they were having a normal conversation
they weren’t upset they weren’t arguing they were just having a conversation but
I couldn’t understand what they were talking about but once I left the room
they stopped and went back in continued working and
they would start talking again mark wasn’t the only one who would
experience strange activity soon it was marks teenaged son Patrick
one day Patrick forgot his key so my son tried the front door he tried the
kitchen door both were locked he walked around back he tried the back door in
the foyer that was locked and he came back around to the front
door and then he noticed it was open it was just locked five minutes ago
he came back and it was wide open like any teenager he didn’t think much
of it and he walked into the house and then Patrick went into the main bathroom
in the hallway upstairs then he shut the door
now my husband had taken all the doorknobs off all the doors while he was
doing all the renovations and for some reason the door locked and he couldn’t
get out Patrick heard people literally walking
around having conversations with each other no I think was probably a half-hour to
45 minutes later I showed up and you must have heard me I walked up the
stairs and over the mouth what’s up and he asked me how long I’ve been here and
I said I just came in and he goes why her footsteps walking around while I was
locked in here and work just like I can’t dodge and why the door wouldn’t
open for you and that’s like it wouldn’t open it to view opening eventually the
activity in the house was so intense that it became dangerous we were having
lights malfunctioning went to step down the
first couple of stairs and I felt somebody chuck me soon after moving into their historic
home Maureen Hennelly and her family began to experience disturbing
paranormal activity which quickly escalated into violence
I went to step down the first couple stairs and I felt somebody shoved me and I went flying down the stairs I had
never experienced anything like that before I feel like I was very lucky that
was not more seriously injured it was pretty upsetting and at that point I was
like okay we may have a problem here with this house I reached out to the Pennsylvania
paranormal association paranormal investigator mark eyes and psychic
medium Virginia’s and Trillo agreed to help when I arrived at Marina marks home as
soon as I walked in I was greeted by a couple that period clothing on and they met me
right in the hallway just before you go towards the stairs I started to realize
they were husband and wife they wanted to be known as I approached the stairs I
felt I was gonna be pushed and she was trying to keep me away from the stairs
the spirit so I looked at the owner Maureen I said did somebody try to push
you down the stairs and she said oh yes yes they did she let me know that the
female spirit guarded them Center hallway stairs and that she was the one
who pushed me down the stairs she pushed Maureen down the stairs trying to show
Maureen who’s boss she ruled the roost with an iron fist this is my home what
are you doing here why are you taking it apart why are you breaking things down can you show me the rest of the house the husband and her were keeping some
sort of secret and she was the caretaker of what was going on in that home as far
as their secret it was a secret that would only be revealed when they headed
through the hidden trapdoor I picked up movement a lot of movement
and I was hearing talking like whispering we had a motion light that
kept going on and off so we’re one of the motion lights were mark was touched there were actually two slaves in the
basement they were hiding it was like an underground railroad that was the secret
both homeowners they were protecting the two spirits protecting these slaves at
this point they knew my intent was not to harm it off so they finally allowed
them to go and find these two young ladies when the spirits of the husband and wife
allowed me to speak with the girls they were very frightened very scared very
cold we sat down and we did a little circle they needed love I was used as a
channel or at that moment to place love around them show them love show them
care show them warm and we asked each one of them to come forward so they
became lighter and going to the light and as we were talking to them you can
feel the energy shift with the slave spirits gone Virginia was
sure that the homeowner spirits would soon follow after the investigation an
active enum dropped off dramatically the atmosphere just seemed more open lighter
is the only way I can describe it nothing physicals happened to me or
anybody else in the family and I’m not concerned that anything will before we
had the investigation I was probably a big skeptic and I really didn’t believe
in a paranormal but experiencing what I went through I am no longer a skeptic I
I believe I believe you


  1. I can't imagine leaving my shields up enough to see the couple the first thing when walking into the house. No way. I learned how to close mine as a way too sensitive kid.

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