PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Hannah’s Nightmare ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Hannah’s Nightmare ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

Aaron was fiver hands nightmare take one
mark I first moved into the home December 22nd 2017 it was my first time owning a home and I
was just really excited to have something on my own
Hannah and her boyfriend Michael couldn’t wait to turn the house into a
home we were moving in and getting ready to start a family but their excitement
soon turned into anxiety most the time I heard the footsteps they
would be upstairs above us walking through that front bedroom felt like it
was heavy you’d always hear something you know noise a creak I would walk
upstairs and all sudden I’d hear the door handle like turn and then open up Michael and I send Michael in to check and like
we shut it every time check to make sure it’s shut and it doesn’t open when you
push on it or walk by it is shut there’s nothing Anna tried to ignore the
activity but then more strange things started to happen Maya had given me this
figurine and it’s of a pregnant woman and I showed it to Michael and he’s like
oh is that us and then we put it in the hutch and the first night I noticed it
had turned from how I put it by all what and I blamed Michael for it
why did you do that I I didn’t give him back for it and he said I didn’t touch
it it turned so the pregnant lady was
backwards like so you couldn’t see her after the first time that it turned it
turned again figurines moved countless number of times every time we turn it
back it that moves it really scared me like made my hair stand up and like I
feel like it’s trying to like push the baby away it made me feel like it was
evil then the entity started to invade Hana
sleep I was like sleeping a sudden I hear this
woman yell my name hmm she said it like almost right in my ear woke me right out of it like a dead
sleep freaked me out at first I tried to think maybe I was just dreaming and then
like a month later I was awake and I was in the hall egg
going from the bathroom to the bedroom and awesome the woman says my name again
loud and clear no one else’s home just me and Michael that’s it that wasn’t the only time Hannah would
feel the presence of the old woman I was in the kitchen and I was cooking
at the stove and this hand just went on my stomach like trying to feel the baby spirits are very attractive to pregnant
women and unborn babies because the energy within them is a very bright and
it’s very new so often malevolent spirits especially will be interested in
that particular energy it’s new it’s bright and it’s very powerful so they
wait for that energy to be born so they can harness that energy to do their
bidding with Hana constantly on edge Michael began having night terrors I had
a nightmare a couple reoccurring nightmares that
something was trying to drag me into the back bedroom the demon was like was a tall black
figure with long black arms and long black dagger shaped fingers pointy
fingers that fell he was pulling me right off the bed you mother-to-be Hana Carmen was under
attack by a ghostly apparition while her boyfriend Michael was suffering from
demonic nightmares I woke up from my dream and I had
actually felt like something was grabbing on my ankles something cold and
boney was grabbing and pulling me off the bed soon Hannah began having exactly
the same dream there was this big black really tall demon and he had long black
fingernails like knives it’s very possible for a demon to appear
in different people’s dreams because once a demon appears in your dream
they’re able to permeate your consciousness so they know everything
about you they know who you deal with they know
who’s important to you in your life and they can then make the trek to those
people’s states of consciousness I would go between the two of us he would have a
dream that I would have a dream and in his dreams I was dragging him out of the
room and like trying to get to him each dream I got closer and closer to him and
finally I found a knife and like stabbed to the demon and after that I woke up and then he
supposed stopped having the dreams for a while I was like okay we really need to
figure out what’s here and is it bad so we called Kevin to come and investigate
to try to figure out who’s here and what do they want paranormal investigator
Kevin Hart arrived to help when panic contacted me and didn’t hear her voice
trembling and I knew that she was very frightened if she relayed to me that she
was concerned about her baby and I remember she was just distraught she was
shaking Michael didn’t want to be a part of the investigation because he was
afraid like something would attach to him and possess him with Hanna’s assistance Kevin began with
the spirit box session ask some questions okay
I asked where where in the house are you and this woman just responded back I’m
in the basement in the basement Anna and Kevin headed upstairs to where
most of the activity occurred at one point during the investigation I was
going up the stairs and I said we’re going upstairs and a voice had said I’m
following you are there any spirits here what does what do you want with Hanna
Paige I was a bit nervous during the investigation just scared
are you here to hurt her heeey now I just told the spirits they have to
get along with this couple and show respect spirits leave them alone I feel better I
don’t feel any darkness in here anymore although the demonic dreams stopped
Hannah and Michael continued to experience occasional activity like
there’s still things here but they’re not harmful to us yeah I’ve pretty much
come to terms with no one that there’s something here and I just have to
coexist with it we’ve kind of made a truce and just decided to no live here
with them and we don’t bother them they don’t bother us kind of thing


  1. PARANORMAL SURVIVOR 👹 Hannah's Nightmare ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

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  2. Ooohh goody.!!
    Thank you LNA for this 'triple treat' of all things weird and wonderful.!!
    Looking forward to watching.!!
    Cheers LNA.!! 😊👻👍..

  3. I had a similar experience in Brooklyn Maryland. I was in my room with my daughter and heard kids giggling and the door knob twist back and forth vigorously.when i opened the door nothing was there and the only other children in the house was a 1yr old and an infant. My best friend just giggled at me when I told her and just said "welcome home". We had a lot of experiences in that house but was never hurt. Just scared lol.
    Thanks for the uploads. I'm quite enjoying them.

  4. Wait…..she actually stabbed a demon for real? She actually unknowingly used the dream realm instinctively and fought back?! That's impressive.

  5. Living with a spirit is a bad idea..they r just bidding their time to possess u.
    Can take a year or 20yrs…..use the name of Jesuschrist and get rid of them

  6. That was such a nice episode in the end. It's much better coexisting than having to sell up and leave your home, if everyone/ everything is willing to keep the peace. I love your channel from your Aussie friend Ann xoxo 😱🙀😘

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