Paranormal Studio – Leap Castle 3/3 – L’analisi – Real footage [Eng. subs available]

Paranormal Studio – Leap Castle 3/3 – L’analisi – Real footage [Eng. subs available]

We came back to our burrow,
and now it’s the moment to examine all the material we
collected: footage, photos, etc. Ready guys? – Yes. There are Federica and Davide with us, who will help us and… let’s get started. … the darkest corner. In fact, I think it’s because
it’s the most hidden and darkest corner. In that place, I didn’t feel anything strange… Yes, neither did I… And this one?
– This is a damaged painting. Right there I felt a slight vibration, but only during the first… the first tour, then I didn’t. During the night ones I didn’t. Instead, after I took an infrared photo
(we’ll see it after a while) to this painting, I picked the EMF detector up
and it registered a peak I never had before, but that was an area where
I’ve often registered high values. Probably there was an electric panel… We saw that under that bench
there was a small electric panel, so maybe there were radiations emitted… But let’s say that the area just
below the balcony was something peculiar… …a coincidence. – Were you below the balcony?
– Yes, we were below the balcony. Go on. – As you can see, that picture has the… right or left (it depends on how you
look at it) eye burned, perforated. Yes, it looks more like a burn.
– Exactly, it looked more like a burn. And then here’s the first strange noise. What’s up? I heard a strange noise. No, go to the beginning… Go back again. I heard it too. I didn’t hear it when I was here though.
– Neither did I. It could be a door that
was opened and then closed. It could be a door… but wait, wait…
Let’s listen to it until the end. I’ve heard a “clack” like a door that closes. Did you hear? I had a moment of… I’m scared, I’m really terrified of ceramic dolls. They really upset me.
– But if you have them downstairs! Indeed, I never look at them. Hey, I’m serious! You can’t imagine how difficult it was for me to make
this shot, indeed you can hear that I said “gasp”. Here is an unusual thing: Emiliano
expect to hear a sound that there’s not. Weird, I clearly remember because, indeed, Vittorio said…
It’s weird that the camera didn’t record it. Maybe the microphone
of the camera… didn’t record it. It’s a shame. Have you heard that noise too?
– Eh? Yes, it’s a bird outside. I mean, I clearly heard it, and Vito too. Davide didn’t hear anything.
This is also strange. Cell phone? Here or in the video? It’s in the video. – It’s in the video. Didn’t you have the cell phone?
– I didn’t have it. – No. No one of the team had
cellphones or transceivers with them. However, it can’t be the EMF detector
because that’s a receiver not an emitter. There were no cellphones.
– So it couldn’t be… It could be the transceiver.
– I didn’t have the transceiver. It was the first exploration tour. It’s an interference, yes… The disturbance
is due to the emitter which interfere with you… …with your recording. The point is what activated it? However I think it’s a clear
signal of packet transmission. Yes, it was not a discharge “buzzz”.
– Exactly. [Guys…] [The noise we heard before
was not the heater, but really…] So, explain… The walkie talkie
was there, it was on. We left the two transceiver on, one it was
downstairs and the other one we brought it to Vito. When you went downstairs, you’ve found
the transceiver making that noise? – Yes. And what caused that? The scientific explanation… – I think it’s
normal static. An interference is possible. The coincidence is that the interference
happened in a movie-like way: while the guys are upstairs it’s all clear
and when they go downstairs they find the mystery. Let’s say that this thing is… When you picked it up you also turned it off? No, I pressed the button
to speak and the noise stopped. Shortly after hearing the noise,
my thought was: the spirit is appearing. The strange feeling I had… Of course, I heard the transceiver before
we took the camera to record the event. So when we went downstairs I heard that noise and I thought:
“Ah there may be a heater hidden behind a curtain”. I went by the fireplace – he hadn’t arrived yet –
and I realized it was the radio. I was surprised, so I came back to him
and said: “Turn on the camera to document.” At that point, I’d already
calm down from the amazement. I was speaking and, as soon as I turned around
to pick up the radio, all the hair stood up on my face. All of them. I had…. … that cold feeling, goosebumps, which I would have expected
at the beginning, at first impact. Let’s say that the weird thing is that
the feeling is not related to the surprise of the discovery but it came after that. Maybe because you had to
touch the radio. – Yes, it could be. We should also see if… (because I had the same feeling too) …if it was concurrent. Uh? – We finished the first tour
at midnight and a half more or less. – Yes. Within a quarter of an hour, the radio
that was quiet, “khhhh”, turned back on again. Much softer than before. Then I was by the fireplace napping
with one eye opened and “khhhh”. So I called Davide and I said: “Oh!” But it turned back on again like
before or like the one you heard upstairs? The one upstairs was quiet. The previous noise came from the one
downstairs, which was audible also upstairs. Ah! So the noise didn’t come from the other radio. No, it didn’t. [It’s 2 a.m., this is our third tour…]
Third tour. [We’re starting from the greenhouse, as usual.]
We began to be a bit… I don’t remember if it had
already happened at this point. The transceiver turned back on once again,
that time very loud, where Vito was. We decided to change and we tuned to station 4. And in the end something strange happened. When we went to sleep at 3 a.m. we were both lying on the benches, the radio was tuned to the other
frequency, and you heard the sound “khhhh” and then you heard “clack” and after a while “khhhh…. clack” So we both got up and said: “What’s that noise?” “Clack”
We said: “It comes from the table”. So we looked at what was on
the table, and there was the transceiver. I picked up the radio, and put it close to my ear… It was like someone was
pressing the button to talk. “Clack” You know, when you stop the signal?
“Clack… Khhhh…. Clack…” Analysing the audio of the various tours
we have collected various strange sounds. [ It would light up that… ] [ The third tour… ] But it’s during the tour of 1 a.m.
that we have the most scary sounds, of which, obviously, we
weren’t aware on the place. Let’s listen to it again. We’ve recorded the most interesting one
in the Bloody Chapel though. And now the infrared photos. Ah, the skull in the corner?
– There’s always been it. Has it been always there? – Yes. I didn’t notice it either.
– I’ve always looked at his face… You can barely see it, but it’s there. Look now, on the left.
Do you see it? – Yes, it’s there. However you barely see it… – Yes, in this photo
is barely visible. Guys, what a good eye! Here’s the orb, for most of the people. I think it’s dust,
however for most of the people… Humidity? – It’s something
which has reflected the light. This is more interesting. This orb
looks different to me in its structure. It’s a reflection like the others, I’m just saying that it
looks slightly different to me. However it’s interesting.
It has some strange nuances. Could it be the beam
of light from the electric torch? To not let batteries get low, we took
the last photos with the electric torch. So it could very easily be the beam
of light from the electric torch. Actually, the repetition
of this thing made me think so. There were writings on the wall of the castle,
and Sean said he didn’t know who wrote it. ” 10 July 2006 ”
– I wouldn’t read it aloud, if I were you. It’s just Spanish, it simply says:
“Padre Madre Dios… ” “Protect…
Padre Madre Dios espiritus…” Come on, let’s just ignore it. Davide, show
the next photo. – “Protect Leap Castle etc…” Show the next, Davide. Oh come on! Are you afraid? – Yes. We’ve analysed the videos and the
photos collected during the investigation. We didn’t find anything that we didn’t already
notice while we were there to investigate, with the exception of some sounds. One of these is the sound that for the
moment we have identified/classified as the sound of something that closes,
possibly a gate or a door. However, it’s a sound that I don’t remember
hearing, although it’s clear in the recording. I don’t remember hearing it during the exploration tour. Then there are two strange sounds
we heard from the night shot cameras. One of these in the greenhouse, it seems very clear. But honestly, I don’t know if I can classify it as words. Uhm it certainly doesn’t look like a breath, unless
you said something while going down the step. That’s right. I don’t think it’s coming from you. I don’t know… I don’t remember what… But, can you recognize yourself in that sigh? I mean, do you recognize your voice? Or do you think it’s something totally… ? Maybe it’s my voice, but it seems a little…
distorted/unsynchronized to me. So I don’t know, the question still remain. Even if they were words, honestly
I can’t decipher them, I can’t understand them. It’s not like what happened in the Bloody Chapel. In that case, even if it’s less audible…
– Less marked. –… it seems to be very clear to me.
Ok, it’s less marked but it seems very clear. They seem exactly three words: “Look on me.” Well, I think it’s “look on me”, but… …three different tones are very distinguishable
in that sound. So it can’t be a fragmented sigh. It seems clear to me that those are three words. Maybe it’s hard to exactly distinguish them because… It has also to be said that it’s
pretty similar to the frequencies of possible sounds emitted by a spirit
that you can find on the web, in other videos. Let’s remember that in the Bloody
Chapel we heard absolutely nothing. No, I didn’t. – So it could also be a sigh
transmitted on a non-audible frequency to our ears. I mean, I’m sure… it wasn’t me. I was away from the camera, instead the
sound is very close to the camera microphone. I don’t even seem to recognize your voice. Apparently, let’s say that
the surprises came from the audio. All the photos are… …clear, they don’t have any peculiar anomalies. It was more or less what I was expecting. Absolutely nothing happened visually. The place was very evocative and also very upsetting
in some places, in my opinion. At a certain times
the tension was very palpable. The audio is much more interesting. The audio events. Starting from… – the transceiver –
from the transceiver, exactly, until arriving to these sounds,
which we didn’t perceive in the place, but we heard them from
the recording of the camera. You guys weren’t with us during
the investigation. But what’s your opinion? What do you think about these
footages you saw for the first time? One thing a little weird, also if we need to verify how it happened, is what you reported to me. The presence of a noise that should have been recorded by the camera… In fact there’s a exchange of words
between you and Vittorio like: – “Have you heard it too?”
– “Yes, it’s coming from outside.” Well, the camera didn’t record it…
– I haven’t heard it either. It’s a very strange thing,
because the noise we heard was very clear: two meows,
but it could also be a night-bird, I don’t know. They came from the right.
On my right there was a window, but there was also the wall of the oubliette
where unlucky people were thrown down. It’s strange that Davide
didn’t hear anything at all, and I’ve thought that,
given the clarity of the sound, it would have remained a trace on the recording,
but instead, you can’t hear anything. So either both me and Vittorio
had an auditory hallucination, or, evidently, the sound hasn’t been recorded. Maybe the old microphone of
the night shot camera didn’t detect it. It was evocative to see the castle,
the furniture, the strange things, to hear your breaths, the noise you made, and
to feel the tension that sometimes was palpable. Let’s say that if I had to collect some evidence
I’d have liked to get something more concrete, like Sean said. And that’s what makes
me puzzled towards television crews, which went to the castle to investigate. Because what they found is very different
from what Sean, who lives there, told us. He talked about experiences such as
apparitions, contacts, even hearing voices. All very clear and very distinct things
which left little room for doubt. By contrast the television crews put themselves
in a condition of emotional stress, they investigate in the dark, etc they detect flashes of light and they say: “Look there! I saw a face for a while!
Did you see it too?” They feel a cold contact on the neck, in a place where we perceived
drafts all the night – That’s right. in every place, everywhere, very strong ones. Sean himself said that
the contact is not a cold one. The things visitors see are so
different from what Sean talked about, and this makes me think about a contrast
due to suggestion and reality of the situation. It could also be pretence.
– In some cases it could be pretence, because it may be that the suggestion
makes you feel a cold hand on the neck, but as we have seen in a short video, being pushed by something, falling to
the ground and hurt your arm, well, in that case maybe we’re talking
about exaggeration, pretence. Sean said that the apparitions
happen many times but not every day. The last one, from what he just
told us, happened two weeks before. Think to a television crew which goes to a place and within two hours of inspection
find the experiences it’s looking for. What a coincidence, all the television crews
that go there find what they are looking for. That’s look a little unusual and strange to me. Maybe, as Davide said, to really see
something you should live there, so you should spend days
in the castle, and who knows. The mystery continues. The HUNTERS 12 Pictures warmly thank
Sean Ryan and his family for the hospitality, for the good times we shared together,
and for allowing us to carry out this report. Ready. Ehm. Hi, everyone! Hi everyone… That’s it. This is the equipment that we’ll use
tonight during our investigation. I’ll introduce you all… the house appliances. …this solution first of all
because according to… we are… accor… We spent a quiet eveni… The spirits didn’t display… I’ll do it again. I’ve said it badly. That sucks… I can’t do it… What’s up? When I turn around…the cat in the car.


  1. quelli della TAPS negli Stati Uniti hanno fatto il vostro stesso lavoro durato un'intera notte, solo che loro per tutto il tempo sembra abbiano visto di tutto mentre voi non avete visto praticamente niente di anomalo. Dunque siete stati sfortunati voi o sono loro ad essersi creati ad hoc gli "effetti speciali"

  2. @Hitman Hart: diciamo che noi non avevamo alcun interesse a far accadere qualcosa, visto che questo video non porta con se alcun ritento economico. Detto questo, quando ho intervistato Sean non mi ha dato l'impressione che mentisse, che recitasse la parte per "turismo". A che pro poi? Quel castello non mi pare che abbia sotto un business da dover alimentare pubblicizzandolo. L'ho ritenuto genuino. Quindi magari siamo stati sfortunati noi, o forse però si sono "sbagliati" gli altri in buona fede (in quell'ambiente era facile "sbagliarsi"). Certo, a detta di Sean le manifestazioni sono continue e costanti, ma non sono così frequenti. Durante la giornata,  mentre si parlava del più e del meno a telecamere spente, ci aveva raccontato che l'ultima apparizione risaliva a 2 settimane fa e non era stato lui a sperimentarla (o forse 2 mesi non ricordo ora a freddo). Quindi forse per vedere qualcosa, bisognerebbe vivere li, il che mi fa restare perplesso che le troupe televisive sono sempre fortunate da passarci 4/5 ore la notte e pescare sempre il jolly. Non ti pare? 🙂

  3. Allora, posso fare le mie considerazioni dopo aver visto tutte le tre parti del video. Fin dall'inizio mi siete piaciuti, si vedeva lontano un miglio che non eravate lì per mistificare o farvi prendere dalla suggestione del posto. La notte amplifica tutti i rumori per tre e naturalmente tutti i suoni che semmai sono considerati banali di giorno diventano "spettrali" di notte, soprattutto se ti trovi all'interno di un castello con quel genere di fama. Anche io ho visitato qualche luogo ritenuto infestato in modo simile e confermo che quegli pseudoricercatori del paranormale che appaiono nelle serie si inventano tutti, mistificano, ingigantiscono. Mi ha fatto molto piacere non essere preso per il culo con scenette del tipo: "Oddio l'hai visto? Si era un lampo/volto/monaco/gatto/ombra/luce" con noi che naturalmente non vediamo niente. Questo genere di tematiche mi affascinano, ma resto comunque uno scettico, per me il soprannaturale non è altro che il naturale non ancora scoperto (quando non si tratta di suggestione o mistificazione, ovviamente). Come ultima cosa volevo aggiungere che mi avete fatto morire dal ridere quando siete entrati in quel corridoio stretto con quella scorta di ripostiglio finale. Quelli della TAPS sono stati lì davanti tre ore come dei coglioni senza muoversi di un centimetro continuando a dire di vedere ombre o sentire strani odori..voi invece subito fino in fondo al corridoio senza battere ciglio, magnifico! XD

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  7. I like your videos, but I miss a lot of information. I'd appreciatte if you upload English subs so I can understand. 😉😊

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