Paranormal Objects with CHILLING Backstories…

Paranormal Objects with CHILLING Backstories…

– There exists objects in this world that are more than meets the eye. These objects were the result of influence from a realm beyond ours, and
although difficult to explain, accounts exist of the paranormal influence that affected these objects
and how many of them were the result of pure evil. Here are 10 paranormal objects
with chilling backstories. Number 10 is the Ohio State hand print. There’s a slab of concrete
at Ohio State University with a large dark hand print
on it which cannot be removed. While documentary evidence is sparse, there’s a campus story which explains where the
hand print came from. The story goes that many years ago, a student on the campus found
herself stuck in an elevator. The power went out, and she was trapped in the darkness for hours. No one knew she was there, and she was only discovered
the following morning. When she was finally
let out of the elevator, she was traumatized,
having left her hand prints on the elevator walls as she tried in vain to find a way out in the darkness. Supposedly, the girl
passed away years later, and now a dark hand print can be seen on a concrete slab outside of the building where she was trapped, as if a supernatural
reminder of her struggle. Number nine is the Jamesian Gate. M.R. James was a famous writer
of the English ghost stories in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was often asked if he
had ever actually seen a ghost in real life. Many believe that because
he was a respected academic that he felt admitting to
a supernatural encounter would have been career suicide, however just before his death, he wrote a story called A Vignette. Many people believe that this was based on a real experience. Near where he lived as a boy, there was a gate which
led onto a plantation. After being followed by
something in the nearby woods, he looked out of his window and saw a creeping apparition
peering through the gate, and he felt as though
it meant to do him harm. Part of the gate still
exists and to this day, some believe that a
malevolent spirit haunts it waiting for unsuspecting victims nearby. Number eight is the Eye of Brahma. Also known as the Black
Orlov, the Eye of Brahma is a diamond with a creepy
supernatural backstory. It was discovered in the
early 19th century in India. Some believe that the
diamond is actually an eye from a statue of the Hindu god, Brahma. Supposedly, this was stolen by a monk and then the diamond fell
into the black market. The theft of this religious
item allegedly created a curse. The diamond dealer, J.W.
Paris who took the diamonds to the United States in 1932
supposedly committed suicide in New York. One day he suddenly jumped
off of a skyscraper. After this, two Russian
princesses owned the jewel and both jumped to their
deaths as well in the 1940s. Due to a number of other untimely deaths, a man by the name of Charles
F. Winson broke the diamond into three pieces hoping
to end the curse for good. Number seven is the Conjure Chest. The Conjure Chest has a horrific history and a terrifying paranormal backstory which goes back 150 years. A slave owner named Jacob
Cooley ordered one of his salves to build a chest for his child. Although the chest was well constructed, Cooley was displeased with it and in a fit of rage
beat the slave to death. The man’s name was Josiah, and his loved ones allegedly
sprinkled dried owl blood onto the chest to create a curse. Soon after, Cooley’s
first born child died. Following this, successive generations of Cooley’s descendants
who also owned the box have also perished under
unusual circumstances. The curse was apparently lifted when the family finally
discovered a ritual which would reverse it. However, despite this, the
Conjure Chest remains in storage from when the family gave
it away to a museum in 1976. To this day, nobody dare open it or for that matter even go near it. Number six is the Anguished Man. In 2010, Sean Robinson
discovered a strange painting in his grandmother’s attic. She claimed that it was evil and had kept it hidden for 25 years. When the painting had been
displayed in her home, she saw a dark figure wandering
around her house at night and even heard bizarre noises
as if someone was crying. Sean was told by his grandmother
that the painting was made by an artist who committed suicide and mixed some of his own blood into the paint before he killed himself. Once the painting was moved from the attic and displayed once more,
Sean claims to have seen the apparition that his
grandmother described. Not only that but others who have looked at the same painting
have suffered nose bleeds and Sean believes that
both his son and his father have been pushed down the
stairs by an unseen figure. Number five is Belcourt Screaming Armour. Built as a huge summer villa in 1894, Newport’s Belcourt Castle has 60 rooms, many of which contain items connected to paranormal activity. One of the most interesting
of these paranormal objects can be found in the large ballroom. With its gothic design,
the ballroom displays a number of suits of armor,
which line the walls. All of these suits are
reproductions with the exception of a helmet which was damaged in battle. The owners of Belcourt
Castle claim the last person to use the helmet was killed by a spear which pierced the knight’s eye. Accounts exist of ghostly
blood curdling screams emanating from the ballroom
at all hours of the night. Many believe these are the
death cries of the dying knight. However, he isn’t alone. The ghostly voices of long dead revelers have also been heard celebrating in the old ballroom uninvited. Number four is the Goddess of Death. The lemb statue depicts a
female figure often referred to as the goddess of death. It’s allegedly a statue
which causes the death of those who touch it. Reports suggest that the statue
was found in Lemb, Cyprus and dates back to 3500 B.C. It seems to be one of the
several statues found there called Idols of Pomas. This is another case where
documentation is thin on the ground but from
the few sources out there, it seems that after coming
into possession of the idol, several members of the
same family all died within a six year period. After that, several other
owners and their families died and the curse became dangerously real. Finally, it was allegedly
donated to a museum in Edinburgh. However, the museum
curator there also died. The statue is now kept behind
glass out of arm’s reach from anyone who might want to touch it. Number three is a haunted swing. In an isolated park in
Huntsville, Alabama, there sits a children’s playground complete with a haunted swing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that the park is
in the middle of a cemetery. Why the play park was built in the middle of a massive cemetery is anyone’s guess but many have reported hearing strange, disembodied voices around the area. Not only that, but it’s been
said that the apparitions of dead children from the
cemetery play on the swings. The residents of Huntsville
have become attached to what they call Dead
Children’s Playground and were so protective of it
that they urged local officials to replace the aging playground swings and chutes with new ones. Now, both the dead and the
living can play together. Number two is the Devil’s Tree. The Devil’s Tree can be
found in an empty field in Somerset County, New Jersey. This solitary oak has the
unfavorable distinction of being connected to a
number of untimely deaths. Many in the local area believe
that anyone who damages or disrespects the tree will come under its malevolent influence. This has allegedly resulted
in several car accidents and even fatalities. It’s been said that a
local farmer hanged himself from the tree, cursing anyone
who tried to cut it down, almost as it the tree
itself was his memorial. Others claim that the tree
was used during colonial times to hang slaves who tried to escape. But perhaps most strangely is that those who have
investigated the tree have found that when winter
comes, the snow melts around it. They found that the devil
tree feels warm to the touch and some go as far as to say that the tree’s roots reach down to hell. And number one is the
Skull of Burton Agnes Hall. In 1620, the apparition of
Anne Griffith was first seen at Burton Agnes Hall in England. While alive, Anne watched with delight as the house that she was
to live in was constructed, but before the house was completed, she was attacked by robbers and died of her injuries a few days later. Anne’s dying wish was to be
a part of the house forever, and so she asked that her head
be kept inside the building. When she died, the family
did not honor her wishes. They simply buried Anne
in a nearby churchyard. However, soon after, her
apparition began walking the halls and rooms of the house wailing loudly. The disturbance was so frightening
that a few years later, Anne’s skull was finally
removed from her grave and placed inside the hall. The haunting died down
and only ever returns if someone attempts to remove
the skull from the house. (creepy music)


  1. Sad story “years ago when I was born I lost my Aunt who was gonna baby sit me, I still feel her presence as my Angel who protects me with God.”

  2. The one with the tree reminds me of an urban legend from my hometown Karlskoga in Sweden. There was this very rich woman who, when she died, said that if anyone ever tried to chop down the trees in her forest the town would burn. And it actually happened. They chopped down a few of those trees and one day later lots of different houses in our town was on fire with no apparent reason behind it. She's called "Boås Beata" but I think her real name was Sigrid if I remember correctly.

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